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Merchant Shipping (Part 111. Masters and Seamen.)

Regitration ani Ruins respelins Stamen.

(3.) The Names of any Miembers of the Crew who have

been miirred or lui, with the Times, Places, Causes,
and Circumstances thereof:

(6) The "lages due to any of the Crew who have died, at

the Times of their respective Deaths:

(7.) The Clothes and oiler Effects belonging to any of the

Crew who have died, wiih a Stillement of the Minner
in which they have been dealt with, and the money for
which any of them have been sold :

(8.) The Name, Age, and Sex of every Person, not being

one of the Crew, wlio dies on board, with the Date and
the Cause thereof :

(9.) Every Birth which happens on board, with the Date

thereof, the Sex of the Infant, and the Names of the
Parents :

(10.) Every Marriage which takes place on board, with

the Date thereof, and the Names and Ages of the

CCLXXIV. In the Case of Foreign-going Ships, the Master Lists for shall, within Forty-eiglit Hours afier the ship's Arrival at her Foreign-going

Ships to be final Port of Desiinaiion in the United Kingdom, or upon the delivered to Discharge of the Crew, whichever first happens, deliver to the Shipping Shipping Master before whom the Crew is discharged such ster on

Arrival. List as bercin-before requured, and if he fails so ło do shall for every Default incur a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds; and such Shipping Vinster skall thereupon give to the Master a Certificate of such Delivery ; and no Olicer of Customs shall clear Inirards any Foreign-going Ship without the Proluciion of such Certificate, and any such Ollicer may detain any such Ship until the same is produced.

CCLXXV. The Master or Owner of every Home Trade Shin Lists to be shall, wiibin Tweniy-one Days after the Thiricib day of June delivered by

liome Trade and the Thirty-first Day of December in every Yerir, transmit or Suins balio deliver to soine Shipping Master in the United Kingdom such yearly, List as herein-before required for the preceding Hall Year, and shall in default incur a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds; and sucii Shipping Master shall give to the Master or Owner a Certificate of such Transmission or Delivery; and 10 Officer of Customs shall grant a Clearance or Transire for any Home Trade Ship withoutie Production of such Certificate, and any such Oilicer may detain any such Ship until the same is produced.



VI. If any Ship mployment torade Ship, th

sent home in





Merchant Shipping (Part III. Masters and Seamen.)
and Returns

CCLXXVI. If any Ship ceases by reason of Transfer of Lists to be Ownership or Change of Employment to fall within the Defi

2. nition of a Foreign-going or of a Home Trade Ship, the Master case of Transfer of Ship or Owner thereof shall, if such Ship is then in the United and in case of Kingdom, within One Month, and if she is elsewhere, within

Six Months, deliver or transmit to the Shipping Master at the Port to which the Ship has belonged such List as herein-before mentioned, duly made out to the Time at which she ceased to be a Foreign-going or Home Trade Ship, and in default shall for each Ofence incur a Penally not exceeding Ten Pounds; and if any Ship is lost or abandoned, the Master or Owner thereof shall, if practicable, and as soon as possible, deliver or transmit to the Shipping Master at the Port to which the Ship belonged such List as hereinbefore mentioned duly made out to the Time of such Loss or Abandonment, and in default shall for each Offence incur a Penalty not exceeding Ten Pounds.


Shipping CCLXXVII. All Shipping Masters and Officers of Customs Masters and challtolea how other Officers Sha sball take charge of all Documents which are delivered or

of o to transmit transmitted to or retained by them in pursuance of this Act, and Documents to shall keep them for such Time (if any) as may be necessary

for the purpose of settling any Business arising at the Place Registrar to

where such Documents come into their Hands, or for any other permit Inspec. proper Purpose, and sball, if required, produce them for any of tion, to pro- such Purposes, and shall then transmit them to the Registrar

man General of Seamen, to be by him recorded and preserved ; and als, and give Copies.

the said Registrar shall, on Payment of a moderate Fee to be fixed by the Board of Trade, or without payment of any Fee if the Board of Trade so directs, allow any person to inspect the same; and in Cases in which the Production of the Original of any such Document in any Court of Justice or elsewhere is essential, shall produce the same, and in other Cases shall make and deliver to any Person requiring it a certified Copy of any such Document or of any Part thereof; and every Copy purporting to be so made and certified shall be received in Evidence, and shall have all the Effect of the Original of which it purports to be a Copy.


Officers of

CCLXXVIII. The Collector or Comptroller of Customs at Customs to every Port in the United Kingdom shall on or before the First make Re

ins Day of February and the First Day of August in every Year to Registrar. transmit to the Registrar General of Seamen a List of all Ships

registered in such Port, and also of all Ships whose Registers have been transferred or cancelled in such Port since the last preceding Return.

[blocks in formation]

CCLXXIX. The following Rules shall be observed with respect to the Delivery of Documents to British Consular Officers; (that is to say,)

Merchant Shipping (Part III. Masters and Seamen.)

Registration and Returns respecling

Seamen. (1.) Whenever any Ship, in whatever Part of Her Majesty's

Dominions the same is registered, (except Ships whose ments, on Ar-
Business for the Time being is to carry Passengers,)

reign Port, to arrives at any Foreign Port where there is a Brilish be deposited Consular Officer, or at any Pori in any British Posses- with ihe Consion abroad, and remains thereat for Forty-eight Hours,

Hours sul, and at a

Colony with the Master shall, within Forty-cight Hours of the Ship’s the Officers of Arrival, deliver to such Cônsular Officer, or to the Chief Customs. Officer of Customs, (as thie Case may be,) thie Agreement with the Crew, and also all Indentures and Assignments of Apprenticeships, or, in the Case of a Ship belonging to a British Possession, such of the said Documents as such Ship is provided with:

(2.) Such Officer shall keep such Documents during the

Ship's Stay in such Port, and, in Cases where any In-
dorsemenis upon the Agreement are hereby required,
shall duly make the same, and shall return the said
Documents to the Master a reasonable Time before his
Departure, with a Certificate indorsed on the Agreement,
stating when the same were respectively delivered and
returned :

(3.) If it appears that the required Forms have been ne

glected, or that the existing Laws have been transgres-
sed, such Ollicer shall make an Indorsement to that
Effect on the Agreement, and forth with transmit a Copy
of such Indorsement, with the fullest Information he can
collect regarding such Neglect or Transgression, to the
Registrar General of Seamen :

And if any Master fails to deliver any such Document as asoresaid he shall for every such Default incur a Penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds; and in any Prosecution for such Penalty it shall lie upon the lasier either to produce the Certificate of the Consular Officer or Officer of Customs herein-before required, or to prove that he duly obtained the same, or that it was impracticable for him so to do.

Official Logs.

Official Logs.

CCLXXX. The Board of Trade shall sanction Forms of omicia! Loos Official Log Books, which may be difierent for dillerent Clas- to be kept in ses of Ships, so that each such Form contains Blanks for the Forms sanc

ontains Blanks for the tioned by Entries herein-after required; and an Official Log of every Ship Board of (except Ships emploved exclusively in trading between Ports Trade. on the Coasts of the United Kingdom) shall be kept in the appropriate sanctioned Form; and such Official Log may, at the Discretion of the Master or Owner, either be kept distinct from


Merchani Shipping (Part 1I1. Masters and Scamen.)

the orlinary Ship's Loç or united therewith, so that in all Cases all the Blanks in ile Oilical Log be duly filled up.

Entries to be CCLXXXI. Every Entry in every Official Log shall be made made in due as soon as possible after the Occurrence to which it relates, and Time.

if not made on the same Day as the Occurrence to which it relates, shall be made and dated so as to show the Date of the Occurrence and of ihe Entry respecting it; and in no Case shall any Entry therein in respect of any occurrence happening previously to the Arrival of the Ship at herlinal Portof Discharge be made more than Twenty-four Hours after such Arrival.

Entries re. CCLXXXII. Every Master of a Ship for which an Ollicial quired in Log Book is hereby required shall make or cause to be made

** therein Entries of the foilowing Masters; (that is to say,)



(1.) Every legal Conviction of any Member of his Crew,

and the Punishment inflicted:


(2.) Every Offence committed by any Member of his Crew

for which it is intended to prosecute, or to enforce a Forfeiture, or to exact a Fine, together with such Statement concerning the reading over such Entry, and concerning the Reply (if any) made to the Charge, as herein-before required :


(3.) Every Offence for which Punishment is inflicted on

board, and the Punishment inílicted:

[ocr errors]

(4.) A Statement of the Conduct, Character, and Qualifi

cations of cach of his Crew, or a Statemeni that he declines to give an Opinion on such Particulars :

Illnesses and

(5.) Every Case of Illness or Injury happening to any

Member of the Crew, with the Nature thereof, and the
Medical Treatment adopted (if any):


(6.) Every Case of Death happening on board, and of the

Cause ihereof: (7.) Every Birth happening on board, with the Sex of the

Infant and the Names of the Parents :



(8.) Every Marriage taking place on board, with the Names

and Ages of the Parties :

Quitting Shir.

(9.) The Name of every Seaman or Apprentice who ceases

to be a Member of the Crew, otherwise than by Death, with the Place, Time, Manner, and Cause thereof:

Merchani Shipping (Pori III. Masters and Scamen.)

Official Logs.

(10.) The Amount of Wages due to any Seaman who enters Wages of Men Her Majesty's Service during the Voyage :

entering Navy. (11.) The Waçes due to any Seaman or Apprentice who Wages of

dies during the Voyage, and the gross Amount of all deceased SeaDeductions to be made therefrom:

(12.) The Sale of the Effects of any Seaman or Apprentice sale of

who dies during the Voyage, including a Statement of deceased
each Article sold, and of the Sum received for it : Men's Effects.

(13.) Every Collision with any other Ship, and the Circum- Collisions.

stances under which the saine occurred.

CCLXXXIII. The Entries hereby required to be made in Entries how Official Log Books shall be signed as follow's ; that is to say, to be signeti. every such Entry shall be signed by the Master and by the Nate or some other of the Crew, and every Entry of Illness, Injury, or Death shall be also signed by the Surgeon or Medical Practitioner on board (if any); and every Entry of Wages due to or of the Sale of the Elects of any Seaman or Apprentice who dies shall be signed by the Master and by the Mate and some other Member of the Crew; and every Entry of Wages due to any Seaman who enters Her Majesty's Service shall be signed by the Master, and by the Seaman or by the Ollicer authorized to receive the Seaman into such Service.

CCLXXXIV. The following Offences in respect of Official Penalties in Log Books shall be punishable as herein-afier mentioned ; respect of

' Otñcial Logs. (that is to say,)

(1.) If in any Case an Official Log Book is not kept in the

Manner hereby required, or if any Eniry herely directed
to be made in any such Log Book is not made at the
Time and in the Manner hereby directed, the Master
shall for each such Olence incur the specific Penalty
herein mentioned in respect thereof, or where there is
no such specific Penalty, a Penalty not exceeding Five

Pounds :
(2.) Every Person who makes or procures to be made or

assists in making any Entry in any Official Log Book
in respect of any Occurrence happening previously to
the Arrival of the Ship at her final Port of Discharge
more than Twenty-four hours after such Arrival, shall
for each such Olience incur a Penalty not exceeding

Thirty Pounds : -
(3.) Every Person who wilfully destroys or mutilates or

renders illegible any Entry in any Ollicial Log Book, or
who wilfully makes or procures to be made or assists in

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