Geschichte der Revolution in England: von der Thronbesteigung Karl's I. bis zu seinem Tode

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الصفحة 372 - Chosen of heaven ! to glory you' re rising. Ragged and treacherous, Lousy and lecherous, Objects of misery, scorning and laughter ; Never, 0 happy race ! Magnified so was grace ; Host of the righteous ! rush to the slaughter ! Hogg, Jacobite Relics of Scotland, i., 5, 161 XV.
الصفحة 370 - March, march, pinks of election ! Why the devil don't you march onward in order ? March, march, dogs of redemption : Ere the blue bonnets come over the border. You shall preach, you shall pray, You shall teach night and day ; You shall prevail o'er the kirk gone a whoring ; Dance in blood to the knees, Blood of God's enemies ! The daughters of Scotland shall sing you to snoring.
الصفحة xvii - History of Scotland from the Union of the Crowns to the Union of the Kingdoms (1802).
الصفحة 372 - Fife-men and pipers braw, merry deils, tak them a', Gown, lace, and livery — lickpot and ladle ; Jockey shall wear the hood, Jenny the sark of God — For codpiece and petticoat, dishclout and daidle.
الصفحة 268 - Monarchy asserted to be the best form of government, in a conference at Whitehall between Oliver Cromwell and a committee of parliament ;' published in London, in 1660, 8vo.
الصفحة 370 - ... march, dregs of all wickedness ! Glory that lower you can't be debased ; March, march, dunghills of blessedness! March and rejoice for you shall be raised Not to board, not to rope, But to faith and to hope ; Scotland's athirst for the truth to be taught her ; Her chosen virgin race, How they will grow in grace, Round as a neep, like calves for the slaughter ! III. March, march, scourges of heresy! Down with the kirk and its whilieballeery ! March, march ! down with supremacy And the kist fu...

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