The Parliamentary Guide and Work of General Reference for Canada, the Provinces, Northwest Territories and Newfoundland: 1898-1899

الغلاف الأمامي
Manitoba Free Press, 1898

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الصفحة 380 - That the United States hereby disclaims any disposition or intention to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction, or control over said island except for the pacification thereof, and asserts its determination when that is accomplished to leave the government and control of the island to its people.
الصفحة 380 - Second. That it is the duty of the United States to demand, and the Government of the United States does hereby demand, that the Government of Spain at once relinquish its authority and government in the Island of Cuba and withdraw its land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters.
الصفحة 266 - Where a bill passed by the Houses of the Parliament is presented to the Governor General for the Queen's assent, he shall declare, according to his discretion, but subject to the provisions of this Act and to Her Majesty's instructions, either that he assents thereto in the Queen's name, or that he withholds the Queen's assent, or that he reserves the bill for the signification of the Queen's pleasure.
الصفحة 276 - Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, respectively, as if the Union had not been made ; subject nevertheless (except with respect to such as are enacted by or exist under Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland), to be repealed, abolished or altered by the Parliament of Canada or by the Legislature of the respective Province, according to the Authority of the Parliament or of that Legislature under this Act.
الصفحة 273 - Province ; and it is hereby declared that the Parliament of Canada may from Time to Time make Laws in relation to Agriculture in all or any of the Provinces, and to Immigration into all or any of the Provinces; and any Law of the Legislature of a Province relative to Agriculture or to Immigration shall have effect in and for the Province as long and as far only as it is not repugnant to any Act of the Parliament of Canada.
الصفحة 275 - Where Customs Duties are, at the Union, leviable on any Goods, Wares, or Merchandises in any Two Provinces, those Goods, Wares, and Merchandises may, from and after the Union, be imported from one of those Provinces into the other of them on Proof of Payment of the Customs Duty leviable thereon in the Province of Exportation, and on Payment of such further Amount (if any) of Customs Duty as is leviable thereon in the Province of Importation.
الصفحة 271 - Sea coast and inland fisheries. 13. Ferries between a province and any British or foreign country or between two provinces.
الصفحة 265 - ... (4) On any such readjustment the number of members for a Province shall not be reduced, unless the proportion which the number of the population of the Province bore to the number of the aggregate population of Canada at the then last preceding readjustment of the number of members for the Province is ascertained at the then latest census to be diminished by one-twentieth part or upwards; (5) Such readjustment shall not take effect until the termination of the then existing Parliament.
الصفحة 280 - Dominion, increase, diminish, or otherwise alter the limits of such Province, upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed to by the said Legislature, and may, with the like consent, make provision respecting the effect and operation of any such increase or diminution or alteration of territory in relation to any Province affected thereby.
الصفحة 261 - In the general census of the population of Canada which is hereby required to be taken in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, and in every tenth year thereafter, the respective populations of the four Provinces shall be distinguished. III. — EXECUTIVE POWER 9. The executive government and authority of and over Canada is hereby declared to continue and be vested in the Queen.

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