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Jerchant Shipping (Part IV. Safetj.)

Piild and
E, pomena of

Stoun Ships. (1.) Every Steam Ship built of Iron, of One hundred Tons to be divided

or upwards the building of which commenced after the by Water-
Twenty-eighth Day of August One thousand eight Sight Parti-
hundred and forty-six, and every Steam Ship built of
Iron of less Burden than one hundred Tons the building
of which commenced after the Seventh Day of August
One thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, (except Ships
used solely as Steam Tugs) shall be divided by sub-
stantial transverse Water-tight Partitions, so that the
Fore Part of the Ship shall be separated froin the Engine
Room by One of such Partitions, and so that the After Part
of such Ship shall be separated from the Engine Room
by another of such Partitions :

(2.) Every Steam Ship built of Iron the building of which

coinmences after the passing of this Act, shall be divided
by such Partitions as aforesaid into not less than Three
equal Paris, or as nearly so as Circumstances permit :

(3.) In such last-mentioned Ships each such Partitiin as

aforesaid shall be of equal Strength with the Side Plates
of the Ship with which it is in contact :

(4.) Every Screw Steam Ship built of Iron, the building of

which commences after the passing of this Act, shall, in
addition to the above Partitions, be fitted with a small
Water-tight Compartment inclosing the After-extremity
of the Shaft :

And no Ollicer of Customs or other Person shall grant a Officers of Clearance or Transire for any Iron Steam Ship required to be Customs not divided or fitted as aforesaid, unless the same is so divided to grant Cer

tificatesexcept and fitted ; and if any such Ship attempts to ply or go to Sea so divided. without such Clearance or Transire, any such Ollicer may detain her until she is so divided and fitted ; and if any Steam Ship herein-before required to be so divided or fitted plies or goes to Sea without being so divided or fitted, the Owner shall incur a Penalty not exceeding One hundred Pounds.

CCCI. Steam Ships shall be provided as follows; (that is to Equipment of say,)

Sieam Ships. (1.) Every Steam Ship of which a Survey is hereby required Safety Valve.

shall be provided with a Safety Valve upon each Boiler,
so constructed as to be out of the Control of tlie Engineer
when the Steam is up, and, if such Valve is in addition
to the ordinary Valve, it shall be so constructed as 10
have an Area not less and a Pressure not greater than
the Area of and Pressure on that Valve:

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Compasses to be adjusted.

(2.) Every Sea-going Steam Ship en ployed to carry

Passengers shall have her Compasses properly adjusted from Time to Time; such Adjustment, in the Case of Ships suurveyed as herein-after inentioned, to be made to the Satisfaction of the Shipwright Surveyor, and according to such Regulations as may be issued by the Board of Trade :

Fire Hose.

(3.) Every Sea-going Steam Ship (unless used solely as a

Sieam Tug) shall be provided with a lose adapted for the Purpose of extinguishing Fire in any Part of the Ship and capable of being connected with the Engines of the Ship :


(4.) Every Sea-going Steam Ship employed 10 carry Pas

sengers shall be provided with the following Means of making Signals of Distress ; (that is to say,) Twelve Blue Lights or Twelve Pori Fires, and One Cannon with Aramunition for at least Twelve Charges, or, in the Discretion of the Master or Owner of such Ship, with such oder Means of making Signals (if any) as may have previously been approved by ihe Board of Trade :

Shelter for Deck Passeagers.

(5.) Evory Home Trade Steam Ship employed to carry

Parsengers by Sea shall be provided wiih sneh Shelter for tlie protection of Deck Passengers (if any) as the Boan of Trade, baving regard to the Nature of the Passage, the Number of Deck Passengers to be carried, the Season of the Year, the Safety of the Shijy, and the Cirumstances of the Case, may require.

And if any Steam Slip as aforesaid plies or goes to Sea from any Port in the United Kingdom without being so provided as herein-before required, then for each Default in any of the above Requisite's the owner shail (if he appears to be in fault) incor a penalty not exceeding One hundred Pourds, and the Master shall (if he appears to be in fault) incur a Penalıy not exceeding Fisty Pounds.

Penalty for CCCII. }f any Person places an undue Weight on the improper

Safety Valve of aliy Steam Ship, or, in the Case of Sicam Ships Weight on Safety Valve. surveyed us hereinafter mentioned, increases such Weight

beyond the Limits fixed by such Engineer Surveyor as liereinafter mentioned, he shall, in addition to any other Liabilities he may ineur by so doing, incur a l'enalty not exceeding One hundred Pounds.

Merchant Shipping (Part IV. Safety.)

Survey of

Surrey of Passenger Steamers.


CCCIII. For the Purpose of the Enactments herein contained with respect to Surveys and Certificates of Passenger Steam Passenger Ships, the Word “ Passengers” shall be held to include any Steainer. Persons carried in a Steam Ship, other than the Master and Crew and the Owner, his Family and Servants; and the Expression “ Passenger Steamer” shall be held to include every British Steam Ship carrying Passengers to, from, or between any Place or Places in the United Kingdom, excepting Steam Ferry Boais working in Chains, commonly called Steam Bridges.

CCCIV. Every Passenger Steamer shall be surveyed twice

Passenger at the least in each Year in manner herein-after mentioned. Steamers to

be surveyed. CCCV. The Board of Trade may from Time to Time apoint Board of such Sumber of fit and proper Persons to be Shipwright Sur- Trade to ap-. veyors and Engineer Surveyors for the Purposes of this Act at point Sur. such Ports or Places as it thinks proper, and may also appoint fix their Rea Surveyor General for the United Kingdom, and may from muneration. Time to Time remove such Surveyors or any of them, and may froin Time to Time fix and alter the Rates of Remuneration to be received by such Surveyors.

CCCVI. It shall be lawful for the said Surveyors in the Exe- Surveyors to cution of their Duties to go on board any Steam Ship at all have Power reasonable 'Times, and to inspect the same or any Part thereof, to inspect. or any of the Machinery, Boats, Equipments, or Articles

hoard thereof, or any Certificates of the Master Mate to which the Provisions of this Act or any of the Regulations to be made by virtue thereof apply, not unnecessarily detaining or delaying the Ship from proceeding on any Voyage, and, if in consequence of any Accident to any such Ship or for any other Reason they consider it necessary so to do, to require the Slip to be taken into Dock for the Purpose of surveying the Tull thereof; and any Person who hinders any such Surveyor from going on board any such Steam Ship, or otherwise impedes him in the Execution of his Duty under this Act, shall incur a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds.



CCCVII. The said Surveyors shall execute their Duties Board of under the Direction of the Board of Trade, and such Board Trade to shall make Regulations as to the Manner in which the Surveys regulate Mode

of making herein-after mentioned shall be nade, and as to the Notice to

Surveys. be given to the Surveyors when Surveys are required, and as to the Amount and Payment of any travelling or other Expenses incurred by such Surveyors in the Execution of their Duties,


Survey of Passenger Stca mers.

Merchant Shipping (Part IV. Safety.)

and may thereby determine the Persons by whom and the Conditions under which such Payment shall be made.

Penalty on CCCVIII. Every Surveyor who demands or receives directly Surveyors or indirectly from the Owner or Master of any Ship surveyed by receiving Fees wnlawfully.

him under the Provisions of this Act any Fee or Remuneration whatsoever for or in respect of such Survey, otherwise than as the Officer and by the Direction of the Board of Trade, shall incur a Penalty not exceeding Fifty Pounds.

Owners to CCCIX. The Owner of every Passenger Steamer shall cause have Sur eys the same to be surveyed at ihe imes herein-after directed made by Ship wright and

One of the said Shipwright Surveyors and by One of the Engineer Sur- said Engineer Surveyors so appointed as aforesaid; such veyors, and

Shipwright Surveyor being, in the Case of Iron Steamers, a

to give Vecla. Person who is in the Judgment of the Board of Trade properly ration. qualified to survey such Ships; and such Surveyors shall

thereupon, if satisfied that they can with Propriety do so, give to such Owner Declarations as follows:

The Declaration of the Shipwright Surveyor shall contain Statements of the following Particulars ; (that is to say,)

(1.) That the Hull of the Ship is sufficient for the Service

intended and in good condition :

(2.) That the Partitions, Boats, Life Buoys, Lights, Signals,

Compasses, and Shelter for Deck Passengers, and the Certificates of the Master and Mate or lates, are such, and in such Condition, as required by this Act:

(3.) The Time (if less than Six Months) for which the said

Hull and Equipments will be sufficient :

(4.) The Limits (if any) beyond which, as regards the Hull

and Equipments, the Ship is in the Surveyor's Judg. ment not fit to ply:

(5.) The Number of Passengers which the Ship is in the

Judgment of the Surveyor fit to carry, distinguishing, if necessary, between the respective Vumbers to be carried on the Deck and in the Cabins, and in different Parts of the Deck and Cabins; such Numbers to be subject to such Conditions and Variations, according to the Time of Year, the Nature of the Voyage, the Cargo carried, or other Circumstances, as the Case requires :

And the Declaration of the Engineer Surveyor shall contain
Statements of the following Particulars ; (that is to say,)

Merchant Shipping (Part 1V. Safety.)

Survey of

(1.) That the Machinery of the Ship is sufficient for the

Service intended, and in good Condition :

(2.) The Time (if less than Six Months) for which such

Machinery will be sufficient :

(3.) That the Safety Valves and Fire Hose are such and

in such Condition as are required by this Act :

(4.) The Limits of the Weight to be placed on the Safety

Valves :

(5.) The Limits (if any) beyond which, as regards the Ma

chinery, the Ship is in the Surveyor’s Judgment not fit
to ply :

And such Declarations shall be in such Form as the Board of
Trade directs.

CCCX. The said Owner shall transmit such Declarations Transmission to the Board of Trade within Fourteen Days after the Dates of of Declarathe Receipt thereof respectively; and in default shall forfeit a of Trade: Sum not exceeding Ten Shillings for every Day that the sending of such Declarations is delayed ; and such Sum shall be paid Penalty for upon the Delivery of the Certificate herein-after mentioned in Delay. addition to the Fee payable for the same, and shall be applied in the same Manner as such Fees.

CCCXI. In all Cases where it is possible the said half-yearly Times apSurveys shall be made in the Months of April and of October, pointed for and the Declarations shall be transmitted on

or before the Surveys and

Transinission Thirtieth Day of April and the Thirty-first Day of October res- of Declarapectively ; but if the owner of any Passenger Steamer is unable tions. to have the same surveyed in the Month of April or October, (as the Case may be,) either by reason of sucli Ship being absent from the United Kingdom during the whole of those Periods respectively, or by reason of such Ship or the Machinery thereof being under Construction or Repair, or of such Ship being laid up in Dock, or for any other Reason satisfactory to the Board of Trade, then he shall have the same surveyed as aforesaid as soon thereafter as possible, and shall transmit such Declarations to the Board of Trade within Fourteen Days after the Receipt thereof, together with a Statement of the Reasons which have prevented the Survey of such Ship at the Time herein-before prescribed, and shall, in case of Delay in transmitting the Declarations, be liable to a Ferfeiture similar to that mentioned in the last preceding Section.


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