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Belle assemblee.



Mary, LADY NAsmyth, the subject of our assumed its present designation cannot now present memoir, is the third daughter of Sir be ascertained : the Johnston Arms conJohn MARJORIBANKS, Baronet, of Lees, in the tinue, however, to be its ensigns. The county of Berwick, and was married in the name is derived from the lands of “ Matho year 1826, to Sir John Murray Nasmyth.* Marjorie Bankis,” so denominated in the The antiquity of the House of MARJORI- charter, by which King Robert Bruce conBanks is attested by the early records of ferred, in dower, upon his daughter Marjory, Scotland; and the history of that country the Barony of Matho. makes honourable mention of several of its Thomas MARJORIBANKS sat in Parliament members as representatives in the Scottish for Edinburgh in 1540, and was subseParliament. The family bore originally the quently appointed one of the Senators of the surname of JohNSTON ; at what period it College of Justice. The lineal descendant

of this learned person, * Sir John Nasmyth is representative of an ancient

Edward MARJORIBANKS, Esq. of Halland influential family, in the county of Peebles. yards, espousing Miss Lock, was father of

MICHAEL NASMYTH, Chamberlain of the Arch- John MARJORIBANKS, Esq., of Hallyards, bishopric of St. Andrews, a bold and faithful adherent of the ill-fated MARY STUART, arrayed under her

who wedded Catherine, daughter and coMajesty's banner at Langside, was lineal ances- heir of Ronald Campbell, Esq., of Kames

and Balerno, and was succeeded at his deSIR JAMES NASMYTH, of Posso, who was created a BARONET of Nova Scotia, 31st July, 1706. The grand

mise by his eldest son, son of this gentleman,

Edward MARJORIBANKS, Esq. of Hall. SIR JAMES NASmyth, third Baronet of Posso, yards, who inherited the estate of Lees, in wedded, in 1785, Eleanor, second daughter of John Murray, Esq. of Philiphaugh, in the county of Selkirk,

the county of Berwick, which previously derepresentative of one of the most eminent and ancient scended to a younger branch of the family, families in North Britain, being the sixteenth in a direct male line from Archibald de Moravia, a potent by James Pringle, the last survivor of the

and had been possessed in right of his mother Scottish Baron, whom King Edward I., in 1296, compelled to take the oath of fealty. By this lady, Sir Pringles of Torsonce. Mr. Marjoribanks James had Sir John Murray Nasmyth, the present espoused Grizzle, daughter of Archibald and fourth Baronet, and five daughters, viz. Elinor Margaret,

Stewart, Esq.t and had issue,

John, (Sir,) his successor.
Mary Christian, married to the late Captain James
Dalrymple Hamilton.

† This gentleman, who was provost and M. F. for

Edinburgh, during the rising of 1745, was committed Charlotte, married to David Anderson, Esq., of St. to the Tower in that eventful year, tried for high Germains.

treason, and acquitted.

tor of

Jane Anne.


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Campbell, a director, and twice chairman Charles, born 15th July, 1794, in the of the East India Company.

East India Company's Civil Service. Stewart, M. P. for Hythe.

David, born 2d April, 1797, a merchant Edward, a partner in the firm of Coutts & in London, Co.

Janet, married in 1816, to Robert ShuttleJames.

worth, Esq , of Gawthorp Hall, in the county Matilda.

of Lancaster, by whom (who is deceased,) The eldest son and heir,

she has an only daughter, Janer ShutSir John MarjoriBanks, twice Lord TLEWORTH, heiress to her father. Mrs. ShutProvost of Edinburgh, and M. P. for the tleworth: wedded, secondly, Frederick North, county of Berwick in 1818 and 1820, was Esq., of Rougham, in the county of Norfolk. created a Baronet, 6th May, 1815. He Rachael, married in 1823, to Josiah Nesbit, wedded, 15th April, 1791, Allison, eldest Esq. daughter of William Ramsay, Esq., of Barn- Agnes, married to Sir Edward Poore, ton, in the county of Midlothian, and has Baronet, of Rushall, and has issue. issue,

Mary, Lady NASMYTH. Edward, born 14th January, 1792.

Susan, married, in 1824, to Charles William, born 15th December, 1792, a Craigie Halkett, Esq., of Hall Hill, and captain in the naval service of the Hon. East Dumbarnie, both in the county of Fife, and India Company, who married Mary, eldest has issue. daughter of Henry Stone, Esq., banker, of the city of London.



Moon.-0 Sun, ere thou closest thy glo

rious career, (And brilliant thy wide course has been,) Delay and recount to my listening ear,

The things which on earth thou hast


SUN.-I saw, as my daily course I ran,
The various labours of busy man;
Each project vain, each ewprise high,
Lay open to my searching eye.
I entered the peasant's lowly door,
I shone on the student's narrow floor;
I gleamed on the sculptor's statue pale,
And on the proud warrior's coat of mail.
I shed my rays in the house of prayer,
On the kneeling crowds assembled there;
In gilded hall and tapestried room,
And cheered the dark cold dungeon's

With joy in happy eyes I shone,
And peace bestowed where joy was gone.
In tears upon the face of care,
In pearls that decked the maiden's hair,
I shone on all things, sad and fair.
But few the eyes that turned to Heaven,
In gratitude for blessings given ;
As on the horizon's verge I hung,
No hymn or parting lay was sung.
Moon.—Thou risest in glory, my journey

SUN.-Thou comest, O Moon, with thy

soft-beaming light,
To shine where my presence has been;
Then tell me, I pray thee, thou fair queen of

Wbat thou in thy travels hast seen.

Moon.-I shone on many a pillowed head,
On greensward rude and downy bed ;
I watched the infant's tranquil sleep,
Composed to rest so calm and deep :
The murderer in his fearful dream,
Woke starting at my transient gleam.
I saw, across the midnight skies,
Red flames from burning cities rise ;
And where, 'mid foaming billows roar,
The vessel sank to rise no more:
I heard the drowning sailor's cry,
For succour, when no help was nigh.
On mountain path, and forest glade,
The lurking robber's ambuscade,
I shone,-and on the peaceful grave,
Where sleep the noble and the brave.
To each and all my light I gave;
And as my feebler silver ray
Vanished before the dawn of day,
In vain I lent my willing ear,
One word of gratitude to hear.
Sun.-We still travel onward our task to

is o’er; Alternate our gifts we bestow; Yet seldom bebold we the hearts that adore

The Source whence all benefits flow.

Till time shall be reckoned po more;
When all shall acknowledge the Sovereign

That made them to love and adore.


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