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List of the present House of Commons. (Sept.
Yarmouth-Hon. G. Anson, C. E. Rumbold Clonmell—+E. Coote
Yarmouth, Isle of Wight-W. Y. Peel, IG. Coleraine -Sir J. W. H. Brydges

Cork County-Hon. R. King, Ld. Boyle.
Yorkshire - Hon. W. Duncombe, ISH. Cork City-+Hon. J. Boyle, D. Callaghan

Brougham, I Lord Morpeth, +R. Bethell Donegall Co.-G.V.Hart, Earl Mountcharles
York-FS. A. Bayntun, IHon. T. Dundas Down, Co.,Lord A. Hill, Visc. Castlereagh

Dounpatrick-+E. S. Ruthven
Aberdeenshire-Hon. William Gordon Drogheda—J. H. North
Aberdeen-+Sir James Carnegie, bart. Dublin Co.-+Lord Brabazon, Col. White
Argyleshire-Walter F. Campbell

Dullin City-G. Moore, +F. Shaw
Ayrshire-+William Blair

Dublin University-+T. Lefroy Ayr-Thomas Francis Kennedy

Dundalk-tHon. Lt.-Col. J. H. Cradock
Banffshire-John Morison

Dungannon-Hon. T. Knox
Berwickshire-Hon. Anthony Maitland Dungarvan-Hon. G. Lamb
Bute&Caithness-sh.-- IRt Hon.SirW.Rae,bt. Enmis-W, S. O'Brien
Cromarty and Nairn- +Hon. G. P. Campbell Enniskillen-Hon. A. H. Cole
Crail and Anstruther-James Balfour Fermanagh-M. Archdall, Viscount Corry
Duml'artonshire-+Lord M. W. Graham Galway Co.-J.S.Lambert, +Sir J.Burke, bt.
Dumfries-shire-+J. J. Hope Johnstone Galway-J. O'Hara
Dumfries—W. R. K. Douglas

Kerry County-Right Hon. M. Fitzgerald,
Dysart- +Lord Loughborough

tion. W. Browne
Edinburghshire-Sir George Clerk, bt. Kildare County-Ld. W. C. O'Brien Fitz-
Edinburgh-Right Hon. William Dundas gerald, TR. M. O'Ferrall
Elginshire-Hon. Francis-William Grant Kilkenny Co.-+Earl of Ossory, Lord Dun-
Elgin-Hon. Gen. Alexander Duff
Ffeshire-James Wemyss

Kilkenny-+N. P. Leader
Forfarshire-Hon. William-Ramsay Maule King's County-T. Bernard, Ld. Oxmantown
Forfar and Perih-Hon. J. S. Wortley, juo. Kinsale-J. Russell
Furtrose-Lieut.-Col. John Baillie

Leitrim Co.-+J. M. Clements, S. White
Glasgow – Archibald Campbell

Limerick County-Hon. R. H. Fitzgibbon, Haldingtonshire-Lord John Hay

+ Col. O'Grady Haddington-Sir Adolph.-J. Dalrymple, bt. Limerick -T. Spring Rice Inverkeithing-+James Johnstou

Lisburne-H. Meydell
Inverness-shire-Rt. Hon. Charles Grant Londonderry Co.-+Sir R. Bateson, bt. +T.
Kincardineshire-Hon. Hugh Arbuthnote Jones
Kinross-shire,+Hon. G. R. Abercromby Londonderry City-+Sir R. A. Ferguson
Kikcudbright-R. C. Fergusson

Longford Co.-Visc. Forbes, +A. Lefroy
Kirkwall-James Loch

Louth Co.-A. Dawson, tJ. M'Clintock Lanarkshire,+Hon. Charles Donglas Mallow—C. D. 0. Jephson Linlithgowskire-Sir Alexander Hope Mayo Co.-J. Browne, +D. Browne Orkneyshire-+George Traill

Meath County-Sir M. Somerville, bt. Lord
Peebles-shire—Sir James Montgomery, bt.

Perthshire-Sir George Murray, bt. Monaghan County-E. J. Shirley, Hon.
Renfrewshire-1 Sir M.-Shaw Stewart, bt.

Ross-shire-Sir Jas.-Wemyss Mackenzie, bt. Newry-Hon. J. H. Knox
Roxburghshire-Henry-Francis Scott Portarlington—+Sir A. Ogilby
Selkirkshire-+Alexander Pringle

Queen's County-Sir H. Parnell, bt. Sir C.
Selkirk and Peebles—+Henry Monteith Coote, bt.
Stirlingshire-Henry-Home Drummond Roscommon Co.-70. O'Connor, A. French
Sutherlandshire-Lord F. L. Gower

New Ross—+C. P. Leslie
Wiglonshire-+Sir Andrew Agnew, bt. Sligo Co.-E. S. Cooper, Hon. H. King
Wigton-John-Henry Lowther

Sligo-+John Wynne

Tipperary County-Hon. F. Aldborough
Antrim Co.-Hon. J.B. R. O'Neil, Earl of Prittie, +T. Wyse, jun.

Tralee-R. V. Smith
Armagh Co.-+Lord Acheson, C. Brownlow Tyrone County-Hon. H. L. Corry, +Sir
Armagh-Right Hon. H. Goulburn

Hugh Stewart
Alhlone-R. Handcock

Waterford County-Lord G. T. Beresford, Bandon Bridge + Viscount Bernard

ID. O'Connell Belfast—1 Sir A. Chichester, bt.

Waterford--Right Hon. Sir J. Newport, bt. Carlow County–H. Bruen, T. Kavanagh Westmeath County-G. Rochfort, +M. L. Carlou-Viscount Tullamoore

Chapman Carrickfergus - Lord G. Hill

Wexford County-Lieut.-Col. A. Chiches-
Cashel+M. Pennefather

ter, Visc. Valentia
Cavan Co.-H. Maxwell, A. Saunderson Wexford—W. Wigram
Clare County-+W. N. M.Namara, tJ. P. Wicklow Co.-J. Grattan, R. Howard
O'Gorman Mahon

Youghall-Hon. G. Ponsonby

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Col. Cosmo Gordon to be Maj.-Gen. ; Capt. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

J. Mann to be Major. Aug. 24. To be Brevet Lieut.-Generals Sept. 18. Capt. George Seymour, R. N. in East Indies only :-Major-Generals Geo. to be Gentleman and Master of the Robes Prole, Arch. Ferguson, St. George Ashe, H. to his Majesty.--Major-General Thornton Fox Calcraft, Colin Macauley. To be has been appointed to the Command of the Major-Generals : — Colonels Ja. Price, T. Island of Jersey.--Major-Gen. Sir Charles Boles, Alex. Koox, J. W. Adams, H. Wors- Pratt, K.C.B. in the Command of Jamaica. ley, H. Fraser, H. S. Scott, A. M.Dowall, -Capt. Roche Meade, 21st reg. to be Dep. R. Lewis, Sir J. Sinclair, bt. R. Scott. Assistant Adj.-General at head-quarters.-

Aug, 30. The Landgravine of Hesse Lieut.-Col. Lord Cha. Fitzroy to be AsHomburg to be Ranger of Richmond Park. sistant Adj.-Gen. at Armagh. - Major-Gen.

Major-Gen. B. C. Stephenson to be Hon. P. Stuart to the command of the Riding Forester New Forest.

troops in North Britain. John Dunstan to be Constable of Ches

Sept. 21.

1st Dragnons, Capt. B. Eveter Castle.

rard to be Maj.-Coldstream Foot Guards, Aug. 31. 7th Foot, Capt. Lord W. Capt. C. Short to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col. Thynne, to be Major.-25th Foot-Major Courtney Chambers to be Lieut.-Colonel ; ECCLESIASTICAL Preferments. Capt. Edw. Jonathan Priestley to be Maj.- Rev. W. M. Mayers, Prebend in Dublin 36th Foot, Brevet Major R. Noble Crosse Catheral. to be Major.-44th Foot, Major C. G. Rev. C. Birch, Happisburgh V. Norfolk. Gray to be Major. - 59th Foot, Brevet Rev. E. S. C. B. Cave, Morley St. Peter's Major F. Fuller to be Major. - Unat- P. C. co. York. tached; to be Lieut.-Colonels, Major B. Rev. Christ. Carr, Newborough P. C. co. Disney, C Rowley, J. Linton, J. Scott, Northampton. W. Graham.-To be Majors, Capt. Ro. Rev. F. F. Clark, Christ Ch. P. C. Coseley, Ferguson, Brevet Major G.Noleken.—Staff, Staffordshire. Lieut.-Col

. W. G. Moore to be Dep.-Adj.- Rev. A. Creighton Stallingborough V. Linc, Gen. to che troops in the Mediterranean.- Rev. J. Darby, Skenfreth R. co. Moom. Garrisors, Major-Gen. W. Thornton to be Rev. G. R. Gray, Inkberrow V Worcestersh. Lieut.-Governor of Jersey:-Brevet, Brevet- Rev. J. Griffiths, Llangynhafel R. DenCol. H. W. Rooke to be Major-Gen. in the byshire. Army; Major G. Baker to have the local Rev. E. M. Hall, Idle P. C. co. York. rank' of Lieut.-Colonel, while acting as a Rev. J. Hand, Handsworth R. co.York. Commissioner in Greece.-To be Majors, Rev. E. Hibgame, Fordham V. Cambridgsh. Capt. M. Molesworth Madden, Capt. T. H. Rev. J. R. Hopper, Bedingfield R. Suffolk. Shadwell Clerke.

Rev. J. Hughes, Llangynfelin P. C. CardiSept. 10. 31st Foot, Lieut.-Col. Sir J. gaoshire. Roupel Colleton, Bart. from half-pay, to Rev. T. G. Moulsdale, Hope P. C. Flintsh. be Lieut.. Col.-32d Foot, Major Charles Rev. W. Robinson, Wood Enderby P. C. Knight to be Lieut.-Col.-33d Foot, Capt. Horncastle, co. Lincolo. W. H. Grote to be Major.-- 68th Foot, Rev. W. F. Drake, Chapl. to the Bishop of Major Nathaniel Gledstapes from half-pay Norwich. to be Major.- Unnattached, Capt. Lord Rev. J. P. Vowles, Chaplain to the Marq. W. Paulet, to be Major.-Brevet, Brevet- of Northamptoo.

BIRTH S. Aug. 18. At Exmouth, the wife of her father, George Willsher, esq. at Petches, Capt. R. Inverarity, of a son. -At Lord co. Essex, Helen, the wife of Geo. H. RoGreenuck's, Dear Sandgate in Kent, Ladygers Harrison, esg. of Devonshire-street, Greenock, a son.-23. At Nostell Priory, Queen-square, a dau. - - At Grove House, the wife of Cha. Winn, esq. a son. near Sheffield, the wife of H. W. Pickard,

In Montague - square, the wife of esq. Royal Horse Artillery, a son.--9. At Major R. H. Close, a son.-25. At Belfast, the wife of Major-Gen. C. Bruce, a Brecknock crescent, Camden-town, the wife -At Babraham, Cambridgeshire, the of Dr. F. Campbell, a son.—26. At Do- wife of H. Adeane, esq. M. P. a son and ver, the wife of the Hon. C. E. Law, a son. heir.-11. In Park-crescent, the lady of

Sept. 1. At Weybridge, the wife of Capt. Sir W. H. Richardson, a dau.-18. At Beechey, R. N. a dau.- -At the house of Edinburgh, the Countess of Morton, a dau.




[Sept. MARRIAGES, Aug. 12. At North Creek, Norfolk, J. esq. of Woodrooffe, and niece to the Earl of T. Graver Browne, esq. of Reymerstone Charleville.—At Talgarth, Major HolHall, Norfolk, to Frances, dau. of Archd. ford, of Kilgwyn, Carmarthenshire, to Miss Bathurst, and grand-dau. of the Bp. of Nor- Gwynne, of Buckland, Brecknockshire, only wich. -18. At Burwell, in Newmarket, child of the late Roderick Gwyone, esq.-the Rev. J. Benson Skipper, to Charlotte, At Fawsley, Northamptonshire, the Rev. youngest dau. of the late Salisbury Dunn, Ayscough Fawkes, to Miss Ellen Story, 2d esq. 19. At Leamington, Joseph Bailey, dau, of the late J. B. Story, esq. of Lockesq. of Glanusk Park, Breconshire, to Mary- ington Hall, Leicestershire.-6. At ScarAnne, dau. of the late J. T. H. Hopper, borough, Chas. Steade, esq. to Elizabeth esq. of Witton Castle, Durham.Ai lg- Mary, eldest dau. of the late Thos, Sarith, burgh, Norfolk, H. B. Simpson, eldest son esq. of Dunston Hall, Derbyshire.-Tho. of the Hon. T. B. Simpson, of Babworth, Chamberlayne, esq. to Amelia, dau. of Gen. Notts, to Frances Emily, dau. of H. Baring, Oaslow, of Scaughton House, Huntingdonesq. of Buckenham.-21. At Grimsby, shire.-7. At Sherborne, Geo. M. Butt, Titus Salt, esq. of Bradford, co. York, to esq. Barrister-ac-law, to Frances Jane, eld. Caroline, youngest dau. of Geo. Whittam, dau. of Thos. Fooks, esq.- -At Petersesq.- -At Trinity Church, Marylebone, the field, Edw. Hopkins, esq. of Alresford, to Rev. C. F. Bagshawe, fourth son of Sir W. Eliza Susanna, eldest dau. of Vice-Admiral C. Bagshawe, of Wormhill Hall, Devon- Giffard. At St. James's church, Bisset shire, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest dau, of G. Hawkins, M.D. of Golden-square, to Emily Hobson, esq.-24. At Jersey, Mr. John Isabella, only dau. of the Rev. W. Goodde St. Croix, youngest son of the Ma- enough, Archd. of Carlisle.At Hough, gitsrate of the Royal Court, to Rachel, ton-le-Spring, D. L. Prattmann, esq. of only dau. of P. D'Auvergne, esq. of Leoville Copley Lodge, to Jane, second dau. of W. House.-26. At Ardnocher church, John Hutchinson, esq. 8. Rev. W. P. HopKnox, of Granwood Park, co. Mayo, esq. to ton, of Bishop's Frome, co. Hereford, to Jane Adelaide, dau. of S. Handy, of Brana Diana, second dau. of Rev. C. W. ShuckCastle, co. Westmeath, esq.-28. At burgh, of the Moor, Downton, Wilts. Stonehouse chapel, Devon, Assistant-Com.- At St. Mary-la-bonne church, Capt. E. C. Gen. John Lindsay, to Maria Lucas, second Fletcher, of the 1st Life Guards, to the dau. of the late John Laing, esq. of Domi- Hon. Ellen Mary Shore, youngest dau. of nica.-30. At Wortley, the Hon. Juha Lord Teignmouth. At Westbury-uponTalbot, second son of the Earl of Talbot, Trym, Henry H. Joy, esq. of Mountjoy, to the Hon. Miss Wortley, only dau. of square, Dublin, to Catherine Anne, eldest Lord Wharacliffe.-----At Grantham, T. O. dau. of Mr. Serj. Ludlow, of Dowu House, Powles, esq. of Stamford-hill, Middlesex, to Bristol. At Beverley, the Rev. Alfred Emma Sheppard, eldest dau. of Thos. Bland, Sadler, of Nottingham, to Charlotte, eldest esq. M. D. and formerly an Alderman of dau. of F. Campbell, esq.; and Benjamin Newark.-31. At Hornsey, G. R. Hyde, Sadler, esq. Belfast, Ireland, to Emma, 2d esq. M.D. of Newtowu Barry, Wexford, to dau. of the same gentleman.- -9. At LanMaria Frances Charlotte, second dau. of the wennog, Cardiganshire, the Rev. D. H. T. late Adm. Sutton, of Screveton Hall, Notts. G. Williams, youngest son of Sir G. G.

At Great Yarmouth, the Rev. Francis Williams, Bart. to Anne Frauces Gertryde Steward, to Sarah Tolver, second dau, of Davies, eldest dau. of the late J. Davies, of Isaac Preston, esq. In London, Francis Penlan, esq. and grand-dau. of Lord R, Bayley, esq: youngest son of the Hon. Mr. Seymour. ll. At New Church, St. Justice Bayley, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Pancras, Commander Edw. Belcher, to Alexander Macdonald, esq. of Great George Diana Joliffe, step-dau. of Capt. P. HeyStreet, Westminster.

-At Booterstown, wood, R. N.- -14. At St. Mary's, BryanRich. Massey, esq. nephew of the late Lord stone-sq. the Very Rev. Dr. Cockburn, Dean Clarino, to Anne Maria, 3d dau. of the late' of York; to Miss Marg. Emma Pearse, only Patrick Murray, esq. of Dublin.

dau. of the late Col. Pearse, of Kensington. Lately. At Little Hallinbury, Essex, the -At Chipstead, the Hon. James St. Rev. S. Phillips, Rector of Puddington, Clair, eldest son of the Right Hon. Lord Devon, to Ann Shaftesbury, dau. of the late Sinclair, to Jane, eldest dau. of Archd. Dr. Horsley, Bishop of St. Asaph.

Little, esq. of Shabden Park, Surrey.Sept. 1. At Cambridge, W. Ogilvy, esq. At Trinity chureh, St. Mary-la-bonne, the to Miss Matilda Doria, eldest dau. of the Rev. Charles Bigsby, to Jane Christiana, Marquis of Spineto. At Edmonton, the youngest dau, of the late J. Watson, esq. Rev. J. Nelson Palmer, to Elizabeth, eld. W. S. Edinb.At Caversham, Mr. John dau, of the late R. Mushet, esq. of Milfield Richards, jun, solicitor, Reading, to Fanny, House. -2. Mr. T. Burnell, Upper Clap eldest dau. of Mr. J. May. -At Gillington, to Eliza, dau. of John Grove, esq. ham, Kent, J. Anderson, esq. R. N. to Eliz.

At Derrygrath, co. Tipperary, Sarah, eldest dau. of Aug. Keppel Colley, M. V. Sankey, esq. of Coolmore,

esq. Major R. M. second dau. of the late Sam. Perry,

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upon the memory of Buonaparte,) and Aug. 27. At bis chateau of St. Leu, in only son of the illustrious and venerable his 75th year, Louis Henry Joseph de Louis Joseph Prince of Condé,* on Bourbon, Duke of Bourbon, and Prince whose death, in 1818, he should in due de Condé.

course bave assumed the title, wbich, This unfortunate Prince terminated bis however, be declined, from a feeling existence by banging himself. He is of modesty, as not being worthy to sucsupposed to bave committed the fatal ceed a prince of so bigh a personal act wbile labouring under derangement, ebaracter as his noble father; and partiproduced by the excitement which the cularly as the prospects of bis house late revolution occasioned, of which, were for ever extinguished by the murs however, he seems not to bave disap- der of his only son. This shews him to proved. It appears, that he was sadly bave been a quiet, unambitious man; annoyed by some of the ex-functionaries 'thougb he was not deficient in military of Charles X., who bad by letters, and spirit. in one instance personally, repudiated In 1776 a duel took place between his claim to the name of Condé, remind- Charles X. when Count D'Artois, and the ing him huw gloriously it bad been sus- Duke de Bourbon. The Count having a tained by his fatber, wbo had in the for- lady with bim was followed by the Duchess mer revolution cast his shield before the de Bourbon. She seized his mask by the fallen furi unes of the Bourbons, and beard, and the strings snapped ; the made it ibe rallying point of the Royal Count seized the Duchess's mask, and ists, until their ibrone was

broke it. The Duke de Bourbon, con-, blished; again quitting the capital, ceiving that the sex of the Duchess though borne down by infirmity and the should bave preserved her from rude re weight of years, with Louis XVIII. dor- taliation, sent the Count d'Artois a mesa ing the 100 days of Napoleon, rather sage. The duel took place at the Boisiban compromise his allegiance. Haras de Boulogne, near the Port de-Princes. sed tbus on one side by the bigots of the They fought with swords; and the Count old Court, and on the other pressed to d'Artois having made a lunge, in which come in, and take the oath to the Oro bis sworil seemed to pass under the arm Jeans dynasty, the individual members of the Duke de Bourbon, the Chevalier of which were his personal favourites, he de Crussol, who was one of the seconds, weakly rushed out of existence, to escape believed the Duke to be wounded; and these conflicting importunities. He bad on the seconds interfering, the parties promised to repair to Paris, to take the were reconciled. oath, on the morning when he was On the breaking out of the first civil found dead in bis chamber. On the pre- disturbances in Paris, the Duke quitted vious night, be desired bis valet not to France, in July 1789, with the rest of enter bis apartment as early as usual; the family of the Prince de Condé, and the man obeyed bis master's order, but retired to Brussels, whence he proceeded when two or three hours had elapsed af. by way of Switzerland to Tunis. A great ter his usual time, and he had knocked number of gentlemen accompanied them, repeatedly without obtaining an answer, all ready to fight in the cause of royalty. he then, with the assistance of others, In 1792 the Prince de Condé opened burst through the panels of the door, the campaign, with his brave and loyal and found the unhappy Prince suspended army, against the Republican forces ; by bis own Deckercbief, from the iron and in 1793, he was joined by his son, central fastening of the window; he the Duke of Bourbon, and his grandused a stool to stand upon, and then son, the Duke d'Enghien, in the Black kicked it down. He was in his ordinary Forest; where three generations of beroes clothes, and the body quite cold. were seen combating together. The puet

Thus bas perished the last member of Delille thus notices ebis singular fact: the illustrious house of Condé. He was

Condé, Bourbon, Enghien, se font d'autres born April 13, 1756, and married April

Rocrois, 24, 1770, the Princess Maria Theresa Et, prodigues, d'un sang chéri de la victoire, d'Orleans, who died in Jan. 1822., He Trois générations vont ensemble à la gloire. was the father of the Duke d'Engbien, (whose barbarous murder at Vincennes, See an excellent memoir of the Prince in 1804, will ever remain the soulest blot de Condé in our volume LXXXVII. i. p. 563.

ALI. I Soark

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OBITUARY.-- The Duke de Bourbon.

[Sept. The most remarkable affairs, in the Après le malheur cruel dont j'ai été accampaign of 1792 and 1793, in which cablé, mon cher Jacques, je ne pouvais these tbree illustrious beroes performed éprouver d'adoucissement mieux senti à ma prodigies of valour, were the battles of vive douleur que de vous savoir vous-même Jockrim, Pfortz, Barbelroth, Berst beim, hors de danger, vous qui méritez, à tous Weissemburg, and Haguenau. On tbe égaris, la confiance et l'amitié de ce cher Prince of Condé commanding a charge enfant que je pleurerai toute ma vie. Les on the village of Berst beim, where the larmes me suffoquent, et je ne me sens pas republican armies were concentrated in la force, en ce moment, mon cher Jacques, great force, bis son the Duke of Bour. de parler affaire avec vous.

M. de Cootye bon, at the head of the second and veut bien se charger de cette pénible comthird division of cavalry, made a charge mission. Vous pouvez prendre confiance ea on the enemy's cavalry, and drove it ce qu'il vous dira de ma part, et vous conbefore bim. Impelled by the ardour of foriner ponctuellement aux ordres qu'il vous the moment, the Duke rushed forward transmettra, tant de la part de mon père que wiib only a few followers, when the Re- de la mienne. Croyez, mon cher Jacques, à publicans, taking advantage of the cir- mon entière confiance et bien sincère amitié cumstance, immediately surrounded bim. pour vous.” The contest was bloody, and the Duke was severe. Jy wounded; but the rest of his troops coming up, the enemy took to On the restoration of the royal family flight, leaving their artillery in posses- in 1814, the Duke returned io France, sion of ibe Royalists.

where bis life was passed in comparative The Duke de Bourbon commanded

retirement until bis death. the cavalry in his father's army, with The obsequies of the Duke de Bourdistinguished honour, from 1792 tv 1796; bon took place on Sunday Sept. 6; the but Austria having made peace with religious ceremonies were performed at France, the troops of the Prince de Condé

St. Leu. Their royal bighnesses the Dukes passed in 1797 into the service of Russia.

d'Orleans and de Nemours, Prince de The following letter from Louis XVIII., Joinville, and Duke d’Aumale, a number dated Verona, June 24, 1795, will show of Peers, Deputies, General Officers, and the estimation in which the services of

persons attached to the suite of the the Duke were held :

Prince, assisted. The procession set out “ Mon cousin, Je suis fort sensible à la from St. Leu for St. Denis. The Ist repart que vous prenez à ma juste douleur ; elle giment of bussars, a battalion of the en adoucit un peu l'amertume. Je suis bien 51h of the live, and tbe national guards sûr que vous combattrez pour moi comme

of St. Leu and neighbouring cummunes, vous avez combattu pour le feu Roi, mon led the procession, which was brought seigneur et veveu* ; mais j'espère que ce ne up by a troop of the national guards, The sera pas au même prix; votre sang est trop ist bussars, and the 5th of cuirassiers. précieux pour l'Etat et pour moi, pour que They were received at the gate of the je ne désire pas vivement qu'il plaise à Dieu city by tbe Mayor of St. Denis, accomde l'épargner. Comptez toujours sur l'estime panied by the municipal body. The naet l'ainitié véritables avec lesquels je suis, iional guard and the veterans kept mon cousin, votre très-affectionné cousin, guard. The procession having marcbed

“ Louis." to the church, the coffin was deposited After the campaign of 1800, we be.

in one of the vaults, near the remains of lieve the Duke de Bourbon accompa.

the father of the deceased. nied his father to England, as be was resident at Wanstead House in Essex, at

the Duke to Napoleon, which might the time of the murder of his son in in all probability have saved his life. 1804. In a letter from Wapstead House,

“ The Duke (observed Buonaparte) had dated Feb. 3, 1805, addressed to M.

written to me, offering his services, and Saint-Jacques, private secretary to the asking a command in the army from me,

wbich that scelerato Talleyrand did not Duke d’Engbien, be feelingly adverts to this atrocious affair, t wbicb appears to

make known until two days after the have bligbted all bis happiness :

execution. Talleyrand is a briccone, ca

pable of any crime. I caused the Duc # Louis XVII.

Ü'Enghien to be arrested in consequence + The following bold assertions re- of the Bourbons having landed assassins lative to the execution of the Duc in France to murder me.”—Talleyrand d'Enghien, are extracted from Barry proposed to cause all the Bourbons to O'Meara's Journal :- Buonaparte in- be assassinated, and even offered to ne. led Barry O'Meara, that Prince Tal- gociate for its accomplishment. He de

relained a letter writien by manded a million of francs for each."

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