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bringing fin to the thoughts, but to the act, for putting some blot upon your walk and converfation? Does not fad experience thew you, that it is hard to dance about the fire, and not be burnt ; and that the temptation, which at a distance feemed small, upon a nearer approach you have found had more bands on your heart than you could have dreamed it would have had ; and how impossible it is many times to stop the current, to which through unwatchfulnefs you have given a vent? Does not sad experience witness, how the power and prevalency of corruption hath consumed the vitals of your spiritual life, and tumbled you down headlong into confusion ; especially when you have given conscience a wramp, by doing violence to light, in fiding with the enemies, and adventuring on the occasions of a temptation ? When you have gone with Peter to the high-priest's hall, without a warrant or a call, hath it not cost you dear, insomuch that you have found bold finning hath made faint besieving, and turned all your comfort to the door, leaving nothing behind but bitterness and death? Do you not find your sins have a weakning, captivating, vexing and tormenting power ? But many fad experiences of this sort, and thousands of them in theit life-time, may even the Ifrael of God have, whereby they find, to their colt, the nations of corruptions are alive and powerful; as this gradual conqueft by little and little declares. . (2.) It shows also, that they have inany fweet experiences on the other hand of little fuccours and auxiliaries, fupplies from heaven, whereby the enemy is driven out and destroyed from time to time, and this all the days of their life alio, till the warfare be accomplished at death. I am fpeaking of these that have been brought to the field of battle, as I showed before ; and how the Lord by little and little makes the nations of lusts sometimes to flee before them: But by how many littles in the believer's life-time this warfare is carried on, who can tell? And how many little recoveries, little reviv, ings, little supplies, little supports, little strengthning meals, little fin-killing antidotes, little soulrestoring cordials ; how many of these little sweet things, or sweet little things, the Lord their God allows them from time to time, that by little and little they may win the day, it is not possible to telt, they are so many. The poor fighting believer may get a thousand of them in a year, and ten thousands of them in his lifetime, and perhaps more than half a score of them at one communion, Sometimes he gets a little new discovery of the glorious captain, after he hath been long out of sight, and hiding himself: And a new light of the glory of the Lord fills the Israelite's hearts with new life and courage, and hope of prevailing; for then he sees Christ to be a full magazine of all military provision, and an open magazine to give out armour for the war; and fo he becomes Atrong in the


Lord, and in the power of his might. Indeed, so many little glances of the glory of Christ that the believer gets, so many little victories does he get over the enemy. Again, sometimes he gets a little out-pouring of the spirit of prayer, and of the spirit of adoption, crying, Abba Father ; O Father, may he fay, pity a poor child, harrassed with the devil, and captivated by the power of indwelling lufts and corruptions. O but ihis give the believer a little ease and relief, when he can get his heart poured Ff 3


out into the bofom of his best and most glorious friend, complaining of the tyranny of the tempter, and the prevailing of the nations. Here is a little victory, when he gets a little grace to put the enemies of his soul into the hands of his captain, faying, Vengeance, Lord; vengeance be executed upon these enemies, that dishonour thy name, and disturb the peace of my soul. Again, sometimes he gets a little discovery of the enemy's power and policy, and strongest holds ; fo as, knowing the depths of Satan, and not being ignorant of his devices, the believer is thereby put in case to be upon his guard: And especially he is made to see and observe the old man of sin, that deadly cut-throat, that lies within his bolom ; and while he is bemoaning himself with Ephraim, and crying out with Paul, O wretched man that I am, wbo fball deliver me from this body of death? The enemy is losing ground. Again, sometimes he gets a little communication of life, after a deadness of spirit that seized him; and a little recovery, after a fit of the falling-sicknels and backliding: And the new communication of life and health to the soul, makes him start up to his feet again, and pursue the enemy with more vigour and resolution than ever ; like a man that grows stronger after his sickness than he was before. Indeed that spiritual sickness of the believer is not unto death, but unto the glory of God; which his being recovered from, makes him oghe more couragiously, and watch more carefully

at the enemy than ever he did. Again, some

is be gets a little hold of a promise, such as f i fubdue thine iniquity; fin shall not bave

od vrhs Bakery year thee; fear not, for I am with thee,


The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly : And, having these promises, he is encouraged to the holy war, namely, to cleanse himself from all filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit, &c. Why, the promise lays hold on his heart, and his heart lays hold on the promise, and therein he sees that the strength of Israel is engaged to carry him through the host of his enemies. And thus, every little hold of a promise by faith, is a little victory; there needs no more to give a chase to the enemy, than a little upstirring of faith on a promising God in Christ, and dependance on him under the conduct of his spirit.” Again, sometimes he gets a little grace to wait upon the Lord while the promise is not yet accomplished, until he bring forth judgment unto victory; and the Lord is a God of judgment, blessed are all they that wait for him ; be that believes Mall not make baste; knowing the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong : And hence the believer will find that his strength is to fit still, and quietly to wait for the salvation of the Lord. Again, sometimes he gets a little godly sorrow, that works repentance unto life: Gospel-repentance, ifsuing from a sight of a crucified Christ, brings along with it a train of artillery for subduing the enemy, 2 Cor. vii. 11. What carefulness does it work, says the apostle ; yea, what clearing of ourselves ; yea, what indignation ; yea, what fear ; yea, what vehement depre; yea, what zeal; yea, what revenge ? When the heart is melting before the Lord in godly sorrow, O what revenge is it meditating against the nations of lusts and corruptions ! O how glad would the believer be then to wash his hands in the blood of all his spiritual enemies ! For at the same time Ff 4


he gets a little resentment of his own ingratitude, faying, O do I thus requite the Lord, o foolish and unwise? A little holy shame and blushing before the Lord, at the thoughts of his own brutishness, saying, behold, I am vile; and a little soul-debasement, cafting indignity upon himself, and giving glory to the Lord, saying, Truth, Lord, I am a dog, I am a beast, I am a devil; but yet I come to thee, to cast out the devil, and get glory to thy name. Further, sometimes he gets a little intimation of peace and pardon, a little sprinkling of the blood of Christ upon the conscience, to purge it from dead works; and a little application of that blood by the hand of the spirit, thewing him that the blood of Christ cleanseth from all fin: And this bloody banner of the lamb, being displayed, makes the nations to flee before him; They overcome by the blood of the lamb. Sometimes they get a little opening of the heart, like Lydia, at the hearing of the word; infomuch that their hearts, that were dead within them like a stone, before they are aware take life and need fire, with a word of grace, a word of power; and the more the heart opens to let in the king of glory, the more is the enemy fhut out. Sometimes they get a little freedom and boldness at the throne of grace, when they come thither to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. And when there they get a little strength to wrestle with the Lord for a blessing, saying, Lord, I will not let thee go, till theu bless me; they get even power with God himself, as it is said of facob, Hof. xii. 4. He had power over the angel, and prevailed. And when a man is an overcomer in this senie, to have power with God; much more will be have power over the nations of enemier, Rev. ii. 26. To

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