Light From Many Lamps

Touchstone, 15/01/1988 - 352
A classic treasury of inspiration featuring hundreds of passages and quotationsselected from the wisdom of the agesoffering invaluable insight and guidance on the challenges of daily life.

Here are not only the best of the worlds most inspiring thoughts and ideas, but the stories behind them: how they came to be written and what their impact has been on others. A storehouse of inspired and inspiring reading, it is a collection of brief, stimulating biographies as well. There are selections from John Burroughs, Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, William Cullen Bryant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare, Hippocrates, Confucius, and many others. A distillation of the greatest thoughts, ideas, and philosophies that have been handed down to us through the ages, this is a book to turn to over and over againa book of moral, spiritual, and ethical guidancean unfailing source of comfort and inspiration for all.

Happiness The Enjoyment of Living
JOHN BURROUGHS The secret of happiness is something to do
SENECA True happiness is to rest satisfied with what we have




Lillian Watson is the author of Light From Many Lamps, a Simon & Schuster book.