The British Essayists;: Adventurer

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J. Johnson, J. Nichols and son, R. Baldwin, F. and C. Rivington, W. Otridge and son, W.J. and J. Richardson, A. Strahan, R. Faulder, ... [and 40 others], 1808

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الصفحة 217 - The gates of hell are open night and day ; Smooth the descent, and easy is the way : But, to return, and view the cheerful skies — In this the task and mighty labour lies.
الصفحة 205 - He looked round with a smile of complacency ; perceiving that though it was mean it was neat, and though I was poor I appeared to be content. As his habit was that of a pilgrim, I hastened to receive him with such hospitality as was in my power ; and my cheerfulness was rather increased than restrained by his presence.
الصفحة 260 - To clothe the naked, to feed the hungry, and to comfort the afflicted, can be duties to those only who are placed where the account of Providence with Vice and Virtue is kept open, and the mite of human benevolence may be accepted for either ; as the balance is deferred till hereafter, and will at last be stated with the utmost precision and impartiality.
الصفحة 248 - Now, therefore, be not offended ; I boast of no knowledge that I have not received ; as the sands of the desert drink up the drops of rain, or the dew of the morning; so do I also, who am but dust, imbibe the instructions of the Prophet. Believe then that it is he who tells thee, all knowledge is prophane, which terminates in thyself; and by a life wasted in speculation, little even of this can be gained.
الصفحة 244 - ... and resolved to relinquish the toil of government, of which he could no longer enjoy the reward. He, therefore, obtained...
الصفحة 58 - I am afraid that the stale jest on our sober citizens gave rise to so many horns in the public streets ; and the number of castles floating with the wind, was probably designed as a ridicule on those erected by soaring projectors. Tumble-down Dick, in the borough of Southwark, is a fine moral on the instability of greatness and the consequences of ambition ; but there is a most ill natured sarcasm against the fair sex, exhibited on a sign in Broad St.
الصفحة 247 - Heaven also supply thee with food ; when that which prevents thee from procuring it for thyself, is not necessity, but devotion ? I was now so confident of a miraculous...
الصفحة 244 - Mirza then bowed himself to the earth, and stood silent. By the command of Abbas it is recorded, that at these words he trembled upon the throne, at the footstool of which the world pays homage ; he looked round upon his nobles ; but every countenance was pale, and every eye was upon the earth. No man opened his mouth ; and the king first broke silence after it had continued near an hour.
الصفحة 247 - I was now so confident of a miraculous supply, that I neglected to walk out for my repast, which, after the first day, I expected with an impatience that left me little power of attending to any other object : this impatience, however, I laboured to...
الصفحة xxx - Pope; a book which teaches how the brow of criticism may be smoothed, and how she may be enabled, with all her severity, to attract and to delight.

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