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fore this board received information that anything suspicious was there.

One of our most experienced inspectors was sent at once, but he was unable to induce either the town or the county authorities to take any interest in the matter, although he found a number of cases well marked, in the contagious stage, on the street and lounging about the depot platform. As Lebanon Junction is the end of the Knoxville Division of the L. & N. Railroad, where many of the employes get their lay-off, and as the principal boarding-houses were within 30 feet of the stopping place for many of the passenger trains, it is an important town from a smallpox standpoint. The executive officer went to the place in person, upon the failure of the inspector to interest the authorities or people, and he was equally unsuccessful, although he had learned in the meantime that the disease had already been carried from this point to Horse Cave, Corbin and into Nelson. He met one man on the street starting off with a fishing party, who was covered with scabs, and found that others had been going about in the same manner, and that a majority of the people and officials could not be induced to adopt any efficient measures either to stamp out the disease in the town or for the protection of the traveling public, which was more or less constantly exposed while trains stood at the depot for the transfer of passengers.

Believing that the conditions existing there so seriously endangered a large portion of the State as to demand immediate action, this officer took the first train for Louisville, calling a meeting by wire, and the following was at once issued:

“Proclamation by the State Board of Health.

"Bowling Green, Ky., April 17, 1899. "Whereas, It has come to the knowledge of this board that smallpox is epidemic at Lebanon Junction, Bullitt county, Kentucky, that practically all the inhabitants and railroad employes at that place have been exposed to said disease, and that very many of them are not only unprotected by vaccination, but appear not to appreciate the importance of this and the other recognized precautions to be used against this disease; and,

"Whereas, The conditions and railroad connections of this place are such as to endanger the health and business interests of a large portion of the State;

"Now, therefore, be it known, That the State Board of Health, in the exercise of the authority vested in it by law, hereby declares the town and suburbs of Lebanon Junction, and each of the inhabitants thereof, temporary and permanent, to be in quarantine, and, under the


Figure 10-A Case of moderate severity. Might have been con.

tracted from a case like Figure 9.


Figure 4–A case from Robertson County. Mild.

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