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Lord Dupe, Madam, I never dispute with a glory in it. But what point will you virtuosi lady; but this gentleman has taste; he is a fo- you connoisseurs, gain by the detection ? Will reigner, and so can't be thought prejudiced; not the publishing of our crimes trumpet forth refer it to him: the day grows late, and I want your folly? the auction to begin.

Lord Dupe. Matchless impudence! . Ald. Sweet honey, leave it to the gentleman. Puff. My noble lord here, the dilletanti, the Lady Pent. Well, sir.

curieus, the precieus of this nation! what inhPutf. Madam, I love to serve de lady. Tis a nite glory will he acquire from this story, that the ver fine piece of china. I was see such another Leo, the Mæcenas, the Petronius, notwithstandi piece sell at Amsterdam for a hundred ducats ing his exquisite taste, has been drawn in to purTis ver well worth twenty guinea.

chase, at an immense expence, a cart-load of Caleb. Mother!-father! never stir if that rubbish! gentleman ben't the same that we see'd at the Lord Dupe. Gentlemen and ladies I have painting-man's, that was so civil to mother; the honour to take my leave. only he has got a black wig on, and speaks Puff. Your lordship's most obedient-When outlandish. I'll be far enough if it en't a May- sh all I send you your Corregio, your St. Anthony

of Padua, your Ram Cat, my good lord ? Lady Pent. Hey! let me die, but the boy's Lord Dupe. Rascal ! Exit LORD DUPE. in the right. My dear, as I'm alive, Mr. Puff, Noo. This won't do, sir-Though my lord has that we saw at the limners. I told you he was not spirit enough, damu me if I quit you ! a more cleverer man than I ever saw. Caleb is Puff What, my sprightly 'squire! Pray faright; some matter of merriment, I warrant. vour me with a sight of your Oriuna-It has the

Puff. I wish it was. [Aside. I no understand. relish; an indisputable antique: being a BrisCar. So, Mr. Puff, you are caught. [Aside. col farthing, coined by a soap-boiler to pay his

Lord Dupe. This is a most unfortunate old journeymen in the scarcity of cash, and purlady- Madam, you are here under another chased for two-pence of a travelling tinker by, mistake. This is Mynheer Baron de

sir, your humble servant, Timothy Puff. Ha, Lady Pent. Mynheer Figs-end. Can't I be- ha, ha! lieve my own eyes? What do you think be Nov. My Oriuna a Bristol farthing! cause we live in the city we can't see?

Puff. Most assuredly. Nov. Fire me, my lord, there may be more in | Nov. I'll be revenged.

[Going. this than we can guess. Its worth examining Puff. Stay, stay, and take your bust, my sweet into. Come, sir, if you are Mynheer, who the 'squire ; your Serapis. Two heads, thay say, are devil knows you ?

better than one; lay them together. But the Puff. I was no Mr. Canto mightily.

locks ! how gracefully they fall all a-down ; so No. Mr. Canto, do you know this baron? decent, and so-ha, ha, ha!

Car. I see the dog will be detected, and now Nov. Confound you! is my time to be even with him for his rounds of Puff. Why, sir, if it had a nose, I would not beef and roasting pigs. [ Aside. I can't say I ever give sixpence for it-Pray, how many years besaw the gentleman before.

ture the creation was it fabricated, 'squire? Nor. Oh, oh!

Nov. I shall live to see you hanged, you dog! Lord Dupe. The fellow is an impostor; a pal

[Exit. pable cheat. Sir, I think you came from the Puff. Nay, but, 'squire; ha, ha, ha!-- Now, Rhine-pray, how should you like 'walking into madam, to your ladyship I come; to whose disthe Thames?

cernment, aided by the sagacity of your son CaNoo. Or what think you my lord? The rascal | leb, I own my discovery. complained but now that the bust wanted a nose Ald. Look you, don't think to abuse my lady. --suppose we were to supply the deficiency with I am one of the his?"

Puff. Quorum-I know it, Mr. Alderman; Lord Dupe. But justice, Mr. Novice. but I inean to serve your worship, by humbling

Car. Great rascal, indeed, gentlemen !if a little the vanity of your wife. rogues of this stamp get once a footing in Lady Pent. Come along, chuck. I'll not stay these assernblies, adieu to all moral honesty. I to hear the rascality of the fellow. I think an example should be made of himn- Puff. Oh, my Lady Peotweazel, correct the But, were I to advise, he is a properer subject severity of that frown, lest you should have for the rabble to handle than the present com- more of the Medusa than the Medicis in your pany.

face. All. Away with him!

Lady Pent. Saucy jackanapes ! Puff. Hands off if I must suffer, it shall | Puff. What, then?" I have quite lost my city not be singly. Here is the obsequious Mr. acquaintance? why, I've promised all my friends Brush, and the very courtly Mr. Canto, shall be tickets for my lord mayor's ball through your the partners of my distress. Know, then, we ladyship's interest. are all rogues, if the taking advantage of the Lady Pent. My interest, indeed, for such am absurdities and follies of mankind can be called Puff. If Blowbladder-street has any charms xoguery. I own I bave been a cheat, and Il-Sir-Madam not a step-The finest gentleman! ha, ha, ha! And what can you say resentment of Dupe, Novice, Squander, from for yourself, you cowardly ill-looking rascal? the alluring baits of my amorous city lady, and [To Carmine,] Desert your friend at the first the dangerous combination of my false friend, I pinch-your ally-your partner No apo-should be happy, logy, sir I have done with you. From poverty and shame I took you, to that I restore you. 'Tis from your sentence I expect my fate; Your crime be your punishment. [Turning to Your voice alone my triumph can complete. the audience.] Could I be as secure from the

Exeunt omnes. censure of this assembly, as I am safe from the

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SCENE I-A Room in SURTIR's house for their national liberties; a contempt for ada

lation; and an honour for the extended generous Enter Me. SUBTLE and CLASSIC.

commerce of their country.

Mr. Sub, Why, there, indeed, you have the - Mr. Sub. Well, well, that may be; but still preference, Mr. Classic : the traders here are a I say, that a Frenchman

sharp-set, cozening people; foreigners are their Class. Is a fop; it is their national disease; food; civilities with a-ay, ay! a congee for a got one of the qualities for which you celebrate crown, and a shrug for a shilling; devilish dear, them, but owes its origin to a foible; their taste Mr. Classic, devilish dear! is trifling, their gaiety grimace, and their polite | Class. To avoid their exactions, we are, Mr. ness pride.

Subtle, recommended to your protection. Mr. Sub. Hey-day! Wliy, what the deuce Mr. Sub. Ay, and wisely they did who recombrings you to Paris then?

mended you : Buy nothing but on mine of my Class. A debt to friendship; not but I think lady's recommendation, and your are safe. Bus a short residence here a very necessary part in where was your charge? Where was Mr. Buck every man of fashion's education.

last night? My lady made a party at cards on Mr. Sub. Where's the use?

purpose for him, and my ward, Lucinda, is Class. In giving them a true relish for their mightily taken with him; she longs to see hima own domestic bappiness; a proper veneration again.

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