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without which, our life is but a death. However, this spiritual life, or living to God, may be called life, because it hath all these things in it spiritually, which natural life hath in it naturally; as, 1. Life hath motion in it; and so here, this spiritual life imports motion; where-ever the spirit of life comes, there is a motion among the dry bones. Now, there are some duties he moves in, such as prayer, Behold be prayeth, who never prayed to purpose before: he moves in the duties of hearing, reading, examination, and mortification. Now, there are some graces that move .in him: Faith begins to move, saying, I believe, Lord belp my unbelief : Hope begins to move, He is begotten to a new and lively hope : Love begins to move, perhaps in sighs and groans for want of love. Now he moves, and the term he moves from, is fin, Satan, and the world, and self, and self-righteousness; and the term he moves to, is God and Christ, and heaven, and heavenly things. So far as this divine life takes place, so far all the faculties of the soul move towards God; the understanding to see him, the will to serve him, the affections to embrace him, and all the members of the body to be employed for him. The eye is lift up to heaven in prayer and supplication; the ear is open to receive instruction; the mouth enlarged to sing his praises; the tongue will be no more the trumpeter of idle communica

the hand and heart will be instruments of devotion; the knees will be bowed to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Chrift; the feet will delight to carry the man to the house of the Lord's all is in motion for God, so far as this life takes place. You may here fee, by the way, whether you have or want this life, which is a living to God.



Tho' I fee an image lively representing a man, hav, ing eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands and feet, yet I know it hath no life in it, because it hath no motion ; so if we see a professor without practice, we may say he is an idol, he is no Christian, but the image of a Christian. It is true, a hypocrite may have all these external motions, like a painted puppet, that may by Some engine be made to dance, and move up and down, but from no vital principle of life. , 2. Life hath breath in it, James ii. last. The body without breath is dead, as it may be rendered ; fo in this life there is breath. If a man's breath be held in a little while, the person cannot live; so the believer would die, if he had not breath in a spiritual sense. What is the air he breathes in? It is just the Spirit of God; Awake, O north-wind, come thou soutb, &c. What is the breath that is put within him? It is the Spirit of God; the Holy Ghost is that to the believer, which breath is to the body, yea, which the soul is to the body. God breathed into Adam the breath of life, and he breathes on the beļiever, saying, Receive ye the Holy Ghost; I will put my Spirit within you. What lungs does he breathe with? It is faith, We receive the promise of the Spirit by faith. And what things does he breathe after? Indeed the earthly man breathes after earthly things, saying, Who will mew us any good? But the heavenly man breatheth after heavenly things, Lord, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon me. Many people have a stinking breath; it hath the smell of earth, yea, the smell of hell; fome breathe out blasphemies, and oaths, some breathe out cruelty and wrath ; but the man that hath this life, and lives unto God, his breath is a sweet breath; so far as he lives unto God, his breath smells of


heaven, and of God and Christ. But, z. Life hath usually growth; even so this life is a growing life, this well of water springs up to everlasting life. Let a painter draw the figure of grapes ever so artificially, yet they may be seen and discerned from natural grapes, because they grow not : Thus the painted inypocrite may look well, but never growse A man that hath this divine life, is usually growing; if not upwardly in holiness, yet downward in humility : 'if not sensibly in outward fruitfulness, yet insensibly in inward lighs and fobs, because of his unfruitfulness, and in pantings of soul towards perfection; he that hath clean hands waxeth stronger and stronger. Indeed a winter-time may put the believer far back, and interrupt the growth, but a fummer reviving will make up all again. 4. Life hath appetite and sense ; even so this life imports. fpiritual appetite and spiritual sense. There is appetite after spiritual food : Many pamper their bodies and starve their souls ; but he that thus lives, hath a hunger and thirst after righteousness, and like new born babes, depres, &c. The doctrine of the gospel is his life; For a man liveth not by bread alone, but by every word, &c. He hath an appetite after these words of grace, and draws water out of thele wells of salvation with joy. Many are the secret longings and pantings of the living foul after the living God, who is his life: And aš life seeks its own preservation continually, fo does the living soul in the living God, in whom only his life , is hid. There is sense also; hore life is sensible of whatsoever is an enemy to it, and resists it; the more life, the more sense ; and the more sense, the more relistance : Even so they that live this life unto God, they feel corruption, and they fight againít it, . For


the fpirit lufts against the flesh, and the flesh against the spirit ; they groan under the weight of corruption, which they feel, and reckon themselves wretched on the account thereof: O wretched man that I am, &c. They that have. no feeling of fin, no fighting against it, do not look like these that have this life. They who have spiritual senses, at least who have them exercised, have the seeing eye; they see the evil of fin, they see the beauty of holiness, they see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ; they fee God in his ordinances; they see an internal glory in the external administration of ordinances which others not seeing, they think very little of these things : also they see God in his providences, in judgments they see a just God, and in mercies they see a merciful God, and themselves less than the least of all his mercies. They have the hearing ear; they hear the voice of God in the word, and rod; they smell the favour of his name, which is as ointment poured forth; they taste his goodness, and feel his power: And thus you see what may be imported in its being called a life in general. i.

FOURTHLY, what is imported in its being called a living unto God; what is this living unto God? I have faid several things about it already; but this living unto God, more particularly may import these four things following, 1. The believer's living unto God, imports, his living suitably to the relations that God stands in to him, and he unto God, as being his God in Christ Jesus ; and so it is a living to him as our Redeemer, both by price and power, as these that are not our own, but bought with a price; and therefore glorifying the Lord in our souls and bodies which are his. It is a living


to God, as our bead: God in Chrift, is the believer's head ; and so to live to him as our head, is to live as members of such a head, drawing spiritual virtue, light, life, and comfort from him as the head. It is a living to God as our busband, Tby Maker is thy husband; and fo to live to him in this relation, is to live reverently, lovingly, affectionately, with submission and subjection to our husband, as becomes the spouse of such a glorious husband. It is a living to God as our heavenly father, depending on him as children on their father; Wilt thou not from this time tall me, My father, thou art the guide of my youtb? Jer. ii. 4. It is a living to God as our Judge, Lawgiver and King; and so it is a living as those that are accountable to, and as we shall answer at the tribunal of this Judge. It is a fitting at the feet, and receiving the law from the mouth of this Lawgiver ; and it is a yielding the tribute of praise, obedience and subjection to this King. In a word, it is a living to God as the object of our worship and adoration ; loving him as the Lord our God with all our heart, foul, mind, and strength. Thus, I say, to live to God, is to live suitably to all these relations he stands in to us. 2. The believer's living unto God, imports his living suitably to these privileges and favours that he receives from God. Hath he enlightened us in the knowledge of himself? Then, to live to him, is to walk as children of light, and not as those that are yet in darkness and ignorance. Hath he called us'effectually? Then, to live to him, is to 'walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we are called. Hath he given us grace? Then, to live to him, is to live, not as graceless, but as gracious persons; not as those that are in a state of nature, but in a state of grace. Hath he pardoned our


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