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ven, and published this History of himself, and theseSigns and Wonders of the great God, throughout all his Dominions, ver, I-3. : 19 Q. What Notice was taken of Daniel in the Time of Belthazzar, the Grandson of Nebuchadnezzar?

A. He was sent for to Court to read and in- . terpret three or four Words which were written upon the Wall by the Apparition of a Hand while Belshazzar was feasting, Dan. v. 5—16.

20 Q. What was there in Beishazzar's Feast that eminently provoked God against him?

. A. He and his Nobles drank in the holy Vessels that were taken out of the Temple of God, at Jerusalem, and at the same Time they praised their Gods of Gold and Silver, of Wood and Stone, Dan v. 1-4.

21 Q What was the Meaning of this Writing against the Wall?

A. That God had finished Belshazzar's King." dom, and given it to the Medes and Persians, ver. 25-28.

22 Q. What Honour was done to Daniel ?

A. He was immediately clothed in Scarlet, with a Chain of Gold, and made the third Ruler in the Kingdom, ver. 29. -23 Q. When was this Sentence executed on: Belshazzar?

A. He was flain that very Night, by the Army, under the Command of Cyrus the General, who after a long Siege took the City of Babylon, and the Kingdom was translated to Darius the Mede, the Emperor of the Medes and Persians, ver. 30, 31.

24 Q. Did Daniel lose his Preferment by the Change of the Kingdom ? A. No; for Darius set Daniel over all the hun


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A. He sent a Decree through all Nations, that Men Mould fear the God of Daniel, ver. 25.

31 Q. What are the other most remarkable Things in the History of Daniel ?

A. The Visions which he saw, the excellent Prayer which he made for the Restoration of the Jews from Captivity, and the other Prophecies which were given him by Angels.

32 Q. What were some of his Visions and Prophecies?

Ai Emblems and Representations of the four Monarchies of the World, and of the Kingdom of Christ; and Predictions concerning future Events among the Jews, and other Nations of the Earth; some of which are expressed so plainly, that the Enemies of the Bible suppose them to be written after those Events came to pass, Dan, chapters vii, viji, and xi.

33 Q. What remarkable Answer did Daniel receive to this excellent Prayer of his for the Re. ftoration of the Jews ?

A. TheAngel Gabriel was ordered to flý swiftly, and to inform him of his own Acceptance with God, of the Commandment of the Kings of Perfra to rebuild the holy City; of the Time of the Coming; and the Death of the Messiah, to take away the Sins of Men; and of the second Destruction of Jerusalem, Dan, ix. 20–27.

34 Q. What other eminent Prophecies did Daniel receive by his Converse with Angels?

A: Besides the various Events relating to this World, he had some Predictions concerning the Christian Church and its Troubles, and the Period of them ; concerning the Resurrection of the Dead, Everlasting Life, and Everlasting Punishment, chap xỏi.


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6 Q. Who was made the King's chief Favourite a little after this Time ?

A. Haman, of the Seed of Agag the Amalekite, Elher iii. 1, 2. -7 Q. Wherein did Mordecai offend Haman?

A. He refused to bow before him, and do Reverence to him, as the King's Servants did at Court, ver. 2.

8Q. How did Haman attempt to revenge himself?

A. By persuading the King to send Orders to destroy all the Jews that were in all his Dominions, ver. 6, &c. 9Q. What did Mordecai do on this Occasion ?

A. He desired Ether the Queen to venture into the King's Presence, though the were not called, in order to petition the King for the Lives of her People the Jews, Esther iv.

10 Q. Did Esther comply with his Requeft?

A. Though she knew it was Death by the Law to venture into the King's Presence, unless he held out his golden Sceptre to her; yet having first fafted, and prayed to God three Days, and appointed the Jews in Shushan to fast and pray, The ventured to approach the King, Enther v. 1.

IIQ. What Success did Queen Esther find?

A. The King held out his golden Sceptre to her, and promised to grant her Request, even to the half of his Kingdom, ver. v. 1-3.

12Q.What was Esther's first Request to the King?

A. That the King and Haman would come to a Banquet which the Queen had prepared for them ; which Request allo she repeated the next Day, Esther v. 38.

13 Q. How was Haman employed on that Day?

Å He rejoiced at the invitation that Efther gave him, and set up a Gallows for Mordecai fifty Cubits

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