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HE first Edition of this Work was so ill printed, and by reason of the author's absence from the press, was so incorrect, that it stood more than ordinarily in need of the help of a good Introduction; yet it is hoped the work bas not dishonoured the Reverend person, who did it the favour to give it the first recommendation.


The usefulness of the subject, and honesty of the design, has prevailed to give it a good reception in the world and notwithstanding the casual imperfections of the first part, some good men have been pleased to accept the performance, to usher it into the World much to its advantage, and to recommend it as well from the pulpit as from the press.

The unworthy author earnestly desired, and to his utmost endeavoured to be for ever concealed; not that he was ashamed of the work, or sees any reason yet to be so; professing to have a firm belief, that he was not without a more than ordinary presence and assistance of the divine Spirit in the performance. But being fully satisfied with the prospect of doing good by it, he desired that his praise might not be of men, but of God.

To this end he took such measures at first for effectually preserving the secret, and for his intire remaining in the obscurity he desired, that for some time after the publication, he continued unguessed at, and he flattered himself for a while, that the author would be no farther enquired into: But Satan hindered.

The success of the work, and the many testimonies given to the good effect it has had in families, notwithstanding their knowledge of the author, has fully delivered him from the discouragement he was under on that occasion; and this alone prevailed with him for a second edition, which he had for some time resolved against. It was not without reason that he had great apprehensions, lest some men, suffering their prejudices to prevail even over their zeal for public good, might be tempted to lay the imperfections of the author of this book, as a stumbling-block in the way of those who might otherwise receive benefit by it, and so the good effects of his labours might be in part obstructed.

But God, who as before, he firmly believes, directed his hand in the work, has given his visible blessing to it; and has thereby from heaven owned the author, to his inexpressible satisfaction and joy. To his name be all the praise!

After this, let who will reject him or his book, it is not possible to give him the least disturbance.

After this, if any man will rob himself, or any one else, of the good this work might otherwise do, at his door be the sin.

The present edition is more carefully corrected, and the errors of the press are so few, and of so small conse quence, that an ordinary judgment will correct them in the reading.

The author in revising it, has made no additions, thinking his first design fully exhausted, and also esteeming it injurious to those, who have bought the first, to let future editions vary so much from it, as to make them think their money lost, and to oblige them to buy it over again.

Some few things are omitted indeed, but not considerable, and those principally in the Notes; from the mere sense the author had of the comments being less beautiful than the text; and that others are able to make better annotations than himself.

The whole Work being designed both to divert and in

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