Die Politik der Niederlande in ihren Beziehungen zu Japan

الغلاف الأمامي
Schnellpressendruck der Schulzeschen Buchhandlung, 1855 - 58 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 1847 - There shall be appointed by the government of the United States consuls or agents to reside in Simoda at any time after the expiration of eighteen months from the date of the signing of this treaty, provided that either of the two governments deem such arrangement necessary.
الصفحة 1843 - Port is to be opened immediately after the same day in the ensuing Japanese Year. Note. A tariff of prices shall be given by the Japanese Officers of the things which they can furnish, payment for which shall be made in Gold and Silver Coin.
الصفحة 1843 - Hakodade, and hand them over to their Countrymen appointed to receive them; whatever articles the Shipwrecked men may have preserved shall likewise be restored, and the expenses incurred in the rescue and support of Americans and Japanese who may thus be thrown upon the shores of either nation are not to be refunded. ARTICLE IV Those Shipwrecked persons and other Citizens of the United States shall be free as in other Countries, and not subjected to confinement, but shall be amenable to just laws.
الصفحة 1845 - It is agreed, that if at any future day the government of Japan shall grant to any other Nation or Nations privileges and advantages which are not herein granted to the United States, and the Citizens thereof, that these same privileges and advantages shall be granted likewise to the United States, and to the Citizens thereof, without any consultation or delay.
الصفحة 1847 - ... be ratified and approved by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by the august Sovereign of Japan, and the ratification shall be exchanged within eighteen months from the date of the signature thereof, or sooner if practicable.
الصفحة 1845 - If there be any other sort of goods wanted, or any business which shall require to be arranged, there shall be careful deliberation between the parties in order to settle such matters. ARTICLE VII. It is agreed that ships of the United States...
الصفحة 1841 - Member of the Board of Revenue. And the said Commissioners after having exchanged their said full powers, and duly considered the premises, have agreed to the following Articles.
الصفحة 1847 - In faith whereof, we, the respective plenipotentiaries of the United States of America and the empire of Japan aforesaid, have signed and sealed these presents. Done at Kanagawa this thirty-first day of March, in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, and of Kayei, the seventh year, third month, and third day.
الصفحة 1845 - Hakodade shall not be subject to such restrictions and confinement as the Dutch and Chinese are at Nagasaki, but shall be free at Simoda to go where they please within the limits of Seven Japanese miles (or...
الصفحة 1841 - The United States of America, and The Ta Tsing Empire, Desiring to establish firm, lasting, and sincere friendship between the two Nations, have resolved to fix, in a manner clear and positive, by means of a treaty or general convention of peace, amity, and commerce, the rules which shall in future be mutually observed in the intercourse of their respective countries...

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