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the faints do flee and are safe : See what his name is, Exod. xxxiv. 6. his name is the Lord, The Lord God 7EHOVAH EL, the strong God, able to do for thee exceeding abundantly above what thou can ask or think : He stretched out the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth, and does whatever pleases him in the armies of heaven, and arnong the inhabitants of the earth, and therefore is able to do for thee whatever thou askest of him, yea, more than thou can alk. Abraham by faith stayed himself upon the power of a promising God without staggering, Rom. iv. 20. *Again his name is merciful, and therefore may thou say, will he not answer his name, and extend mercy, considering that misery is the only proper object of mercy, and I am wretched, miserable, blind, and poor, and naked. David's faith found footing in this name of a God in Christ, when he could not stand before the bar of the law. Pfal. cxxx. 4. But there is mercy with thee that thou mayest be feared. Again, his name who sits upon the throne within the rainbow is gracious, and it is the very nature of grace, as I said, to give and to give freely : Grace is that attribute of the divine nature which shall be cele. brated through eternity ; this world is but a theatre on which he designs the manifestations of his grace. May not this encourage thee to go within the circuit of the rainbow, and ask grace and mercy to help thee in time of need. Unbelief indeed will tell thee, That the Lord has forgotten to be GRACIOUS; but it is not so, for he cannot forget his own name. Unbelief will tell thee that thou art unworthy of his grace, and this will hinder thee from succeeding; but that cannot be neither, for

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grace is most grace when it is extended to the most unworthy. Thus, I say, draw encouragement from the name of him that fits upon the throne within the rainbow.

7. It is for the honour and glory of God, that you improve the rainbow of the covenant for your security against the deluge of wrath, and for obtaining the blessings that lie within the bosom thereof; hereby ye glorify his power, being persuaded, that he is able to make good what he has promised; hereby you glorify his holiness, which is pledged to the great covenant-head, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness; pledged in the covenant to him and his seed: Hereby you glorify his justice by acquiescing in that righteousness or justice, which is the foundation of his throne; hereby you glorify his mercy, and join with him in saying, Mercy fall be built up for ever; hereby you glorify his truth and faithfulness, by setting to the seal that God is true : In a word, you give him the glory of your falvation, saying, Salvation to bim that fitteth upon the throne, and to the lamb for ever and ever; the language of faith is, Not to us, not to us : but to thy name be the glory.

Thus you see that there is noble encouragement, and the best warrants in the world for believing, or coming within this bow of the covenant: O then, firs, for the Lord's fake, and for your own soul's fake, flee in within the rainbow that is about the throne; believe in Christ by virtue of the covenant of grace and promise; and if after all you will not comply, I will declare in the name of God, that the bow of God's covenant shall stand you in no stead. The faithfulness of God that is engaged to save the

finner that believes, or takes hold of his covenant, is engaged to damn the soul that continues in un· belief; for as he that believeth Mall be saved, fo be

that believeth not shall be damned. The fountains of -the great depth of God's wrath will inevitably sweep

you away: And he who is the God of salvation has faid, That he will wound the bead of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of them that go on in their trefpasses.

The fifth thing proposed was to roll away some impediments, or stumbling stones, that lie in the way of finners, and which have a fatal influence in discouraging them to take the benefit of the rainbow of the covenant, which surrounds the throne of grace." There are some things on God's part, that appear as great and strong bars against the finner, and tend mightily to discourage him from looking either to the throne or the bow that surrounds it, viz. the law of God, the justice of God, the holiness of God, and the decree of God. : 1. The law of God. O, says the finner, I am condemned already by God's law, and how then shall I look towards God's covenant, or take hold of it for my safety against the deluge of wrath ?

Anfw. If thou had not broken the divine law, thou . would not stand in need of the grace of God's covenant; the law is so far from being against the promise in the business of salvation, that that moment thou takes hold of Christ by virtue of the covenant or promise, the righteousness of the law is fulfilled in thee; For Christ is the end of the law for rightea oufness to every one that believeth. Christ was made under the law, to redeem them that were under the


2. But 0, says the finner, the justice of God is against me, the thoughts of incensed justice make my heart to tremble within me. Ans. The throne of grace that is furrounded with the bow of the covenant is founded upon justice fatsified and judgment executed upon the surety; and that moment thou comes within the bond of the covenant, justice becomes thy friend, afsoiling thee on the ground of Christ's satisfaction: For God has set forth Christ to be a propitiation thro'faith in his blood, to thew forth his righteousness for the remiffion of fins, that he might be just, and the justifier of him that believeth in Jesus.

3. The holiness of God sometimes scares the finner to look toward the throne of grace, or covenant of grace. But, firs, I tell you, that that moment you come within the bow of the covenant, you are made partakers of his holiness, and the holiness of God being laid in pledge for the fulfilling of the promise, stands up for its own interest in the finner's behalf. And beside, by the blood of Jesus, the filth of fin is covered from the eyes of unspotted holiness, as well as the guilt of it hid from the eye of incensed justice. · 4. The finner is ready to be scared from taking hold of God's covenant, and his faithfulness engage ed therein on the account of the decrees of God. , will the finner say, it is true, if I were among the number of the elect, I might meddle with God's covenant: But alas, I think I am none of these, and therefore I need not think of taking hold of Christ by virtue of his covenant. But, firs, let me tell you, that secret things belong to the Lord, but things that are revealed to us and to our children: let God's de.


crees, alone, you have no more business with them in the matter of believing, than you have to trouble yourself with what they are doing in Mexico or Peru. Meddle you with the things that are revealed, for these are the things that belong to us and to our children. Now what are the things that are revealed? Christ is revealed, the covenant and the promises are revealed as the ground of faith, the command of God enjoining you to believe is revealed; God's good-will to man upon earth is revealed; these are the things that belong to you, and therefore meddle you with these, and let not the devil and your own ill heart together brangle and confound you, by telling you that you do not know if you be elected, for that moment you come within the bond of God's covenant, you know your. election, and that God hath loved you with an everlasting love: And no other way can you poffibly know it. But besides all this, let me tell you, that God's promise register-. ed in his word, is but an extract of the eternal thought and purpose of his heart; so that by believing his promise immediately you may know that you are the called according to his purpose.

But may the finner say, though there be no bar on God's part, yet there are many bars and impediments on my part. I fall endeavour to roll away these also, by answering the following objections of unbelief..

Objection 1. “ I am a poor unworthy creature, I “ dare not think of meddling with God's covenant.Answer, It is a bastard devilish humility, that keeps you from believing, for the more unworthy you are of the grace and favour of God, the more fit you are for receiving the grace of God at a throne of


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