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look over the various works I had found relating to the Sibyls, and was very much struck with one which contained illustrations of the twelve Sibyls. This work was in French and Latin, published in 1586, fol.: Sibyllarum duodecim: Les Oracles des douze Sibyls, Lat. & French. These I have had reproduced, and they will be found in the present work. He also copied many of the Latin verses which will be also found in this work. The greater portion of the information I gathered from foreign books, for the English writers do not seem to have taken much interest in this subject, no doubt because it would entail too much research; for in this age of hurry and money-making, work is not done for the sake of love of art, science, or literature, but for what it will bring quickly to the author or publisher.

I had then arrived at the part where I commenced the Sibylline Oracles themselves, or what has remained of them, translated from the Greek, when I had suddenly to leave England and proceed to Portugal, leaving the work uncompleted. My stay abroad proved of some length, and on my return, on asking the Canon about the book -for I had left all the materials with him-he replied that he had done nothing further after I left.

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the work and bring it out. them after a great search.

I have just found Shall I send them

over to you? or would you prefer coming here first to see them? We are all in great grief here. Pray for us, and believe me,-Yours truly in Christ,


It is in compliance with the Canon's dying request that I have continued and brought to a conclusion this work, which I have had printed and published at my own sole expense. I have

no doubt that the Canon's many friends whom he left sorrowing will be glad to possess copies of this book on a most interesting subject, and one scarcely ventured upon in the English language.

At the

At end of book will be found the sketches done by Canon White himself, and reproduced just as he left them. the life of each Sibyl is illustration will be seen of

At the part where given, a full-page the corresponding

Sibyl. These, as I said before, have been photographed from the French and Latin book above

mentioned, and are the designs which he had so much admired.

In the Museum, I found other foreign illustrated books on the Sibyls, but none of them appealed to the Canon's artistic taste as this one did. In arranging and bringing this work to a conclusion, I have endeavoured to carry out as faithfully as I could the scheme and plan of the work as he had laid out, for which reason I have omitted none of the Latin verses, which he himself had copied with the object of including them in the book, and, on receiving from Father Grant the parcel of MSS., I found that the whole had been typewritten and arranged as it occurs in the present issue.

The cover of the book is likewise Canon White's design, found among the sketches done by his hand, and coloured. It has been my desire to bring out this book on the Sibyls in time for the first anniversary of Canon White's saintly and glorious death. Glorious in the sight of God! as the last tribute of my respect and veneration which I could offer him, who, for the length of thirty-six years, had watched and guided me, through many difficult and bitter trials, with a prudent and safe hand. Now in death I lay in spirit this book at his feet; and as I firmly believe that he is in the enjoyment of the heavenly rewards promised to such as lead a noble, labori

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well-spent life, I pray to him to accept our of love, with all its deficiencies and es, and to plead for me at the throne of To such of his friends and other readers y peruse this book, I say to them,

Vale! Et ora pro me !




of the Annunciation,

March 1905.

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