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Stephen stoned to death. Chap. viii. The church in Samamia. these things, they were cut to dea and Samaria, except the the heart, and they gnashed apostles. on him with their teeth.

2 And devout men carried 55 But he, being full of the Stephen to his burial, & made Holy Ghost, looked up sted- great lamentation over him. fastly into heaven, and saw the 3 As for. Saul, he made glory of God, and Jesus stand- havock of the church, entering ing on the right hand of God, into every house, and halingh

56 And said, Behold, I see men and women, committed the heavens opened, and the them to prison. Son of man standing on the 4 Therefore they that were right hand of God.

scattered abroad went every 57 Then they cried out with where preaching the word. a loud voice, and stopped their 5 Then Philip went down ears, and ran upon him with to the city of Samaria,c and one accord,

preached Christ unto them. 58 And cast him out of the 6 And the people with one city, and stoned him; and the accord gave heed unto those witnesses laid down their things, which Philip spake, clothes at a young man's feet, hearing and seeing the inirawhose name was Saul.

cles which he did. 59 And they stoned Ste 7 For unclean spirits, eryphen, calling upon God, and ing with loud voice, came out saying, Lord Jesus, receive my of many, that were possessed spirit.

with them; and many taken 60 And he kneeled down, with palsies, and that were and cried with a loud voice, lame, were healed. Lord, lay not this sin to their 8 And there was great joy

And when he had in that city. said this, he feel asleep.

6 Haling, seizing and dragging. CHAP. VIII.

c Samaria, capital city of the coun1 The church planted in $a- try of the same name, which was

maria by Philip: 26 he bap- of the ten tribes. After the king of tizeth the Ethiopian eunuch. Assyria had conquered and removed

AND Saul a was consenting the Israelites into captivity, he rem unto his death. And at that peopled the country from Babylon & time there was a great perse- other places ; & sent a Jewish priest cution against the church

to teach them. Their religion there. which was at Jerusalem; and

fore became a compound of Judaism they were all scattered abroad

and idolatry, and the people at

length pretended to deduce their orthroughout the regions of Ju- igin from the patriarchs. Hence the a Saul, the same who is hereafter saying of the Samaritan woman, John

iy, 20, on which see note de


called Paul.

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Of Simon the sorcerer. Acts.

Of Philip and 9 But there was a certain 18 And when Simon saw, man, called Şimon, which be- that through laying on of the foretine in the same city used apostles' hands, the Holy sorcery,d and bewitched the Ghost was given, he offered people of Samaria, giving out, them money, that himself was some great

19 Saying, Give me also

this power, that on whomso10 To whom they all gave ever I lay hands, he may reheed, from the least to the ceive the Holy Ghost. greatest, saying, This man is 20 But Peter said unto him, the great power of God. Thy money perish with thee;

11 And to him they had re because thou hast thought that gard, because that of long time the gift of God may be purhe had bewitched them with chased with money. sorceries.

21 Thou hast neither part 12 But when they believed nor lot in this matter; for thy Philip preaching the things heart is not right in the sight concerning the kingdom of of God. God, and the name of Jesus 22 Repent, therefore, of this Christ, they were baptized, thy wickedness, and pray God, both men and women.

if perhaps the thought of thine 13 Then Simon himself be- heart may be forgiven thee. lieved also; and when he was 23 For I perceive that thou baptized, he continued with art in the gall of bitterness, Philip, and wondered, behold- and in the bond of iniquity. ing the miracles and signs 24 Then answered Simon, which were done.

and said, Pray ye to the Lord 14 I Now when the apos- for me, that none of these tles, which were at Jerusalem, things, which ye have spoken, heard that Samaria had re

come upon me. ceived the word of God, they 25 And they, when they sent unto them Peter and John: had testified and preached the

15 Who, when they were word of the Lord, returned to come down, prayed for them, Jerusalem, and preached the that they might receive the Gospel in many villages of the Holy Ghost.

Samaritans. 16 (For as yet he was fal 26 | And the angel of the len upon none of them; only Lord spake unto Philip, saythey were baptized in the name ing, Arise, and go toward the of the Lord Jesus.)

south, unto the



go17 Then laid they their hands eth down from Jerusalem unto on them, and they received the Gaza, which is desert. Holy Ghost.

27 And he arose and went; Sorcery, magic or enchantment. and, behold, a man of Ethio

the eunuch.

Chap. ix.

The eunuch baptized. pia, an eunuch of great author 36 And as they went on ity under Candace queen of their way, they came unto a certhe Ethiopians, who had the tain water; and the eunuch charge of all her treasure, and said, See, here is water; what had come to Jerusalem for to doth hinder me to be baptized ? worship

37 And Philip said, If thou 28 Was returning, and, sit- believest with all thine heart, ting in his chariot, read Esaias thou mayest. And he answerthe prophet.

ed, and said, I believe that Je29 Then the spirit said unto sus Christ is the Son of God. Philip, Go near, and join thy

38 And he commanded the self to this chariot.

chariot to stand still ; and they 30 And, Philip ran thither went down both into the water, to him, and heard him read the both Philip and the eunuch; prophet Esaias, and said, Un- and he baptized him. derstandest thou what thou 39 And when they were readest ?

come up out of the water, the 31 And he said, How ean I, Spirit of the Lord caught away exeept some man should guide Philip, that the eunuch saw me? And he desired Philip him no more, and he went on that he would come up and sit his way rejoicing. with him.

40 But Philip was found at 32 The place of the scrip- Azotus; and, passing through, ture which he read was this; he preached in all the cities, He was led as a sheep to the till he came to Cesarea.f slaughter ;e and, like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so

CHAP. IX. opened he not his mouth: 1 Saul, going toward Damas

33 In his humiliation his cus, is called to the apostlejudgment was taken away; and ship ; 18 is baptized by Anwho shall declare his genera

anias, 20 and boldly preachtion for his life is taken from

eth Christ. the earth.

AND Saul, yet breathing 34 And the eunuch answer out threatenings and slaughter ed Philip, and said, I pray against the disciples of the thee, of whom speaketh the

of Cæsarea (of Palæstine) one of the prophet this ? of himself, or of principal cities of Samaria, situated some other man ?

on the coast of the Mediterranean 35. Then Philip opened his sea; about 52 miles and a little to mouth, and began at the same

the west of north from Jerusalem,

Here Herod Agrippa was smitten scripture, and preached unto him Jesus.

with a fatal disease; here Cornelius

and Philip resided, and here Paul e He was led, &c. See Isaiah, lui. was confined two years before he og 8.

was sent to Rome.

Saul goeth to


Damascus. Lord,went unto the high priest, neyed with him stood speech

2 And desired of him let- less, hearing a voice, but seeters a to Damascus b to the sy- ing no man. nagogues, that if he found


8 And Saul arose from the of this way, whether they earth; and when his eyes were were men or women, he might opened he saw no man; but bring them bound unto Jerusa- they led him by the hand, and lem.

brought him into Damascus. 3 And as he journeyed, he 9 And he was three days came near Damascus; and without sight, and neither did suddenly there shined round eat nor drink. about him a light from heaven:

10 | And there was a cer4 And he fell to the earth, tain disciple at Damascus nam. and heard a voice saying unto ed Ananías; and to him said him, Saul, Saul, why persecut- the Lord in a vision, Ananias. est thou me ?

And he said, Behold, I am 5 And he said, Who art here, Lord. thou, Lord ? And the Lord 11 And the Lord said unto said, I am Jesus whom thou him, Arise, and go into the persecutest ; It is hard for thee street which is called Straight, to kick against the pricks.c and inquire in the house of

6 And he, trembling and Judas for one called Saul of astonished, said, Lord, what Tarsus; for, behold, he praywilt thou have me to do ? And eth, the Lord said unto him, Arise, 12 And hath seen in a viand go into the city, and it sion a man named Ananias shall be told thee what thou coming in, and putting his hand must do.

on him, that he might receive y And the men which jour- his sight.

13 Then Ananias answered, a Letters of license or permission. Lord, I have heard by many

6 Damascus. A very ancient and of this man, how much evil he noted city, the metropolis of Syria. hath done to thy saints at JeIt was situated in a pleasant plain rusalem : between mount Lebanon on the west,

14 And here he hath alland mount Hermon on the south, about 160 miles north east of Jerusa- thority from the chief priests, lem. It is reniarkable for its nume.

to bind all that call on thy rous revolutions, and for being the place, whither St. Paul was going, 15 But the Lord said unto when miraculously converted. c It is hard for thee to kick against the chosen vesseld unto me, to bear

him, Go thy way; for he is a sharp points or goads, or in other words, to fight against me and my my name before the Gentiles,e religion, when without injuring my d Vessel, servant or minister. cause you endanger your own soul. Gentiles, heathen nations.


Saul is baptized :

Chap. ix. he preacheth Christ. and kings, and the children of 23 | And after that many Israel :

days were fulfilled, the Jews 16 For I will shew him how took counsel to kill him : great things he must suffer for 24 But their laying await my name's sake.

was known of Saul; and they 17 And Ananias went his watched the gates day and way, and entered into the night to kill him. house; and, putting his hands 25 Then the disciples took on him, said, Brother Saul, him by night, and let him down the Lord, even Jesus, that ap- by the wall in a basket. peared unto thee in the way, 26 T And when Saul was as thou camest, hath sent me, come to Jerusalem h he

assaythat thou mightest receive thyed to join himself to the discisight, and be filled with the ples; but they were all afraid Holy Ghost.

of him, and believed not that 18 And immediately there he was a disciple. fell from his eyes as it had 27 But Barnabas took him, been scales; and he received and brought him to the apossight forth with, and arose, and tles, and declared unto them, was baptized.

how he had seen the Lord in 19 And when he had re the

way, & that he had spoken ceived meat, he was strength- to him, and how he had preachened. Then was Saul certain ed boldly at Damascus in the days with the disciples which name of Jesus. were at Damascus.

28 And he was with them 20 And straightway he coming in and going out at Jepreached Christ in the syna- rusalem. gogues, that he is the Son of 29 And he spake boldly in God.

the name of the Lord Jesus, 21 But all that heard him and disputed against the Grewere amazed, and said, Is not cians; but they went about to this he that destroyed them, slay him. which called on this name f in 30 Which when the brethJerusalem, and came hither ren knew, they brought him for that intent, that he might down to Cesarea, and sent him bring them bound unto the forth to Tarsus.i chief priests ?

b From Paul's conversion till the 22 But Saul increased the time he here visits Jerusalem, it was more in strength, and confoun more than three years.

See Gal. i. ded the Jews which dwelt at 17, 18. Damascus, proving that this i Tarsus, one of the principal cities is very Christ.

in Cilicia. It was rich and populous,

and noted for its schools of literature of This the name of Jesus. and philosophy. Here Paul was born

& That Jesus is the very Christ, of Jewish parents, but was at the the Messiah.

same time a Roman citizen from


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