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Now that meetings have been again duce to raise the character of the Magabegun in London, we hope there will be zine to a high standard of excellence. a continuous succession of them, and The brethren especially should remember, that information of the character and however, that it must frequently depend beneficial results of our operations will upon themselves what character the reach many quarters where it has been Magazine assumes: and we would say much wanted There is reason to be- to each, that if any peculiar characteristic lieve that thousands of local preachers of excellence is desired, let him who deare still ignorant of the existence of our sires it aim to impart it, and we shall noble institution, a circumstance which sooner be able to produce such a publishows the imperative necessity that ex- cation as shall be fully worthy to repreists for the friends of the Association to sent the great body of Methodist Local be always on the alert to promote its Preachers—one of the largest and most interests in every possible way, and es

laborious bodies of Christ's ministers in pecially by increasing the circulation of these islands. the Magazine, by which a knowledge of

THE FUNDS. the existence and operations of the Institution can be most widely and effec

It is our painful duty to notice that the

contributions from the branches do not tually spread.

arrive in amounts sufficient to prevent THE MAGAZINE.

the Committee deeming it requisite to We have very great pleasure in an- contemplate the sale of another portion nouncing that measures have been of the stock of the society. The balances adopted

by the Committee with regard have been reduced so low, that the to the Magazine which will materially Treasurer, as a matter of prudence, has enhance its interests and facilitate the

been empowered to take this step: and transaction of all business connected it is not improbable that we may have to with it. Mr. Philip Parker, an active announce in oúr next, or the subsequent and prudent member of the General issue, that the step has been actually Committee, has undertaken to farm and taken. We are sure this will be deeply superintend the sale of the Magazine for regretted by many staunch friends of the year 1858, and on the behalf of the the Institution; but with us they must Committee will narrowly and minutely see the propriety of the course adopted watch its interests, and aid its circula- by the Committee. tion. To this auspicious circumstance We trust the Local Officers will conwe are also able to add that in future

tinue to be prompt in their remittances

, the Magazine will be published by and successful in increasing the subscripMessrs. PARTRIDGE and Co., Paternoster tions. The list we are able to publish Row, whose well-known house possesses this month bears a very cheering aspect. many facilities which we trust will be

We are glad to append a small addiadvantageous to our cause.

tion to the lists previously published of Let our friends now aid us again with special contributions. their exertions to increase the sale. We are ambitious to reach seven thousand,

FURTHER DONATIONS IN AID OF THE because it is our earnest desire to circu

SPECIAL EFFORT TO REPLACE £500 late truth as widely as possible, and to make the Magazine fully remunerative


£ s.

d. in its own sale as well as in the correlative benefits derived from its agency.

Samuel Sims, Esq., Holloway 5 00
Mr. W. Barker, Malton

0 100 If each of the present subscribers pro- Mr. Thomas Gould, Dulkley 1 0 0 cured one more, our object would be more than accomplished :—and surely

Mr. George Flashman, Dover 1 1 0

Collected at Winterbourne, a that may easily be done.

small village in the Salisbury Perhaps it may inspire the efforts of

circuit some of the brethren to know that we shall open the new year with a supply of articles that are sure to please and to

GENERAL COMMITTEE. edify. Some are promised that will fur- The Committee met at Brother Chip; nish the purest gratification to inquiring chase's, 8, Redford-place, Commercial and spiritual minds; and others are Road East, on Wednesday Evening, projected in continuation that will con- November the 11th, 1857. Present:

0 80


Messrs. Chipchase, Bowron, Chamber- being found correct, an order was drawn lain, Brown, Durley, Wade, Greenhalgh, on the Treasurer for the amount. Salisbury, Jameson, Parker, and Cres- Prayer was offered by Brother Greenwell.

halgh, and the meeting closed at a quarAfter prayer had been offered by ter-past nine o'clock. Brother Chipchase, the minutes of the The next meeting will be held at Bro. last meeting were read and confirmed. Loxdale's, 38, Markham Square, King's

The Secretary reported as follows: Road, Chelsea, on Monday, the 14th of Present number of hon. members, 477 ;

December. benefit members, 2,104; total, 2,581.

JOHN WADE, Hon. Sec. Members receiving relief: sick, 26; under the new rule, 33; superannuated,

DIED. 94; total, 153.

Oct. 16, 1857.--Josiah Hopkins, of As it appeared the balance in the Redbrook, in the Forest of Dean cirhands of the Treasurer amounted to only cuit, aged 38. Claim £8. His end was £8 9s. lld., he was authorised to sell

triumphant. He had been on the funds out stock to the amount of £250.

5 weeks. The widow of Brother C. claimed the Oct. 18, 1857. - William Mason, of return of the entrance fee and subscrip- the Towcester circuit, aged 52. Claim tions of her late husband, he having died £8. The tendency of blood to the head within 12 months from the date of his rendered him insensible up to the period entry. It was therefore ordered that the of his death. money should be repaid according to Oct. 26, 1857.- Joseph Teal, of Leeds, rule.

aged 57. Claim £8. He had been on Brother C., age 70, applies for super- the funds 62 weeks. He had strong annuation allowance. “Resolved, that consolation in God as his eternal refuge. 2s. 6d. per week be granted.

Nov. 6, 1857.-James Rathbone, of Brother H., age 83, a preacher fifty Sandbach, in the Congleton circuit, aged years, applies for superannuation allow- 44. Claim £8. His end was peace. ance. Resolved, that 3s. per week be He had been on the funds 12 weeks. granted.

Nov. 12, 1857.- Robert Lovett, of A resolution was adopted that Brother Chipstone on Stour, in the Chipping Parker should farm the sale of the Mag- Norton circuit, aged 60. Claim £4. azine for the year 1858, according to a He died happy in God, calmly resting proposition submitted to the Committee; on the atonement. He had been on the and Messrs. Chamberlain, Wade, Jame- funds 173 weeks. son, and Creswell were_appointed a Oct. 15, 1857.---Jane Kirby, of DrifSub-Committee, with the Editor, for the field, aged 74. Claim £2. Her end was conduct of the publication of the Maga- peace.

Oct. 9, 1857.–Ruth Crooks, of BelBills to the amount of £35 13s. 6d. per, aged 75. Claim £2. Her end was were presented and examined; and


zine for the year.


(hm. Honorary Member; hc. Honorary Contributor.) Kington.-A friend, 2s. 6d. Wakefield.Collections and donations at Oulton £l 15s.; George Harrison, Esq., hm., £l ls.; Mrs. Harrison, hm., £l ls.-£3 17s. Birmingham.-Mrs

. Page, don. 10s.; Mr. Derrick,' don. 55.-15s. Guernsey.-Mr. Matthew, don. 4s. Holt.-Nr. Farthing, hc., quarterly, 3s. Shepton Mallet.-Mr. Creed, hm., £l; Mr. Simon Hoddin, hm., £l; Proceeds of tea meeting, at Evercreech, £3 8s. 5d.; Public collection at ditto, £l 6s. lld.; Brother Shore, don. 5s.; Brother Stokes, don. 5s.; Sundries ditto, 4s. 6d. ; Collecting card, by Brother Brabuer, £1 13s. 6d.; Collected by Sister Brown, 75.-£9 10s. 4d. Mansfield.-Mr. Theodore Candwell

, Warsop, hm., £l; Mr. W. Millns, Mansfield, a Leader of Coals, third don. 8s.--£! 8s. Spalding. --Mr. John Hanks, hc., quarterly, 3s. ; Mr. Vickeridge, don. 5s.--8s. Cromford. -Miss Taylor, Bon Wood, don. 5s. Oxford.—Collected by Miss Banbury, 7s. Louth.–J. B. Sharpley, Esq., hm., £l' ls.; Roger Sharpley, Esq., hm., £l; Samuel Sharpley, Esq., hm., £í ls.; Joseph Larder, Esq., hm. 1; Joseph Jolin. son, Esq., hm., £l ls.: James Kirkby, Esq., hm., £1 ls.; Mrs. Kirkby, hc., 10s. 6d. ; Mr. Henry Boothby, jun., don. 55.-£6 19s. 6d. Southwark.—Mr. J. K. Hardy, hm., £lols.; Mrs. Hardy, hm., £l ls.; Mr. Abraham Batty, he., quarterly, 2s. 6d.-£2 4s. 6d. Frome.—Mrs. Shore, hc., 10s. Ripon. - Mrs. Stephenson, hc., 10.; Mr. Sadler, don. 58.; Mr. Knowles, hc., 10s.; Mr. Demain, don. 2s. 6d.; Mr. Weatherell, don. 2s.6d.-£1 10s. Monmouth.—Collecting Card, by Brother Pritchard, £1 12s. 6d. Lincoln.—Mr. Thomas Nicholson, hm., £l ls.; Mr. B. Argyle, hm., £l ls.; Chapel collections, £3 18s. 3d.-£6 0s. 3d. Bridport.-Mr. Eli Fowler, hm., quarterly, 5s. Hungerford.—Mr. Pargister, hm., £l Is.; Collecting Card, by Brother Jacob Dore, £l 9s.; Collections in the Wesleyan Chapel, Inkpen, £1° 5s.-£3 15s. Burton on Trent.—Mr. George Jackson, don. 2s.6d.; Mr. Edmund Adams, don. 2s. 6d.—55. Leeds.-Benjamin Hartley, Esq., Mearwood, near Leeds, 10s. : Mrs. Purdon, sub. 6s.—16s. Bristol

. - Voted by Local Preacher's Meeting, as balance left from purchase of books, 7s. 6d. Sunderland.-Mr. W. R. Wrightson, hm., £l ls.; Mr. John Aslin, hm., £1.-£2 ls. Tunbridge Wells.- Mr. W. Underwood, Brighton, hm., kl ls. York.--A Friend, 5s.; a ditto 2s.6d.—7s.6d. Hind Street.- Mrs. Edwards, hm., per Brother Prothero, £1 ls.; Mr. Harrison, 5s.-£l 6s. Stamford.Collected from Friends, 4s. 7d. Driffield.Collected by Brother Kirby, 4s. Derby.—Mr. W. Mansfield, don. 5s. Longton.—Mr. W. Bateman, hm., £l Is. Mr. Thomas Hancock, hm., £l 1s. - £2 2s. Aylesbury.—Mr. R. Durley, hm., £l ls.; Mrs. Durley, hm.,. £l Is.; Miss. Durley, hm., £l ls.; Mr. W. Seamons, hm., £l ls.; A Friend, hm., £l ls.; A Local Preacher, hm., £l; Mr. J. S. Cook, hc., 10s.; Mr. Goodchild, don. ls.; Collected by Mrs. De Fraine, 55.-£7 ls. Dover.- Annual Subscription by Mr. George Reynolds Killick, 10s. 6d. Bakewell.Mr. James Bromley, hm., £l ls.; Mr. Samuel Heriman, hm., £l; Proceeds of Tea Meeting, at Carbar (less expenses 2s.), 12s. 6d. —£2 13s. 6d. Holmfirth.–Subscribed and Collected by Miss Hinehliffe, of Barnside, £2 Os. ld. Leicester.-Miss Archer, don. 58.; Mr. Archer, don. 5s.; Mr. Wale, 5s.; Mr. Broadbent, 5s.; Mr. Brewett, 2s.; Mr. Merryweather, 5s.£1 7s.

NOTE.—This list is published that the Donations, Honorary Members, Tea Meetings, Chapel Collections, &c., may appear, though they are included in the list of amounts received by the Treasurer from the various Circuits.

REMITTANCES RECEIVED BY THE TREASURER TO Nov. 14, 1857. Bath, £2 2s. Stourbridge, £l 18s. 3d. Hinckley, £5 2s. Kington, £1 Os. 6d. Axminster, 3s. Wakefield, £5 13s. Burton, 12s. Birmingham, £5 15s. 6d. Holt, £2 2s. Coventry, £1 5s. Guernsey, 13s. High Wycombe, 6s. Shepton Mallet, £10 17s. 4d. Southwark, £2 19s. 6d. Addingham, £l 13s. Mansfield, £4 7s. Denby Dale, £1 19s. Halifax, £1 16s. North Walsham, £2. Oxford, £2. Ashton-under-Lyne, £1 19s. Southport, £1 4s Preston, £1 10s. St. Helens, £1 10s. Spalding, £3 13s. Cromford, £8 18s. 9d. St. Ives, £1 4s. Tonbridge Wells, £1 Is. Forest of Dean, £2 2s. Isle of Wight, 9s. Towcester, £9 12s. 4d. Tavistock, £2 6s. 6d. Chatteris, £1 13s. iod. Peterborough, £2 17s. 10d. Sheffield, £11 ls. 6d. Monmouth, £3 2s. 6d. Thetford, £l l0s. Frome, £2 15s. 6d. Ripon, £3 18s. Lynn, £1 10s. Malton, £l lls. Cheadle

, 6s. Bradford, £2 2s. 6d. Thame, £1 4s. Lincoln, £7 17s. 6d. Bridport, £1 15s. Burnley, £1 13s. Whitehaven, £1 10s. 2d. Grantham, £1 2s. Bramley, £1 4s. Northampton, £5. Hungerford, £8 lls. Barnstaple, £2 10s. Penrith, £l 10s. Burton-on-Trent, £2 135. Wantage, £l 4s. Leeds, £i 14s. Bristol, £4 2s. 6d. Retford, £l ls. Sunderland, £5 11s. 6d. York, £2 12s. 6d. Liverpool, £3 10s. 6d. Ilkestone, £2 12s. Workington, £2 5s. Hind Street, £3 5s. Stamford, £4 12s. 2d. Garstang, £l 14s. Southampton, 15s. Driffield, £1 5s. Belper, £4 3s. Oundle, 15s. 6d. Derby, £2 10s. 6d. Barnsley, £l 195. Longton, £3 6s. 6d. Aylesbury, £7 7s. Dover, £3 7s.6d. Bakewell, £5 15s. Salisbury, 8s. Scarborough, £1 16s. Wednesbury, £1 13s. Holmfirth, 63 7s. ld. Swaffham, £1 16s. Leicester, £l 7s. Congleton, £3 3s. Camborne, 6s. Lonth, £11 ls. 6d.

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