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7. Perhaps you may fall under the melancholy fears and apprehensions, that thou shalt be so left of God, as to prove an apostate in the end. Well, look up to the bow of the covenant about the throne, and thou wilt find security against that also. Phil. i. 6. He that hath begun the good work in thee will perform it until the day of Christ. The righteous fall hold on his way, and be that hath clean bands shall wax stronger and pronger. Grace and glory are connected by the covenant so inseparably, that they can never be divorced. Pfal. Ixxxiv, 11. The Lord will give grace and glory:

8. Perhaps you may in a little time fall under a melancholy deadness and indisposition of heart; the Spices of the garden, that seem now to be sending out their smell, may wither, and thou may be crying, I am a dry tree : Well, in that case look up to the throne of grace, and thy glorious head fitting on the throne; and thou wilt see thy life in him : Our life is bid with Christ in God; because I live, ye shall live also; after two days he will revive us, and in the third day we shall live in his fight. I will be as the dew to Ísrael, and they shall revive as the corn. Hof. vi. and xiv. Chapters...

9. Perhaps the terrors of death may shortly take hold on thee, poor believer ; the dark curtains of the grave, and the shadows of the land of forgetfulness, may begin to stretch themselves upon thee: 0! what shall be done in that case? I answer, even in that case, look up and take hold of the bow of the covenant surrounding the throne; as David did when his latter end was approaching. Tho' my house be not fo with God; yet be bath made with me an ever. lasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure: And this is all my salvation and all my desire. The same


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holy man, Psal. xxiii, viewing the covenant, and God engaged to be with him in death, cries out, ver. 4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of death, jet I will fear no evil: For thou art with me, thy rod and staff Mall comfort me : See a sweet promise of the covenant to this purpose, Hof. xii. 14. I will ransom' them from the power of the grave: I will redeem them from death: O death, 1 will be thy plague ; O grave, I will be thy destruction.

But after all you may perhaps say, these things may yield excellent support and relief to the believer that has taken hold of God's covenant; and got within the arches of the bow; but I fear I am none of these. An answer to this leads me to the last use of the doctrine ; which I do not design to enlarge upon at present : Only let me exhort and call all hearing me, whether believers or unbelievers, to put this matter out of doubt, presently without delay, by taking hold of God's covenant, here reprelented by the rainbow surrounding the throne in colour like an emerald. Sirs, you cannot lay hold on the natural rainbow with the hands of your body; but when you see it, you may lay hold on God's covenant with Noah by an act of trust, or believing, that God, according to that covenant will deliver you from a deluge of water : Well, do the same in the present case ; take hold of God's covenant of grace, and his faithfulness therein engaged through Christ for your deliverance and freedom from the deluge of eternal wrath, which threa

tens to swallow you up for ever and ever. But I go · no further at present.


At Abernethie, Saturday and Sabbath

July 5th and 6th 1728.

Rev. iv. 3.. - And there was a rainbow round about the throne,

in hght like unto an emerald.

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I Proceed to the last use which I designed to
I make of the doctrine, viz. in a way of exhor-
tation. Is it so that the covenant of grace and
the faithfulness of God engaged therein is like a
rainbow round about the throne in colour like an eme-
rald? Then my exhortation to all hearing me, is
to answer the design, and improve this manifesta-
tion and display of the grace of God: Why has
he set the rainbow of his covenant round about his
throne? Is it not to encourage finners, who are
far off, to come and enter in within God's covenant,
and take hold of his faithfulness pledged therein,
that they may obtain grace and find mercy at a throne
of grace to belp them in time of necd? Sirs, when
you see the bow in the clouds, you remember God's
covenant with Noah, and believe that you are safe
against a second deluge of water, not for any good
deed done by you to deserve such a thing, but be-"
cause of the veracity of God pledged in his cove-
nant with Noah: So when you see the bow of the



covenant about a throne of grace, improve it as a security against the deluge of wrath, which was stopped and recalled upon the fatisfaction and death of Chrift: Improve it, I say, for this and all the other blessings that lie wrapt up in the large bosom thereof.

But that I may set this exhortation in a clearer light, I shall endeavour through divine assistance, 1. To Thew what the rainbow of the covenant of grace is a sign of. 2. Shew what it is to improve this rainbow of the covenant. 3. What are these blessings or privileges that lie within the circle of this rainbow, and of which the soul comes to be porsessed either in part or in whole, that moment that it takes hold of God's covenant. 4. Who they are that may warrantably come within the compass of this rainbow. 5. Roll away some impediments or stumbling stones that lie in the way of the finner, and which have a fatal influence to discourage them from taking the benefit of the rainbow of the covenant which is about the throne. 6. Offer a few advices, in order to your improving the rainbow of the promise or covenant, for your safety against the deluge of wrath that threatens you upon the account of fin.

The first thing proposed is to enquire what this rainbow of the covenant is a sign of? You know the rainbow in the vilible heavens is a lign of something; and so is this spiritual rainbow of the covenant, As,

1. It is a sign that the first covenant is broken, and that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth; for which cause the fountains of the great deep of God's wrath were opened like a mighty jea, sweeping ail Adam's family to the bottomless

pit. When we see the bow in the heavens, we re. member the flood of Noah, which was sent to take vengeance upon the old world for their fin; so when we view the rainbow of the covenant, we should remember the flood of divine wrath and vengeance, that is broken out against the whole family and race of mankind. O firs, the broad flying roll of the curse of God is gone forth over the face of the whole earth, because of the sin of man. Gal. ii 10. Cursed is every one that continuetb not in all things, written in the book of the law, to do them. Remember this when you see the bow of the covenant of grace round about the throne of grace.

2. This rainbow of the covenant is a sign that a ransom is found out, and that the sacrifice of our great Noah is accepted ; that God has smelled a swet favour in the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. You know the rainbow was set up in the heavens, after God had accepted of Noah's facrifice ; and when we see God's bow in the clouds, we remember this : so, when we look upon a covenant of grace, we ought to remember the death and satisfaction of Jesus, as the very ground and foundation of God's dealing with finners in a way of grace. When we behold the covenant, we should behold the blood of the covenant, behold the red streams of this rainbown, Zech. ix. 11. By the blood of thy covenant, I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit, wherein there was no water. i have read that in Holland, where most of their country is taken off the sea by strong dykes, if the sea, at any time hap. pen to make a breach, whereby the country is in danger of being laid under water, any man that observes the breach, is by the law of the country or dered to stop the breach, if posible though it were



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