Bible Passages That Can Influence Your Life

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 2004 - 304 من الصفحات
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Reality shows allow the observer to take a glimpse into another person's life, thoughts, and decisions. They show both the strengths and weaknesses of those observed. Bible Passages That Have Influenced My Life gives the reader the same insight into the author's life and how it was impacted by particular Bible passages. This book's potentially controversial insights will appeal to readers of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. The author feels that the Bible holds relevance and personal significance for readers in the new millennium. Reading this book may lay the foundation to develop a deeper relationship with God through messages He has for us within the Bible. The author's almost painfully candid personal insights married with reading the Bible sixteen plus times, has the potential of appealing to even the most skeptical of readers.

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