Hidden Dimensions of Operation Murambatsvina, The

الغلاف الأمامي
Maurice Taonezvi Vambe
African Books Collective, 2008 - 170 من الصفحات
In May 2005 the Government of Zimbabwe began 'Operation Murambatsvina'. Officially translated as 'Operation Clean-Up', the more literal meaning is 'getting rid of the filth'. The operation continued throughout the month of June, and affected virtually every town and rural business centre in the country. From Mount Darwin in the north to Beitbridge in the south, Mutare in the east and Bulawayo in the west, no part of the nation was spared; every day more buildings fell and families were displaced. In his introduction to The Hidden Dimensions Maurice Vambe argues that the treatment of people as 'human dirt' demands the notion of citizenship in Zimbabwe be rethought. The volume goes on to consider the historical antecedents to the operation, its hidden and unspoken consequences, its representations in the media and the social responses that were made to it.

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Historical Antecedents to Operation Murambatsvina
Coercion Consent Context Operation Murambatsvina ZANUPFs Illusory Quest for Hegemony
Discourses of Dirt Disease in Operation Murambatsvina
Displacement Livelihoods The Longerterm Impacts of Operation Murambatsvina
Eschatology Magic Nature and Politics The Responses of the People of Epworth to the Tragedy of Operation Murambatsvina
Murambatsvinas Assault on Womens Legal Economic Rights An Interview with a Crossborder Small Trader
Bulldozers Always Come Maggots Citizens and Governance in Contemporary Zimbabwe
Worlds Apart Representations of Operation Murambatsvina in Two Zimbabwean Weeklies
Cartooning Murambatsvina Representation of Operation Murambatsvina through Press Cartoons
The Chichidodo Syndrome Rehearsals of Operation Murambatsvina in Zimbabwean Literature and Popular Songs
The Zimbabwe Governments Responses to Criticism of Operation Murambatswina
Reading the 2005 Tibaijuka Report on Zimbabwe in a Global Context
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