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From July 26, lo Aug. 25, 1830, loch inclusive.
Fahrenheit's Therm.

Fahrenheit's Tliei m.


Day of
8 o'clock


11 o'clock Night.


in. pts.

Day of
8 o'clock

Barom. Weather. in. pts.

| 11 o'clock Night.

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78 79 pm South Sea Stock, July 28, 1048; July 30, 1038; Aug. 2, 1031.

Old South Sea Avn. Aug. 11, 924; Aug. 14, 924.
J. J. ARNULL, Stock Broker, Bank-buildings, Cornhill,


87 pm.

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[ 194 )


E. I. C. says, “The design on the Whap- many of them very common, affording no clue lode gravestone (vol. xcix. part ii. p. 590), to a discovery, not one parish in Buckingwhich Mr. Oliver confessed himself unable hamshire, occurring to me as being likely to to elucidate, was pointed out by him and un- own it: nor is there the name of one persou derstood by me, to be the lower device on or family of note, though probably many to the first stone in the engraving, and cer- whom such an autheotic document might tainly not the saltire inscribed on a circle, eventually be important. It strikes me that about which no difficulty was expressed. The Bedfordshire might possibly comprise the device in question so closely resembled the parish, but only from the similarity of some figure of a thunderbolt found on all Roman very common names there in divers places. antiquities, that I felt no difficulty in pro- In one place,

« William Brittain and nouncing it to be an imitation of that classi- Mary Page, widdow, were marryed on je cal emblem. I must add that I see no- thirteenth of February, 1682; both these thing in Mr. Oliver's last letter on the sub- persons were inhabitants of North Crawley ject, (vol. c. part i. p. 591) to induce me to in ye county of Bucks : Tho. Frank, Rector; alter my opinion."

George Gillett, Thomas Grumont, ChurchTOPOGRAPHUS observes- "On any point 'wardens.'-On the blank page at the beginof British Topography it is so natural to ning is T. F. 1783 : to whom this relates, seek information from your Magazine, that whether to a relative of the Rector, Mr. I trust you will forgive me for troubling you Frank, or not, is entirely unknown. It was with a query respecting an obscure place, purchased amongst the offal of an attorney's not mentioned, to the best of my know office in London, as is asserted, many years ledge, in any of our old books or maps of ago : and by a subsequent sale has been the roads. Mr. Ireland, in his • Piccu- transferred to the inquirer. The very strange resque Views on the River Thames,' vol. II. name of Roger Ventiman occurs in 1688. p. 47, says, when in the vicinity of Old It must have been some very small parish, Windsor, * Passing Ouseley towards Egham, the marriages scarcely averaging half a do&c. Suspecting that it might derive its

zen in á year. pane from the ancient family of Ouseley L.

says, “ Any particulars relative to the (whose pedigree, with others of the old late General Haviland, his family connecShropshire and Northamptonshire families, tions, or military appointments and services, had for some time engaged my attention) í in addition to those recorded in vol. Liv. p. requested a friend residing near Egham to 719, will be thankfully received. It is previsit the place, and communicate to me all sumed that the Christian name of Mrs. that he could learn respecting it. He found Haviland was Salisbury; that she was sister there but one building with its offices, a of Mrs. Townley Balfour, and mother of kind of ion or public-house, which from a Mrs. Ruxton Fitzherbert, both of Ireland. sign of Five Bells is called - The Bells of In p. 2, a reference is made to ThoraOuseley,' It stands close to the river ton's two Plates of the scaffolding used for Thames, among some fine old trees of con- restoring the north gable of the transept of siderable size. It appears from a prioted Beverley Miaster to its perpendicular; and handbill now before me that the estate of we have to add that reduced copies of these Beaumont Lodge, other tenements, and the plates, with full explanations, are published • Bells of Ouseley,' were advertised for sale in Oliver's History of Beverley. at Garraway's Coffeehouse in London on We have no recollection of the article the 15th of September, 1801. Is this the which Mr. WETHERELL says was sent sixplace to which Mr. Ireland, as above quoted, teen months ago, and the subject is now allèdes? Any information respecting its

gone by. name and origin will oblige. The Gentle- The reply to X. “on Clerical Farmers," man's Magazine for January, 1799, contains in our next. some curious particulars, with a view of the J. P. of Hanwell's favour is received. monument of the Ouseley family in North

ERRATA.—Vol. c. i. p. 515, a. I. 24, Kaamptonshire; from whom this place may

tharine, dau. of Lord Haversham, married Mr. perhaps have derived its nante." A CORRESPONDENT writes

White, an attorney.-- Banks's Extinct Peerage. tion of a Parish Register, beginning in 1671,

-P. 561, the late Major Rendell's name

was James, not John.-P. 629, 1. 8 and 1. containing baptisms, marriages, and burials, each leaf or page signed Tho. Frank, Rec

6, for Jeremiah xlvii. read xlvi. Part ii. tor,' and the names of divers Church wardens

p. 162, col. 1,6 lines from bottom, for Aug. very regularly until 1689, bas fallen into my father, read sister. The sisters were devotedly

26, read July 26.-P. 189, a. I. 33, for hands, which I could wish to restore to the attached to each other.-P. 225, b. ). 5 from place to which it belongs, but have no means of ascertaining of what parish this Thomas

bottom, for Nicholas Hardinge, read George Frank was Rector, and the names, though


"A por

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OF THE NOBILITY AND GOLDEN BOOK OF GENOA. THE THE title of Noble was introduced coat of arms; and accordingly several

into Lombardy by the Emperor of the great families strengthened Theodosius, and after the lapse of many themselves by such additions, inade in centuries bestowed on those principal solemn assemblies of members of each citizens of Genoa who had ruled ihe family, committed to writing, legally State as Consuls, or in other high of- drawn out by a notary, and signed by fices. The records of the Republic do all parties ; ihus, in 1448, the Grimalnot go farther back than the year 1100 dis formed an Albergo, and aggregated (thirteen years later than the comple- to themselves various illustrious famition of the earliest record in England, lies, as the Castello, the Cebas, the Domesday Book), and it appears by Carlis, and the Olivas; all of whom them, that in 1159, when Pope Alex- were thenceforth named “ Grinaldi." ander III. wrote to the city of Genoa, To redress, however, the misfortunes, he addressed Consuls with the title of and eradicate the fatal distinctions Noble. In the year 1200, Leone King arising from the factions of nobles and of Armenia wrote to the Vicar of Ge- plebeians, it was determined in the year noa, with the like title of Noble, which 1528, chiefly at the instance of Anepithet was at that period so great, that drew D'Oria, to create an order of noComnene the Greek Emperor, and In- hility, whose members should be senocent III., gave it to Conrad the lected from both parties ; and it have eastern Emperor, and to the King of ing been ordained that the qualification Dalmatia. There were no laws in the for ranking as noble should be the posRepublic to prevent its honours (in other session of six mansions in Genoa by words its offices and employments) be any one family, a census was taken, ing given to any citizen of merit; ne- and 28 families (and no more) were veribeless they were always borne by found possessing the requisite qualifimembers of certain families, the splen- cation; excepting, however, the Adordour of whose birth, and the greatness nos and Pregosas, whose contentions of whose wealth, induced the people to had so long caused civil wars in the elect them to the dignities of the state : city, that they were intentionally omitthese families were either descendants ted, although afterwards allowed, with of the great nobles of Italy, or came many other great citizens, to rank in from Germany and France, bringing the same class. All party distinctions inco Genoa the blood of many sove being thus abolished, the 28 families, reign houses from those ultramontane and those who had been incorporated provinces : but in the year 1257, the with them in the manner presently to people having become weary of the be mentioned, were declared nobles, nobles as rulers, elected Simon Bocca- and to them was given the right of negra" Captain of the People," and conferring a similar distinction on ten formed a party of citizens (designated persons in every year: it was at the the popular faction) little inferior to same time decreed that the Dogé and the nobles, either in birth or riches, to Magistrates should be chosen, without oppose the nobles, and from that year any restriction, from those fainilies; until 1527, the Republic was torn 10 and that their names, surnames, and pieces by the quarrels of these two posterity, as well as of those to be ihereparties. One of ihe most extraordinary after ennobled, should be registered by consequences of these intestine tumulis the College of Proctors of the Repubwas the formation of Albergos, or an lie, in a book thenceforth to be called union of many noble families, thence- The Book of Nobility, or the Golden forth using one surnaine, as well as one Book. The names of the 28 families


Of the Nobility and Golden Book of Genoa. (Sept. thus first ennobled, were- Calva, Cat. (those who were noble before the year tanea, Centurione, Cibo, Cicala, D'O. 1528) becoming extremely jealous of RIA, Fieschi, Fornari, Franchi, Gen- the later created nobility, distinguished uile, Giustiniana, Grilla, GRIMALDI, theniselves as the Porto Vecchio, or Imperiali, Interiani, Lercara, Lomel. Porio di San Luco, while their more Jina, Marina, Negra, Negrona, Pallavi. modern brethren were designated the cina, Pinella, Promontoria, Salvaga, Porto Nuovo, or Porto di San Pietro, Saoli, SPINOLA, Vivaldi, Uso di Mare. the aristocratic Porto Vecchio refusing

To each of these Alberghi, or fami- to intermarry with their less fortunate lies, were at the same time added or compeers. Different factions paraded aggregated* about 20 other great fami- the streets with their different banners, lies, who were to take the names and and much blood was shed; the Porto arms of those of the 28 to whom they Vecchio had a sky-blue banner, and were annexed, and thus an order of the Porto Nuovo a green flag; hence Nobility was created, amounting, ac- the sayiog that the nobles had sangue cording to Casoni, a Genoese histo- celeste, or sky-blue blood, and not rian, 10 594; but of these, the 28 Al- red, like that of other people. The disherghi were beyond all comparison sentions in the Republic having but pre-eminent, and the four Alberghi small cessation, a civil war was kinof D'Oria, Grimaldi, Fieschi, and Spi- dled, in the year 1574, and the internola, were in like manner pre-eminent ference of the Pope, the Emperor, and among the 28, as they also were the King of Spain became necessary to amongst the Princes of the great em- stop its ravages. New laws were enactpires of Europe ; thus the D'Oriased in 1576, under the inspection and were Princes of Germany, bore the with the assistance of Commissioners imperial eagle for arms, enjoyed the from Rome, Germany, and Spain, and personal friendship of the Emperor they continued in force, with little vaCharles V. and were offered the sove- riation, until the French revolution. reignty of Genoa:-the Grimaldis, who Amongst other ordinances, it was dewere descended in the male line from creed, that all citizens admitted to the royal house of France, and had the great offices of

government should long been adjudged to be a sovereign be comprehended in one only order house, by virtue of their principality under the name of Nobles, and the of Monaco, intermarried with the fa. distinctions of new and old pobility, mily of Lorraine, were Princes of the and all other distinctions, should be empire, had the imperial eagle granted abolished. That those nobles who by in 1497 for a chief in the shield of one virtue of the laws of 1528 had changed branch of the family, and were created their surnames and arms for those of in 1525 Counts Palatine and Cavalle- the 28 Alberghi, should retake their rones, or perpetual Knights; they also own ancestors' names and arms; but it coined their own money in Monaco, was permitted for the aggregated samiand were ranked by the Kings of lies to continue the assumed names, in France as the third" foreign princely conjunction with those of the Alberghi house of that kingdom :-ihe Fieschis to which they were attached. were Sovereign Counts of Lavagne, Illegitimate persons, and those of descending from the ancient Dukes of bad lame, or engaged in mechanical Burgundy, whose arins they retained, pursuits, were excluded from nobility. having changed the colours; they were The names found in the ancient perpetual Vicars of the empire, and Book of Nobility (that of 1528) were coined their own money; they have to be extracted by the Doge's Chancelgiven two Popes and many Cardinals lor in the presence of the Doge and two to Rome, and the Dukes of Savoy, of the Senators, with their Christian Counts of Mountserrat, and Dukes of and surnames, and those of their faMilan, from whom all Christian thers and of their children ; and all fu. Princes descend by the mother's side, ture naines or additions to the nobility have allied with the house of Fiescbi. were to be made only by the ChancelHowever, in the course of the succeed- lor, in the presence of the Doge and ing half century, the aucient nobility two Senators; and a duplicate of this

book of the Nobility was to be made : * This act of aggregating above 500 fa

one copy was to be preserved by the milies to 28, and changiog their names, is

Doge, ihe other by the Proctors of the probably the only instance of such a trans- Republic. To add or alter even a letter action in Europe.

in ihe book was high treason.

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