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known the Power of thy Divinity, and proved thyself the true Messias, keep me
ftedfast in this Faith ; and grant, that all the Actions of my Life may testify the
Rc lity and Sirc rity of my Belief, hy a luitable Conversation ; that I may rise
from the Death of Sin unto the Life of Righte vulness; that as I am buried with
the hy Faptiim, I may hencefor h inortify all my corrupt Lults and Affections, and
d.lv proceed in all Virtue and Gd iness of Living, that duparting this Lite in thy
Faith an Fear, I may bave a perfect Contummation and Bliss, both in Body and
S. u, in thy eternal everlasting Kingdon, who livest and rignest with the Father
and te H ly Ghost, one God, World without End. Annen.
Sos Pjulm 11. Ivii. cxi.

Wbitíunday, and fix Days after.
Lord my God, who, by thy Son our Saviour Jesus Chrift, hast promised the

Atlistance o thy Holy Spirit 10 all that ask it of thee, 1 bulecch thee always to direct my Ways and Actions, the thoughts ani Intention of ny Heart, by the light I thy Holy Spirit. Let him be unto me a Spirit of Sanctification, to purify by cc rupt Natur ; a Spirit of Counsel in all my Difficuitits; of Direction in all

eurs an:i Scruples; of Courage in all my Jangers; of Constancy C:noiation to me under ail iny Persecutions and Sifferings, especially in li e of S.ckness, and at the Hour of Death; that being governed and guided by his divine influ: nce and Direction, I may pats through all the Changes and Chancês of this morcal lile, «ill he brings me to ever afting Life, there to reign with the ever-bleffi d and glisiou. I'rinity, World without End. Amin. Sec Palm xxxiv. xlil, sisii. li.

Lory be to thee; O God the Father, for creating me after thine own Image,

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a Stite e f Sin an 1 Milesy, when I had loft and undone mvtėlf.--Glory be to thee O God th Son, for undertaking the wondertul Work of Man's Redemption, for relcuing me from the Slavery of sin, and the Dominiɔn of Satan; for the acc implishing which iniraculous Wrk of our salvation, thou didst descend trom Heaven, a.d didft put on the Form of a vervant, I've a miserable Life, nd die a painitul and accursed Death (ory be to thee, O God he Holy Gholt, for those miraculous Gifts and Graces thou Ja It bestow upon the Apostles, and for thote ordinary Guts, wh rebv fincere Christians in all Ages are enabled to work out their Salvation ; for thy prevent ng and rest aining Grace; for the tu duing our understandings and affections to the Obedience of Faith' and Godliness for inspiring us with good Thoughts and kindling goor Delires in our Souls; tor aslifting us in all the Methods of procuring eternal happincis.--Blessing und Honour, Thanksgiving and Praire, nore than I can express or conceive, be unto thee, O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, tog

Sce Pjaim ii. xlvi. lxxii. cx.

ever and ever

After the Blessing, namely The Peace of God.


Partakers of the holy Sacrament, may obtain Remission of our Sins, and be ccrificed in Piety towards God, and in Charity towards our Neighbour; and

may be delivered from the Power and Temptations of Satan, and being filled with thy Spirit, may become worthy Members of Christ's Holy Church, and at last inherit eiernal Life, through the same our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. .

A Ilanksgiving after the Sacrament, to be said at Home. HOU, O my God, hait comforted my Soul, thou hist strengthened and re

freshed me with thy Blesfings, and rejoiced my Heart with the Tokens of thy love. How transporting are thy Comforts, and how ravishing the Effects of thy Goodness towards them that fear thee! T'hou hast treated a vile Sinner at thy own Table, and fed me with the Bread that came down from Herven. In what am I better than those to whom thou dost not grant this Favour? It is not for my Merits, but because thou wilt be glorified in doing good to the most unworthy, thou hast this Day made me a happy Example of this thy free Grace and Bounty. Grant me this Favour also, O my God, that through the whole Course of my life I may give thec Praise and Glory; that the due sense of thy Mercies may make me unfeignedly thankful; and ihat my Thankfulness may appear in a Care to walk before thee in Holiness, Sobriety and Righteousness, all the Days of

A Prayer in private after receiving the Holy Communion. O

How plentiful is thy Goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear

thee, which thicu haft prepared for them that put their Trust in thy Mercy, even before the Sons of Men ! I praise and magnify thy great and glorious Name, O Lord, for all those manifold Mercies and Comforts which thou hast bestowed upon me, ever since I was born. O Lord God, who haft been my trust from my Youth, by thee have I been holden up from the Womb; my Praise shall continua'. ly be of thee : but above all, blessed and for ever blessed be thy holy. Name, for the Manifestaion of thy Son Jesus Christ, the Fountain and Foundation of all our Happiness, and for feeding me this day (who am unworthy of the least of thy Mcrcies) with the spiritual Food of his most precious Body and Blooj, to my great and endless Comfort. Enable me, O Lord, through thy gracious Affistance, to pero form the Conditions of that Sacramental Covenant which I have this day fo folemnly renewed and confirmed in thy Presence, and at thy Table, that through the Strength and Power of that heavenly Food I have there been Partaker of, I may daily grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of Christ Jesus, and abound in every good Word and Work. And subdue in me all those inordinate Lusts and corrupt Affections which war against my Soul ; purify my Mind from all evil Thoughts, bad Intentions, and evil Designs ; and suffer not Pride, Vain-glory,

iny Life.

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Self-love, Malice, Hatred, or Revenge, or any other Evil whatsoever, to reign in my mortal Body ; but do thou keep it for ever in the Purpose of my Heart, faithfully to fulfil these my Baptismal Vows and Resolutions which I have now again . renewed at thy holy Table ; that by persevering in all Virtu: and Holinels of Life, 1 may at length be an Inheritor of that infinite Happiness and Glory, which thou hast promised by Christ our Lord. Amen.

M O R N I N G PRAY E R. Pönder my Words, O Lord, confider my. Meditations: My Voice Malt thou hear

betimes, O Lord; carly in the Morning I will direct my Prayer unto thee, and will look up, Psal. v. 1, 3. Almighty God, who dwelling in the highest Heavens, yet vouchtafest to regard the lowest Creature here upon Earth, I humbly adore thy sacred Maj-sty, and with all the Powers of my Soul and Body do exalt and praise thy holy Name, for all the Mercies and Conforts of this Life, and for the Hopes and Assurance of a better ; for protecting me fro.n the Evils and Dangers of the Night past, and for bringing me fafe to the Light of a new Day; continue this thy Mercy and Gooine's to me, and as thou hast awakened my Body from Sleep, fo jaise my Soul from the Death of Sin unto a Life of Righteousness. Deliver me, O God, from the Evils of this Day, and guide my F et in the Paths of Peace and Holiness, and strengthen my Resolutions to embrace ali Opportunities of doing

Good, and carefully to avoid all occasions of Evil, especially those sich Sins a Sins * which by Nature and Inclina ion lam most likely to fall into :

And when through Frailty, or the Violence of any other Temptation, I

fail from my Duty, do thou in Mercy restore me again with a double Portion of thy Grace and holy Spirit, to maintain a more vigorous Defence against Satan and his Devices. Shower down thy Graces and Blellings upon all my Rela'ions, [on my Father and Mother, on my brethren and Sisters) on all my Friends, and give thy holy Angels Charge over thein, to protect them from all Sin and Danger. Make me diligent in the Duties of my Caliing, and that in all the Changes and Chancs of this Life, I may abl lutely submit ro thy divine Providence. Let thy Blesfings be upon my Actions, and let thy Wisdom direct my Intentions, that so the whole Course of my Life, and the principal Designs of my Heart, may be ordered by thy Governance to do always that is righteous in thy Sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. See lsalm . xvi. xvii. xxiii. Ixxxvi.


ET. my Pre", O Lord, be set forth as Incense and the lifting up of my Hand's

be as in déning Sacrifice, I'l.l. cxli. 2. O Lord our Heavenly Father, Almight Esitting God, whole Glory the H:aven of Heavens cannot contain, tock

imtu hrone of iny Mjeity, and behold thy unworthy Sirvant, tootei chy' Mercy-seat, humbly conlelling unto thee the Vanit. of my whole Lile; especially the Omiflions of my Duty and Com

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* Here name


millions of Sin * this Day, wherewith I have fo Iately 'offended thine particular Sins infinite Majesty and Goodness, and fo grievously wounded my own and Failings Soul : Of these and all other my Transgressions I most earnestly reof the Day

pent, and am hearlily torry for these my Mildoings; the Remembrance of them is grievous unto me, the Burden of them is intolerable: have Mercy upon me, most mercitul Father ; for ihy Son Jefus Christ's sake forgive me all that is past

, and accept of these my Prayers and Supplications, through the Merits ant Me. diation of the same our Mediator and redeemer. And although Iam unworthy, through my manifold Sins and Iniquities, to cffer unto thee any Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving, yet I beseech thee to accept of this my bounden Duty, with my un+ Here namne feigned thanks for all thy Goodness and loving-kindness to me and to all Bleffings" and mankind, † purely proceeding from thy Bounty, and wholly intented

for my good, and particularly for preserving me this Day in the miðst of to many Dangers incident to my Condition, and from so many Calamities as are due to my Sins. Thou art my Creator, O my God, and Prote&or ; thou art the ultimate End of my Bảing, and supreme Perfection of my Nature ; under the Shadow of thy Wings is perpetual Repole, and from the Light of thy Countenance flows eternal Joy and Felicity ; to whom be Glory and Honour, World without End.

Amen And thou, O Lord, by whom Kings reign, and Princes decree Justice, bllz our most gracious Sovereign Lord King George, our gracious Queen CHARLOTTE, her Royal Highneis the Princess Dowager of Wales, and all the Royal Family: All my Relations, Friends, and kind Benefactors. * let thy Providence

• Hese name fuccour them and theirs from all Evil and Danger, and do thou reward them feven told into their bo'om for all the god they have done or faid Perfịns. of me.

Be pleased likewise, O Lord, (in whose Hands are the issues of Life and Death) to succour, help and comfort all that are in Dangár, Necessity and Tribu

lation, all that Jabour under any bodiiy Pain, Sicknels, cr Tempta. those for whom tion + or are disturbed in Mind; relieve iuch according to thcir several our Prayers are N-cessities, giving them Patience under their Sufferings, and a happy

Issue out of all their Afflictions. Subdue in me the evil spirit of Wrath and Revenge, and dispose my Heart patiently to bear Reproaches and Wrongs and to be ready not only to forgive, but also to do Good for Evil, that all Men may know that I am Christ's Disciple. And, finally, O Lord, since thou hast ordained the Day to labour in, and the Night to take our Reft, as I praise thee for the Mere cies of the Day, fo humbly beg the Continuance of thy gracious. Protection over me this Nig! t. Let thy boly Angels pitch their ?ents about my Bed, that being Tafel. delivered from all Perils and Dangers of this Night, and comfortanly reireih ed with moderate Sleep, I may be enabled to discharge the Duties of my Calling, and faithfully to perievere in Holiness and Pureness of Living all the Days of ny Lite to iny Honour and Glory, through our only Mediator and Advocate, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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Grant that he may have power and frength to have victory, and to triumph against the devil, the world and the flesh. Amer..

Grant that whosoever is here dedicated to thee by our Office and Ministry, may also be endued with hea. venly virtues, and everlastingly rewarded, through thy mercy, O blessed Lord God, who doft live and govern all things, world without end. Ainen.

LMIGHTY and everliving God whose mot dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ, for the forgivness of oor they mould go teach all nations, and baptize them, In the Name of the Pather and of the Son, and of ihe Holy Ghoft; regard we beseech thee, the supplications of thy Congregation; fanctify this Water to the mystical washing away of fin: and grant that this child now to be baptized therein, may receive the folness of thy grace, and ever remain in the number of thy faithful and elect children, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thin the Prieft fall take the Child into his hands, and pull say to the Godfathers and Godmorhers.

Name this Child.
Ard eben naming it after them (if they pull certify him that the Child may well endure it) be foall dip it in the water

discreetly and warily, saying,
I baptize thee, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
But if they certify that the Child is oveak, it frull fuffice 10 pour water upon it, saying the aforesaid words.
I baptize thee, In the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of tae Holy Ghost. Arden.

Tken the Priest shall say,

E receive this Child into the congregation ot Clirist's flock, and co figa * him with the sign of the Cross

* Here the Priest fhall in token after tha: he shall not be asamed to confess the faith of Christ crumake a cross upon the cified, and manfully to fight here under his banner, against fin, the world, Child's forehead.

and the devil; and to continue Christ's faithful foldier and servant unto hs life's end Amen.

Then ball the Prief Jay. EEING now, dearly beloved brethren, that this Child is regenerate, and grafted into the body of Chrift's unto bim, that this Child may lead the rest of his life according to this beginning.

Tbenball be said all kneeling.
UR Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name ; Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in

earth, as it is in heaven : Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Then all the Prief Jay, WE

E yield the hearty thanks, mult merciful Father, that it hash pleased thee to regenerate this Infant

with thy Holy Spirit, to receive him for thine own Child by adoption, and to incorporate him into thy hely Church. And humbly we beseech thee to grant, that he being dead unto fin, and living unto righ. teousness, and being buried with Christ in his death, may crucify the old man, and utterly abolish the whole body of fin, and that as he is made partaker of the death of thy Son, he may also be partaker of his refurrection; fo that finally with the residue of thy holy Church, he may be an inheritor of thine everlasting kingdom, through Chrif our Lord. Amen.

Then all fanding up, the Priest shall say to the Gedfarbers and Godmothers this Exhortation following. ORASMUCH as thii Child haih promised by you his sureties, to renounce the devil and all his works, ta F , taught, so soon as he shall be able to learn, what a solemn vou, promise, and profefion he hath here made by you. And that he may know these things the better, ye shall call upon him to hear Sermons, and chiefly ye shall provide that he may learn the Creed, the Lords Prayer, and the Ten Commandınents in the vulgar Tongue, and all other things which a Christian ought to know and believe to his fouls health ; and that this Child may be virtuousy brought up to lead a godly and a Christian life; remembering always, that Baptism doth represent unto us our profesion which is to follow the example of our Saviour Christ, and to be made like unto him; that as he died, and rose again for us ; fo fhould we, who are baptized, die from fin, and rise again unto righteousness, continual y mortifying all our evil and corrupt affection, and daily proceeding in all virtue and godliness of living.

Tben fall be add, and say. E are to take care that this Child be brought to the Bishop to be confirmed by him, so soon as he can fiy structed in the Church Catechism set forth for that purpose. IT is certain by God's Word, that Children which are baptized, dying before they commit actual sin are undoubtedly saved.

To take away all scruple concerning the use of the Sign of the Cross in Bap:ism ; the true Explication <hereof, and the just reasons for the retainingof it, may be seen in the xxxth Canon frit.published in the year MDCIY.

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