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- Psalm xxxi. In tlg Dimine, speravi. N thee, O Lord, have I put my trust : let me never be

put to confusion, deliver me in thy righteousness. 2 Bow down thine ear to me: make hafte to deliver me.

3 And be thou my strong rock, and house of defence : that thou mayest save me.

4 For thou art iny strong rock, and my castle : be thou also ny guide, and lead me for thy Names fake.

5 Draw ine out of the net that they have laid privily for me: for thou art my strength.

6 Into thy hands I commend my spirit : for thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, thou God of truth.

7 I have hated them that hold of fuperftitious vanities : and my trust hath been in the Lord.

8 I will be glad, and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou haft considered my trouble, and hast known my soul in adversities,

9 Thou hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy : but haft set my feet in a large room.

10 Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am in trouble : and mine eye is consumed for very heaviness: yea, my soul and my body.

11 For my life is waxen old with heaviness : and my years with mourning.

12 My strength faileth me, because of mine iniquity : and my bones are consumed.

13 í became a reproof among all mine enemies, but especially among my neighbours : and they of mine acquaintance were afraid of me, and they that did see me without, conveyed themselves from me.

14 I am clean forgotten, as a dead man out of mind : I am become like a broken veffcl.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATION S. and that when he cried to the Lord, he was heard by him. Let this convince us of the use and necessity of afflictions. Even the bett of men sometinies forget themselves in prosperity: bat God makes use of adversity co inspire them with a holy fear, to bring them to a sense of their duty, and to oblige them to have recourse to him; and then he is reconsil. d, and hears their cry; changing their forrow into joy, and their complaints into songs of praise.



427 15 For I have heard the blasphemy of the multitude: and fear is on every side, while they conspire together against me, and take their counsel to take away my life.

16 But my hope hath been in thee, O Lord: I have said, Thou art my

God. 17 My time is in thy hand, deliver me from the hand of mine enemies : and from them that persecute me.

18 Shew thy fervant the light of thy countenance: and save me for thy mercies fake.

19 Let me not be confounded, O Lord, for I have called upon thee : let the ungodly be put to confusion, and be put co silence in the grave.

20 Let the lying Tips be put to filence : which cruelly, disdainfully, and despitefully speak against the righteous.

21 O how plentiful is thy goodness which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee : and that thou hast prepared for them that put their trust in thee, even before the fons of men.

22 Thou shalt hide them privily by thine own presence from the provoking of all men : thou shalt keep them fecretly in thy tabernacle from the strife of tongues.

23 Thanks be to the Lord: for he hath shewed me marvellous great kindness in a strong city.

24 And when I made haste, I said; I am cast out of the fight of thine eyes.

25 Nevertheless, thou heardest the voice of my prayer : when I cried unto thee.

26 O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth them that are faithful, and plenteously rewardeth the proud doer.

27 Be strong, and he shall establish your heart : all ye that put your trust in the Lord.

PRÀCTICAL OBSERVATION S. Psalm xxxi.] 1. The evils and persecutions which David suffered, , even from his nearest relations, and the manner in which he submisied to these fevere trials, prove, that if we are exposed to sufferings, we ought to bear them patiently, without entertaining any malice or hatred in our hearts againlt those who injure us;, not resenting the evils they





Psalm xxxii. Biati, quoriim.
Leffed is he, whole unrighteousness is forgiven : an

whole sin is covered. 2 Elefied is the man, unto whom the Lord inputech no sin : and in whole spiric there is no guile.

3 For while I held my tongue : my bones consumed away through my daily complaining.

4 For thy hand is heavy upon me day and night: and my moisturt is like the drought in summer.

5 I will acknowledge my sin unto thee: and mine unrighteoulness lave I not bid.

6 I said, I will confels my sins unto the Lord : and lo thou forgavest the wickedness of my sin.

7 For this Malf every one that is godly make his prayer unto thee, in a time when thou mayeit be found: buț in the great water-Hoods they hall not come nigh him.

8 Thou art a place to hide me in; thou shalt preserve me from trouble : thou shalt compass me about with longs of deliverance.

9 I will inform thee, and peach thee in the way wherein thou shalt go: 'and I will guide thee with mine eye.

10 Be ye not like to horie and mule, which have no understanding: whose mouthis must be held with bit and bridle, left they full upon thee.

u Great plagues remain for the ungodly: but whoso putteth his cruit in the Lord, mercy enibraceth him on

every side.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. do us, but waiting with regnation for the divine asittance. Observe, 2. How David is traníported with the sense of God's favours towards those that fear him, and of the greatness of those good things he lays up in store for them. Let all that fear God consider this for their comfort; and let this consideration encourage them more and more to obey and plezle him. The exhortation which concludes this hymn, naturaily tends to rolure this ettect : " () love the Lori!, all ye bis faints, for the Lord prefisveth them thit are faithful; be irong, and he hall establih your heart, all ye that put your trust in the Loi?"





429 12 Be glad, O ye righteous, and rejoice in the Lord : and be joyful, all ye that are true of heart.

Píalm xxxiii. Exultate, jisti.
Ejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous : for it becometh

well the just to be thankful
2. Praise the Lord with harp: sing praises unto him with
the lure, and instrument of ten strings.

3 Sing unto the Lord a new song : sing praises lustily, unto him with a good courage.

4 For the word of the Lord is true: and all his works are faithful.

5 He loveth righteousness and judgment : the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord,

6 By the word of the Lord were the heavens made : and all the hosts of then by the breath of his mouth.

7 He gathereth the waters of the sea together, as it were upon an heap: and layeth up the deep, as in a treasure-house.

8 Let all the earth fear the Lord : stand in awe of him, all ye

that dwell in the world ; 9 For he spake, and it was done: he commanded, and it stood fast.

0. The Lord bringech the counsel of the heathen to noughe: and maketh the devices of the people to be of none effect, and casteth out the counsels of princes.

11 The counsel of the Lord shall endure for ever: and the thoughts of his heart from generation to generation.

12 Blelled are the people whole God is the Lord Jehovah : and blefled are the folk that he hach chofen to him to be his inheritance.

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PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. Psalm xxxii.) !. We must make the same reflection upon the firt words of this pfalm, as St Paul does in the fourth chapter of the epiftle to the Romans; which is, that the happiness of man, and his juftification before God, confifts in the pardon of fins, in peace of conscience, and a sense of God's mercy. 2. David teaches us, that if we desire to artain this happy condition, we muit have a clean heart, and a pure con. science ; that the remiffion of fins is the effect of God's mercy ; that in order to obtain it, we mult sincerely confess and forsake our fins ; which, as soon as we confess and forsake then), are blotted ous, and God reftores us to a senle of his grace and favour.'



13 The Lord looked down from heaven, and beheld all the children of men : from the habitation of his dwelling hệ considereth all them that dwell on the earth,

14 He fashioneth all the hearts of them : and understandeth all their works.

15 There is no king that can be saved by the multitude of an hoft: neither is any mighty man delivered by much strength.

16 A horse is counted but a vain thing to save a man : neither Mall he deliver any man by his great strength.

17 Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him: and upon them that put their trust in his mercy;

18 To deliver their soul from death: and to feed them in the time of dearth.

19 Our soul hath patiently tarried for the Lord : for he is our help and our fhield.

20 For our heart shall rejoice in him : because we have hoped in his holy Name.

21 Ler thy merciful kindness, O Lord, be upon us : like as we do put our trust in thee,

2. That we

PRACTICAL OBSERVATION S. Psalm xxxiij.] This psalm leads us to make these reflections. ! That it is a duty highly reasonable as well as delightful, to praise God; but that none but upright men can discharge it in a becoming manner, and that the praise of God is only proper in their mouths. ought to praise God, because he has created the world by his almighty power, and because he governs it wisely and justly by his providence. 3. That if it was a great advantage to the Israelites, to be the people whom God had chosen for his inheritance, and who were in a peculiar manner protected by him ; the favour which God has vouchfased us, in admitting us into his church, and entering into covenant with us, is a fill more glorious privilege. 4. That God has a perfect knowledge of all that passes in the world, and in particular that he fece all the actions and thoughts of men. This thought ihould continually poffefs our souls, that the confideration of the presence of God and of his inknite knowledge may engage us to walk before him in holiness and righteousness. Laftly, Since David has told us, “ That the eyes of the Lord are upon them thic fear him, and upon them that put their trutt in his mercy,” let us observe from thence, that the true way to have God our friend is to trust in him, to fear him, without cealing to apply to him for mercy; and to this end, ro pray continually in the words of the prophet, “Let thy inerciful kindneis, O Lord, be upon us, like as we do put our trust in thee,

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