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[ 263 ) DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. The neighbourhood of Enniskillen has Hughes, of Worcester, have died of their been visited by calamitous floods, which have wounds; a Mr. Southgate, of St. Giles's, caused the rivers to rise and deluge the coun- London, a chorister, had his collar bone try for miles in every direction. In many dislocated, and is dangerously bruised; the instances, houses have been swept away, niece of a Mr. Cripps, of Worcester, an and some of the inmates have perished. On inside passenger, in the confusion of the the shores of Lough Erne and the bank of moment, thrust her arm through the coach the Scilly's river, the crops of every de- window, and is so much lacerated that morscription were swept off, and the potatoes, tification, it is feared, will follow. Five together with the suil on which they grew, other passengers were cut, bruised, and were carried away, leaving not a vestige be- dreadfully mangled. The accident arose hind. Upwards of one hundred acres of entirely from the coachman having negmeadow were destroyed in that quarter of lected to apply the drag in descending a the country; the rivers opened for them. steep hill. The coach was heavily laden selves entirely new courses, through which with luggage, piled to a frightful height on they now flow; and the houses have been demolished in several places. The wall at In the first part of our present Volume, Pubble church-yard was prostrated for seve- pp. 458, 545, we noticed a proposal to erect ral perches, and graves were emptied of their a monument to the memory of Shakspeare.

A vast number of bridges have We are happy to learn that this plan is been torn away, and the communication of likely to be carried into effect ; and a the country greatly interrupted.

public meeting, we have reason to believe, At Sir James Carnegie's late fete to the will be convened at no distant period. tepants, feuars, labourers, and workmen on The neglect which the memory of the his estate at Brechin, co. Forfar, an un- immortal Shakspeare has sustained for more fortunate young man, of the name of Fra- than 200 years, in not having received, like zer, met his death, and caused that of an- other ancient and modern benefactors of other, in a very lamentable manner. Having their country, a national monument, in senedrank till he became insensible, he was ration of his heaven-born mind, and commethoughtlessly put on a heap of straw in an moration of our gratitude, is a circumstance empty stall, in the stable at the farm of so discreditable to the taste of an enlightWillenyards, and there left to sleep himself ened people, and so unjust towards the Bard sober. Jean Scott, a fellow servant, be- who has placed England highest on the rolls tween whom and Frazer there was a slight of dramatic fame, that it has been long attachment, went to seek her sweetheart deemed a duty, that measures should be with a lighted candle in her hand. She taken, even at this late period, to atone for found him in the barn, and while endeavour- the indignity, by erecting a trophy to his ing to awake him-horrible to relate !-the memory, worthy of the progress of the arts, candle was koocked from her hand; he, in and the grandeur of the empire; and that his drunken sleep, held her in his grasp,

such honorarium should be raised in a conperhaps supposing her a robber, till her spicuous part of our metropolis, which, from screams had called the neighbourhood to- its being the scene of his glory, and the gether, but assistance was too late ; the resort of men of every nation, is pre-emistraw was ignited, the unhappy girl, strug- nently entitled to be hallowed by so classigling to drag the drunkaru from liis dreadful cal a distinction, more especially as this first fate, became the victim of her humanity, or act of universal homage to a British poet a more tender feeling, and the assembled will thereby be paid to the chiefest and the neighbours only arrived in time to witness most comprehensive genius the world ever the horrific spectacle of the dying lovers The Rev. Dr. Wade, who was the first in the midst of a blazing pile !

projector of the monument, has accepted The foundation of an ancient choir was tbe office of Honorary Secretary. lately discovered by the workinen at York Olmoor is a marshy, waste piece of lanıt Minster, whilst they were pursuing their em- in Oxfordshire, of 2,500 acres, with a small ployment in clearing away the rubbish from brook running through it, and seven neighthe interior of the organ screen; the walls bouring towns had a right of common upon have been traced to a considerable distance, it. As it was of little value, from the conand have been found to return in a cross or tinual foods, and the encroachments, and transept form to the north and south. The other abuses, an act of parliament was obreturns are of a perfect ashlar, and adorned tained, in 1815, to'#rain and inclose it. with bases, columns, and capitals, of the This was carried into execution, and all conNorman style of architecture.

tinued quiet till last year, when the rainy Sept. 11. The Aurora, Worcester coach, season in June having occasioned great was upset near Severn Stoke, which event fools in the lands above 0:moor, and the was accompanied with a calamitous loss of embankments there being supposed to innlives, Mr. Bennet, of Oxford, aod a Mr. pede the descent of the water, a riotous




Domestic Occurrences.

(Sept. mob of farmers and others assenzhled, and had invited. The concourse of spectators cut down the banks. They were indicted for at each end of the line was immense. The felony under Sir R. Peel's Act, but were ac- procession left Liverpool twenty minutes quitted, under the directions of Judge Parke, before eleven o'clock drawn by cight- loco-" on the ground that, as the embankment motive engines, the first of which was the stopped the water, and occasioned the in Northumbrian, with the Directors and nujury to the lands above, they were a nui- merous distinguished visitors, including the sance, which the occupiers had a right to Duke of Wellington. The otlier engines abate. He added likewise, that the com- were the Phønix, North Star, Rocket, missioner had exceeded the powers given Dart, Comet, Arrow, and Meteor. The him by the act of parliament in making this carriage iu which the Duke of Welliogton new drain and embankment. In conse

and his friends travelled, was truly maguifiquence of this decision, the poor people

The Avor was 32 feet long by 8 and farmers of the Otmoor towns enter- wide, and was supported by eight large iron tained a notion that the act of parliament wheels. A grand canopy, 24 feet long, was was void; that the inclosure and all the pro- placed aloft upon gilded pillars, contrived so ceedings under it were illegal; and that as to be lowered in passing through the they had a right to destroy the fences, and tunnel. The Northumbriam drew three lay the whole open as it was originally. carriages, the first containing the band, the They assembled, therefore, on Saturday second the Duke of Wellington and the disnight, the 28th of August, in large bodies, tinguished visitors, and the third the Diand began breaking and cutting up the

The Phædix and the North Star fences and hedges. These proceedings drew five carriages each ; the Rocket drew were continued every night for a week. three ; and the Dart, Comet, Arrow, and The rioters, who were often disguised, were Meteor, each four. The total number of joined by people from the neighbouring vil- persons cuaveyed was 772.

On issuing lages, and their numbers at some times from the smaller tunnel at Liverpool, the amounted to more than a thousand; and first engine, that is, the Northumbrian, the greater part of the fences were destroyed took the south, or right-hand line of railto a very great value. Many persons were way, while the other seven engines proceeded assaulted and wounded, particularly a son along the south line. The procession did of Sir Alexander Croke, who went to pro- not proceed at a particularly rapid pacetect his father's property, and was left for not more than 15 or 16 miles an hour. In dead. All attempts of the civil power being the course of the journey, the Northumfound insufficient to quell them, the assist- brian accelerated or retarded its speed ocance of the military was called in. The casionally, to give the Duke of Wellington Oxfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry, under Lord an opportunity of inspecting the most reChurchill, and the Buckinghamshire Yeo- markable parts of the work. On the arrival manry Cavalry, under the Marquis of Chan- of the procession at Parkside, (a little on dos, lent their ready protection, and the this side of Newton) the carriages stopped rioters were stopped in their proceedings. to take in a supply of water. Before startAbout forty were taken prisoners on the ing from Liverpool, the company were moor, and carried in waggons to Oxford, particularly requested not to leave the carescorted by a detachment of Oxfordshire riages, and the same caution was repeated in Cavalry. On passing through St. Giles's the prioted directions describing the order (where an immense number of persons had of procession. Notwithstanding this reguassembled to enjoy the festivities of a fair, lation, however, Mr. Huskisson, Mr. Win. similar to that of St. Bartholomew) the mi- Holmes, M. P., and other gentlemen, litary were attacked in every direction ; brick- alighted from the carriage of the Duke of bats, stones, and bludgeons were hurled at Wellington, when the Northumbrian stopped them without mercy. The soldiers were de at Parkside. At the moment they descended termined to secure their prisoners, and the into the road, three of the engines on the mob were determined to release them. The other line-the Phænix, the North Star, military had rather the advantage till they and the Rocket, were rapidly approaching. turned down Beaumont-street, which, from

Mr. Huskisson and Mr. Holmes were standSt. Giles's, is the nearest way to the county ing in the road betweeu the two lines of gaol. Here they were forced to give way; railway, which are about four feet distant and the prisoners during the conflict effected from each other. Unluckily, Mr. Huskisson their escape. A detachment has since been imagining that there was not room for a sent down by government; and many of the person to stand between the lines while the rioters have been apprehended.

other engines were passing, made an attempt Sept. 15. The interesting ceremony of to get again

into the carriage of the Duke opening the Manchester and Liverpool Rail- before the Dart came up. He laid hold of way took place this day. It was rendered the door of the carriage, and pulled it open more splendid and imposing by the presence with so much force that he lost his balance, of the Duke of Wellington and many dis- and fell backwards across the rails of the tinguished individuals, whom the Directors other line, the moment before the passing

Domestic Occurrences.

265 of the Dart. The conductor of that engine with regard to the further progress of the immediately stopped it, but before that business of the day. The Duke of Wellingcould be effected, both wheels of the engine, ton refused to proceed further. Some of and one of those of the first carriage, passed the proprietors and directors insisted that over the leg of the unfortunate gentleman, they had a public duty to perform in carrying which was placed over the rail, his head and the day's proceediugs to an end, and that body being under the engine. The right leg the success of the project, on which they was frightfully shattered, the muscles being had expended so much capital, might detorn to pieces. The Earl of Wilton, Mr. pend on their being regularly finished. Holmes, and Mr. Parkes, solicitor, of They contended, moreover, that the procesBirmingham, raised Mr. Huskisson from sion must go on to Manchester, if they the ground. The only words he uttered wished to avoid a breach of the public tranwere :-"I have met my death-God for- quillity. The Duke's scruples ultimately give me!" A tourniquet was immediately gave way, and the order was issued to move applied by the Earl of Wilton; and Dr. on to Manchester. On its return the Brandreth was quickly in attendance. He Duke of Wellington quitted the rail-road was then removed to a car, and carried about three miles before the cortege reached to Eccles, a village within four miles of Liverpool, and posted off to the Marquis of Manchester ; and after his arrival there, Salisbury's seat at Childwell. The splendid was removed to the house of the Rev. Mr. corporation dinoer which had been prepared Blackburn, the rector of that place, where at Liverpool was suspended; and nothing the Right Hon. Gentleman expired between was heard spoken of but the above melanDine and ten o'clock the same evening. choly event. Mr. Huskisson was interred

After the above melancholy accident a on the 24th at the public cemetery at question arose as to what ought to be done Liverpool. The funeral was a public one.





Those marked (t) were not in the last Parliament. Those marked (1) are new for the respective places. Those marked (s) are returned for two places. All the rest are reelected,

ENGLAND AND WALES. Bodmin-D. Gilbert, H. B. Seymour Alingdon–J. Maberly

Boroughbridge— Sir C. Wetherell, M. Alban's, St.-tld. Grimston, +C. Tennant Attwood, tA. Lawson, +W. A. MackinAldborough-tLd. Stormont, C.J. F. Clinton

(Double return.) Aldeburgh-Marq. of Douro, Rt. Hon. J. Bossiney-J. S. Wortley, E. R. Tunuo W. Croker

Boston-. Malcolm, IJ. Wilks Amersham-T. T. Drake, W. T. Drake Brackley-R. H. Bradshaw, J. Bradshaw Andover-Sir J. W. Pollen, bt. T. A. Smith Brainber-F. G. Calthorpe, J. Irving Angleseashire-Earl of Uxbridge

Breconshire-Col. T. Wood Appleby-Hon. H. Tufton, Lord Maitland Brecon-C. M. R. Morgan Arundel-tLord D. C. Stewart, J. Atkins Bridgenorth-T. Whitmore, W. W. WhitAshburton— Right Hon. C. Arbuthnot, Sir L. V. Palk

Bridgewater-W. Astell, C. K. Tynte Aylesbury-Lord Nugent, W. Rickford Bridport-Sir H. St. Paul, bt. H. Warburton Banbury-IH. V. Stuart

Bristol-R. H. Davis, IJ. E. Baillie Barnstaple—+$. L. Stevens, +G. Tudor Buckinghamshire-Marq. Chandos, Hon. R. Bassellaw-tLord Newark, tHon. A. Dun- Smith i combe

Buckingham--Sir G. Nugent, bt. Sir T. F. Bath-+Gen. C. Palmer, Lord J. Thyone Fremantle, bt. Beaumaris-Sir Robert Williams, bart. Bury St. Edmund's-Earl of Euston, Earl Bedfordshire-Marq.of Tavistock, I W.Stuart Jermyn Bedford-W. H. Whitbread, +F. Polhill Callington-A. Baring, IW. B. Baring Bedwin-Sir J. Nicholl, J. J. Buxton Calne --Sir J. Macdonald, bt. T.B.Macauley Beeralston-Lord Lovaine, +C. Blackett Cambridgesh.-Ld.F.Osborne, IH.J.Adeane Berkshire-C. Dundas, R. Palmer

Cambridge University-Lord Palmerston, W. Berwick-Marcus Beresford, Sir F. Blake, bt. Cavendish Beverley-TH. Burton, 1D. Sykes

Cambridge-Marq. Graham, Col. Trench Bewdley-W. A. Roberts

Camelford-Col. Cradock, M. Milbank Bishop's Castle—+F.H. Cornewall, E.Rogers Canterlury-+ Hon, R. Watson, Lord Blechingley-C. Tennyson, +R. W. Mills Fordwich GENT. Mag. September, 1830.

List of the present House of Commons.

[Sept. Cardiff-Lord P. J. H. Stuart

Hedon-Sir T. Constable, bt. +R. Ferraud Cardiganshire-Col, W. E. Powell

Helston-Lord J. Townshend, +J. Pechell Cardigan-P. Pryse

Herefordsh.Sir J. G. Cotterell, bt. Sir R. Carlisle-Col. Lushington, 1P. H. Howard Price, bt. Carmarthenshire-Hop. G. R. Trevor Hereford-Lord Eastnor, E. B. Clive Carmarthen-_J. Jones

Herifordsh.- Sir J.S.Sebright, bt. N.Calvert Carnarvonshire-C. W. G. Wynne Heriford--Ld. Ingestrie, T. S. Duocombe Carnarvon—+W.0. Gore

Heytesbury-t Sir G. Staunton, bt. E. H. Castle Rising-Lord H. Cholmondeley, Col. A'Court F. Howard

Higham Ferrers-Lord Howick Cheshire-Lord Belgrave, W. Egerton Hindon--Hon.G.M. Fottescue, +J. Weyland Chester-Hon. R. Grosvenor, +Sir P. G. Honiton-Sir G. Warrender, bt. J.J. Guest Egerton, bt.

Horsham-E. of Surrey, N. W.R. Colborne Chichester-Lord G. Lennox, IJ. Smith Huntingdmshire-Lord Mandeville, ILord Chippenham-+J. Neeld, +P. Pusey

Struthaven Christchurch-Sir G. H. Rose, G. P. Rose Huntingdon-J. Calvert, J. Stuart Cirencester-Lord Apsley, J. Cripps Hythe-S. Marjoribanks, tj. Loch Clithero-Hon. R. Curzon, Hon. P. F. Cust Ilchester - M. Bruce, +J. J. Hope Vere Cockermouth-Ld. Garlies, Hon. P. Bouverie Ipswich-C. Mackinnon, R. A. Dundas Colchester-D.W.Harvey, IA. Spottiswoude ive's, St.-+Hon. W. '. T. L. Wellesley, Corfe Castle-G. Bankes, IP.J. Miles

+J. Morison Cornwall-Sir R.R.Vyvyan, E.W. Pendarves Kent-Sir E. Kpatchbull, bt. 4T.L. Hodges Coventry_T. B. Fyler, +E. Ellice

King's Lynn-Lord W. G. Bentinck, Hop. Cricklade-J. Pitt, R. Gordou

J. Walpole Cumberland County-Sir J. Lowther, bt. Sit Kingston-upon-Hull G. Schonswar, +W. J. Graham, bt.

B. Wrightson Dartmouth-Capt. J. Bastard, A. H. Holds- Knaresborough-Sir J. Mackintosh, SH. worth

Brougham Denbighshire-Sir W. W. Wyone, bt. Lancashire-Lord Stanley, TJ. W. l'atten Denbigh-TR. M. Biddulph

Lancaster-J. F. Cawthorne, T. Greene Derbyshire- Ld. G. H. Cavendish, F. Mundy Launceston-Sir W.Gordon, bt. J.Brogden Derly-H. F. C. Cavendish, +E. Strutt Leicestersh.-Ld. R. Manners, G. A. L. Keck Devizes—J. Pearse, G. W. Taylor

Leicester-Sir C. A, Hastings, bt. +W.Evans Devonshire-IsLord Ebrington, Sir T. D. Leominster-Lord Hothamn, W. Marshall Acland, bt.

Lewes—T. R. Kemp, Sir J. Shelley, bt., Dorselshire-E, B. Pertman, H. Bankes Lichfield-Sir G. Auson, G. G. V. Vernon Dorchester-R. Williams, I Lord Ashley Lincolnsh.- Sir W.A. Jogilby, bt. C. Chaplin Dover-t Sir J. R. Reid, bt. C. P. Thomson Lincoln-C. D. Sibthorp, TJ. Fardell Dounton-- IJ. Brougham, +C. J. Lefevre Liskeard-Lord Eliot, Sir W. Pringle Droitwich-Earl of Sefton, J.H. Foley Liverpool --Gen. I. Gascayne, W. Huskisson Dunwich-F. Barne, A. Arcedeckne

Londoi-Alderman Wood, Alderman WaithDurham Co.-Ld. W. Powlett, W. Russell man, Alderm. Thompson, W. Ward, Esq. Durh.City-+Sir R. Gresley,bt.M.A.Taylor Lostwil hiel -IW.F. V. Fitzgerald, Hon. E.. East Looe-PH. T. Hope, PT. A. Keminis Cust Essex—C. C. Western, -Colonel Tyrell Ludgershall-- + Sir S. Graham, bt. E.T.Foley Evesham-Sir C.Cuckerell, ht. +Ld. Kennedy Ludlow-Lord Clive, Hon.

R. H. Clive Exeter-L. W. Buck, IJ. W. Buller Lyme Regis-Hon. H. S. Fane, Colonel J. Eye-Sir E. Kerrison, bt. + Sir P. Sydney T. Fane Flintshire-Sir T. Mostyn, bt.

Lymington-G. Burrard, +W.T. Egerton Flint-Sir E. P. Lloyd, bt.

Maidstone-A. W. Roberts, H. Winchester FoweyLord Brudenell, tj.C. Severn Maldon-T. B. Lennard, J. Dick Gatton--TJ. V. Shelley, TJ. T. Hope Malmesbury-Sir C. Forbes, J. Forbes Germans, St.- Sir H. Hardinge, C. Ross Malton-Sir J. Scarlett, J. C. Ramsden Glamorganshire-+C. R. M. Talbot

Marlbro.--TW.J.Bankes, tT.H.S.B.Estcourt Gloucestershire-Lord R. E. H. Somerset, Marlow, Greal-0. Williams, T. P.Williams Sir W. B. Guise, bt.

Maues St.-SirC.E. Carrington, TG.W.Pigot Gloucester City-Col.E.Webb, +J. Phillpots Merionethshire--Sir R. W. Vaughan, bt. Grantham –M. J. Cholmeley, G. E. Welby Michael's, St.-J. H. Hawkins, + Hon. L. Greal Grimsby-C. Wood, +G. Harris Kenyon Grinslead, East--Lu.Holmesdale, +F.R.West Middleser-G. Byog, 1J. Hume Guildford+G. H. Sumner, +C. B. Wall Midhurst-G. Smith, J. A. Smith Hampshire SirW.Heathcote, bt. J. Fleming Millorne Port-Right Hon. W. S. Bourne, Harwich-Right Hon. J. C. Herries, IG. +G. S. Byng R. Dawson

Minehead-J. F. Luttrell, +W.E. Tomline Haslemere-Sir J. Beckett, bt, W. Holmes Monmouthshire-Lord G. C. H. Somerset, Hastings-J. Planta, +Sir H. Fane

Sir C. Morgan, bt.
Haverfordwest-Sir R. B. P. Phillipps Monmouth-Marquess of Worcester

1830.] List of the present, House of Commons.

267 Montgomerysh.-Rt. Hon. C. W. W. Wyon Seaford-Hon. A. F. Ellis, J. Fitzgerald Montgomery-Hon. H, Clive

Shafleslury-+E. Penrhyo, +W.S. Dugdale Morpeth-Hon. W. Howard, + W. Ord Shoreham-Sir C. M. Burrell, bt. H. Howard Newark-H. Willuughby, M. T. Sadler Shrewslury-TR. Jenkins, R. A. Slaney Newcastle-under-Lyne--R, Borradaile, +W. 'Shropshire-Sir R. Hill, bt. J. C. Pelham H. Miller

Somersetsh.-W.Dickensoo, +E.JA. Sandford Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Sir M. W. Ridley, Southampton-A. R. Dotein, J. B. Hoy bt. +J. Hodgson

Southwark-TJ. R. Harris, Sir R. Wilson Neuport, Cornwall-J. Raine, J. Doherty Staffordshire-Sir J. Wrottesley, bt. E. J. Newport, Isle of Wight-Right Hon. S. Per- Littleton ceval, IH. Twiss

Stafford—+J. Campbell, +T. Gisborne Newlon, Lanc, T. Legh, IT. Houldsworth Stamford - Lord T. Cecil, T. Chaplin Newtown, Isle of Wight-Hon. C. Pelham, Steyning-G. R. Philips, +E. Blount H. Gurney

Stockbridge-G.Wilbraham, +W. S. Stanley Norfolk Co.-T.W.Coke, + Sir W. Folkes, bt. Sudbury-B. Walrond, Sir J. B. Walsh, bé. Northallerlon-Hon. H. Lascelles, Sir J. Suffolk- Sir H. Bunbury, bt. +C. Tyrell , Beresford, bt.

Surrey-W. J. Denison, TJ. I. Briscoe Northamplonshire-Lord Althorp, W. R. Susser-W. Burrell,

+H. Curteis, jun. Cartwright

Tamworth—Sir R.Peel, bt. Ld. C.Townsend Northampton-Sir G. Robinson, bt. tSir R. Tavistock – SLd. Ebrington*, Ld. W.Russell H. Gunning, bt.

Taunton-18. Labouchere, + E.T.Bainbridge Northumberland-M. Bell, IT.W.Beaumont Tewkesbury-J. E. Dowdeswell, J. Martin Norwich-+R. H. Gurney, İR. Grant Thetford Lord J. Fitzroy, F. Baring Nottinghamshire-J. S. Lumley, Admiral Thirsk-R. Frankland, R. G. Russell Sotheron

Tiverlon-Lord Sandon, Hon. G. D. Ryder Nottingham— SirR.Fergusson, +T.Denman Totness-Right Hon. T. P. Courtenay, tc, Okehampton-+ Lord H. Seymour, tHon. B. Baldwin G. J. W. A. Ellis

Tregony-TJ. A. Gordon, tJ. Mackillop, Orford- IS. H. Kilderhee, Sir H. F. Cooke tj. Gurney, tC. King (double return) D.xfordshire ---J. Fane, tLord Norreys Truro-Lord Enconbe, TN. W. Peach Oxford UniversityT. G. B. Estcourt, Sir Wallingford--Col. W. Hughes, R. Knight R. Inglis, bt.

Wareham-Rt. Hon, J. Calcraft, TJ. Ewing Oxford City-J. H. Langston, +W. Hughes Warwickshire-D. S. Dugdale, F. Lawley Hughes

Warwick -Sir C. J. Greville, J. Tomes Pembrokeshire-Sir J. Owen, bt.

Wells-td. E. Vaughan, +J. L. Lee Pemliroke-H. 0. Owen

Wendover—A. Smith, S. Smith Penryn Sir C.Lemon, bt. TJ.W.Freshfield Wenlock-Hon. G. C, W. Forrester, P. B. Pelerboro'—Sir R. Heron, bt. ILord Milton Thompson Petersfield Sir W. Jolliffe, bt. G. E.Jolliffe Weobley=Ld. H. Thynne, Ld. W. Thyone Plymouh-Sirs T. B. Martin, G. Cockburn Westbury-Sir A. Grant,bt. IG.Prendergast Plympton-Lord Valletort, (1. C. Antrobus West Looe—Sir C. Hulse, bt. C. Buller, jun. Pontefract--+Sir C. E. Smith, bt. t Hon. H. Westminster--SirF.Burdett, bt.J.C.Hobhouse V. S. Jerningham

Westmorland-Lord Luwther, Hon, H, C, Poole-B. L. Lester, Hon. W.F.S. Povsonby

Portsmouth-J. B. Carter, F. Baring, jun, Weymouth & Melcombe Regis-Col. Gordon,
Preston-Hon. E. G. S. Stanley, J. Wood M. Ure, T. F. Baxtoo, Sir E. B. Sugden
Queenlorough—+W. Holmes, J. Capel, +Sir Whilchurch-Sir S. Scott, bt. Hon. I, R.
P. Durham (double return)

Radnorshire-1Right Hou. T. F. Lewis Wigan,Col. J. Lindsay, J. A. Hodson
Radnor (Neu)-R. Price

Wilton-J. H. Penruddocke, +H. L. Bulwer Reading-C. F. Palmer, +C. Russell Wiltshire-Sir J. D. Astley, bt. J. Benett Richmond-Hon. Sir R. L. Dundas, Hon. Winchelsea—+J. Williams, Hon.H. Duodas T. Dundas

Winchester-P. St. J. Mildmay, Sir E. H. Ripon-G. Spence, L. H. Petit

East, bt. Rochester-R. Bernal, +Lord Villiers Windsor--SirR.H.Vivian, bt. J.Ramsbottom Romney (New) - Hoo.A.Trevor, +W.Miles Woodstock–Marquess of Blandford, +Lorch Rutlandshire-Sir G. Noel, bt. Sir G. Heath- C. S. Churchill

Wotton Basset-Lord Mabon, T. H. Villiers Rye-+H. D. Baillie, F. R. Bonham Worcestershire-Hon. H. B. Lygon, +Hon. Ryegate-Adm. Sir J. S. Yorke, J. Cocks

T. H. Foley Sallash,+Earl of Darlington, TJ. Gregson Worcester-Col. Davies, G. R. Robinson Sandwich-J. Marryatt, +S. G. Price Wycombe-Sir T.Baring,bi. SirJ.D.King, bt. Sarum Nero)-Hon. D. P. Bouverie, W. Wyndham

Mr. Brougham and Lord Ebringtoo aro Sarum Old)–J. Alexander, J.D. Alexander the only Members returned for two places Scarborough-Right Hon. C. M. Sutton, the former for Yorkshire and Knaresborough, Gen. Phipps

the latter for Devonshire and Tavistock.

cote, bt.

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