Journal of the Franklin Institute

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Vols. 1-69 include more or less complete patent reports of the U. S. Patent Office for years 1825-1859. cf. Index to v. 1-120 of the Journal, p. [415]

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الصفحة 38 - What we claim as our invention and desire to secure by letters patent, is the combination of the materials in the general proportions above described, for making an adhesive plaster. "We also claim making plasters porous, or pervious to fluids, by perforating them with numerous minute holes.
الصفحة 214 - Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim is (d).
الصفحة 325 - Office a written description of the same, and of the manner and process of making, constructing, compounding and using it, in such full, clear, concise, and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which it appertains, or with which it is most nearly connected, to make, construct, compound, and use...
الصفحة 107 - Having thus fully described the nature of my improvements, in the manner of constructing cooking stoves, what I claim as new therein, and desire to secure by letters patent, is, first, the...
الصفحة 250 - Having described our invention, what we claim therein as new and desire to secure by letters patent of the United States is — " The combination of a griping chuck, by which an article Statement of the Case.
الصفحة 330 - What I claim as my invention, and which I desire to secure by letters patent, is the before described arrangement of the vibrating hand, in combination with the revolving cradles operated by the lever, and eccentric grooved wheel or plate at the head of the axle of the cradle.
الصفحة 106 - ... my invention. But what I do claim, and desire to secure by letters patent, is — First.
الصفحة 33 - The Committee on Science and the Arts, constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination, two reflecting telescopes, made by Mr.
الصفحة 67 - All matter appears to be subject to the magnetic force as universally as it is to the gravitating, the electric and the chemical or cohesive forces...
الصفحة 117 - ... what I claim therein as new, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the manner in which I have combined the...

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