A Short Narrative of the Second Voyage of the Prince Albert, in Search of Sir John Franklin

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W.H. Dalton, 1853 - 202 من الصفحات
Journal of voyage to Prince Regent Inlet region, Canadian Arctic 1851-52.

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الصفحة 36 - As who pursued with yell and blow Still treads the shadow of his foe, And forward bends his head. The ship drove fast, loud roared the blast, And southward aye we fled. And now there came both mist and snow, And it grew wondrous cold: And ice, mast-high, came floating by, As green as emerald.
الصفحة ix - Strait, but continue to push to the westward without loss of time, in the latitude of about 74£°, till you hav.e reached the longitude of that portion of land on which Cape Walker is situated, or about 98° west.
الصفحة xi - You are well aware, having yourself been one of the intelligent travellers who have traversed the American shore of the Polar Sea, that the groups of islands that stretch from that shore to the northward to a distance not yet known, do not extend to the westward further than about the 120th degree of western longitude, and that beyond this, and to Behring's Strait, no land is visible from the American shore of the Polar Sea.
الصفحة 36 - Was tyrannous and strong: He struck with his o'ertaking wings, And chased us south along. With sloping masts and dipping prow, As who pursued with yell and blow Still treads the shadow of his foe, And forward bends his head, The ship drove fast, loud roared the blast, And southward aye we fled...
الصفحة ix - 4. As, however, we have thought fit to cause each ship to be fitted with a small steam-engine and propeller, to be used only in pushing the ships through channels between masses of ice, when the wind is adverse, or in a calm, we trust the difficulty usually found in such cases will be much obviated ; but as the supply of fuel to be taken in the ships is necessarily small, you will use it only in cases of difficulty.
الصفحة x - Cape Walker is situated, or about 98° west . From that point we desire that every effort be used to endeavour to penetrate to the southward and westward in a course as direct towards Behring's Strait as the position and extent of the ice, or the existence of land, at present unknown, may admit.
الصفحة xiii - We deem it right to caution you against suffering the two vessels placed under your orders to separate, except in the event of accident or unavoidable necessity...
الصفحة x - ... be arrested by ice of a permanent appearance, and that when passing the mouth of the Strait, between Devon and Cornwallis Islands, you had observed that it was open and clear of ice ; we desire that you will duly consider, with reference to the time already consumed, as well as to the symptoms of a late or early close of the season, whether that channel might not offer a more practicable outlet from the Archipelago, and a more ready access to the open sea, where there would be neither islands...
الصفحة vii - Terror," her Captain (Crozier), having been placed by us under your orders, taking also with you the " Barretto Junior " transport, which has been directed to be put at your disposal for the purpose of carrying out portions of your provisions, clothing, and other stores. 2. On putting to sea, you are to proceed, in the first place, by such a route as, from the wind and weather, you may deem to be the most suitable for despatch, to Davis...
الصفحة xiii - I hope my dear wife and daughter will not be over-anxious if we should not return by the time they have fixed upon ; and I must beg of you to give them the benefit of your advice and experience when that arrives, for you know well, that even after the second winter, without success in our object, we should wish to try some other channel, if the state of our provisions, and the health of the crews, justify it.

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