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come to accomplish my promise that I made to them concerning their feed; therefore I will be known now to them by the name, I am that I am. I have all beings in myself from eternity, and can give a being to my promise. Here is a good ground for their faith. If we look not to this ground, the greatness of the promise will overset our faith, while the man says, O, it is too good news to be true! It is too great for me! And so we reason ourselves out of our faith: But, O! see who says it, and that it is the word of JEHOVAH, and here is firm footing for your faith.

5th Head. Fifth thing proposed, is the application of this doctrine, in some inferences, Is it fo, that Christ, the eternal Son of God, did thus cordially engage himself to approach unto God in the work and business of our redemption? Then hence we may infér the following particulars. We may see, 1. The greatness of our ruin by nature, and the fad case that mankind is in, that not one of all the posterity of Adam can or dare approach unto God, or come under engagements for this end. If we do, we engage ourselves to what is impossible to perform, and we approach to a fiery tribunal, where we are doom'd to eternal death, unless we come under the wings of this glorious engager and approacher to God. This God will shew no regard to any perfonal bond or engagement of ours : For our personal credit is forfeited and broken, not only originally in Adam, by the violation of the covenant of works, but actually in our own persons : We never kept a word that we promised to God, we never kept our engagements to God a day to an end ; and therefore God will not trust us. I'm

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far from disallowing of personal covenanting and engaging, when it is put in its due place, that is, after a man hath once closed with Christ as the principal engager, and then vows, thro' his grace, and under the covert of his engagement, from gratitude, to serve the Lord, and walk in his ways : But for all other kinds of engagements, let us know, that God will take none of our bonds without a surety. And we are blind, if we do not see that our credit is forfeited. Look to our national engagements, covenant, and SOLEMN LEAGUE; and I believe our national credit is forfeited and broken: Never a nation was more folemnly engaged to God, and yet never any national engagement was more folemnly broken and buried; the credit of our ministers and people, of our nation and church, sunk into the depth of defection, division, error, security and carnal compliances. And whereas our forefathers transmitted to us their posterity, precious truths, and pure confessions of faith, worthy of the name of reformers; how are we like to transmit to our posterity a world of trash and lumber, instead of precious treasure; while, among other things, old reformation-principles and doctrines are like to be carried down to succeeding generations after us, under the notion of wildness, new schemes, and Antinomian-cant. And as we ought to be humbled this day for the breach of our national covenant and solemn league; so we may see what is necessary, in order to the reviving of a covenanted work of reformation, and of our solemn engagements, even that the generation be brought to acquaintance with Christ, as the very first engager in their stead; and then, that, under the acceptable covert of his engagement, they come under obligations, thro? his

grace, grace, to approach unto God, by returning to him and to their duty. O that the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ, were poured out for this end! However, as our national engagements are fadly broken, fo look to your baptismal engagements, your communion-engagements, and all your other particular engagements to duty, and see, that as our national, so our personal credit is forfeited ; for an evil heart of unbelief causes our departure from the living God, every moment. And this is such an universal disease, that there is not one of Adam's race that God can now trust without a surety, nor allow to approach to him without a mediator. · 2dly, Hence see the glorious excellency of Christ, and the sufficiency of this wonderful engager for his people, in that he was able to approach to an offended God, and able to stand there in the finners stead, and to plead for their good; able to stand the trial of infinite holiness and impartial justice, and where nothing was to be forgiven; was able to satisfy all that the law and justice could demand, and to finish every thing that was necessary to be done in reference to man's salvation and the work of redemption. O see his glory, see his glory! O glorious engager, glorious approacher! Behold his glory, and the glory of God in him! If you see any thing of this glory to captivate you, then the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in your hearts,' to give the light of the knowledge of his glory in the face of Jesus Christ.

3dly, Hence fee, what is the gospel-way of a finner's engaging to duty, and approaching to God: Why, it is just to take on with this engager, and so to engage under him; and to take on with this


engaged for all; he is able to answer all that you can lay, and therefore let all challengers and him make up matters betwixt them. In a word, right

engagement is to engage upon Christ's engagement. 'What is that? It is just, as it were, to lay a wager upon Christ's head. I'll wager upon his head, that I'll get to heaven, in spite of all the devils in hell; I'lì wager upon his head, that the head of the serpent shall be bruised; I'll wager upon his head, that fin shall not have dominion over me, I'll wager upon his head, that I shall perform duty, and do all things thro' him strengthning me; I'll wager upon his head, that my sins shall be forgiven me, as the Jews, you know, confessed their fins upon the head of the facrifice shadowing Christ. And what was the gospel of it? Why, when it was done in the faith of Christ the great facrifice, it was in effect to say, I'll wager upon the head of this sacrifice, that as it is sufficient for the expiation of my sins, so all my sins shall be pardoned upon this ground. What say you, man? Will you venture all that concerns your holiness and happiness, grace and glory, duty and dignity; will you venture all upon Chrift? Will you wager and engage upon his head? Then in God's name you Thall gain the day. But here is also a test of right approaching to God in all duties and ordinances, and at a communion-table; why, it is just as it were a coming to the chamber of divine presence, so as to come in at Christ's back, setting him before you as the firít approacher to usher you in; I am the way, and no man cometh to the Father but by me. It is to come to God in the faith of Christ's having approached to him before you, and to come boldly, never fearing that his infinite holiness shall


dath such a filthy finner, nor that his infinite jura tice shall confound such a guilty sinner. Why, your usher, that hath gone before you to the presence of this holy and just God, hath before gratified his holiness, and satisfied his justice. Here, I say, you see the right engaging, and right approaching.

Athly, and Lastly, Passing all other inferences that might be drawn from the doctrine; hence fee the duty of all that hear this gospel, and what the Lord is calling you to this day; it is even this, that your Heart be engaged to approach unto him, whose heart was engaged to approach unto God in your stead ; that so, approaching heartily to Christ, you may approach confidently to God in him ; for there is no approaching to God but by taking Christ by the way. O then, let your hearts be engaged to approach unto Christ; this is the very design of all that we have been saying, even to engage your hearts to the Son of God. And, O Sirs, what in all the world will engage your hearts, if the engaged heart of Christ do it not? He is come here this day to court your hearts, the very heart of a Saviour is come down to court the heart of a sinner, and to court you with this argument, that his heart is so much upon you, that he engaged his heart to approach unto God in your stead. Away with the devil's logick, May be it was not for me that Christ engaged, nor for me that be approached to God, for there is but a fele&t number, that were elected from eternity, for whom he engaged and approached. In order to shut this objection out of the way, let me tell you, firs, that secret things belong to God, but to us the things that are revealed. Let an infinitely wise God answer for his own decrees, as well as he can; but you dare


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