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1. I have proceeded, for the moft part, according to the Order of Things as they lie in the Books of Scripture; but still endeavouring to maintain some Connection throughout the whole History. Yet I cannot say I have always reduced Things to that Orderin which they were transacted: For in several Places I found that a striat Observation of Chronology would have intermingled too many Incidents of different kinds, would have broken the Scheme of Things I had proposed, or interrupted the Narrative of some particular Event, and rendered the History much more unconnected and disagreeable to those for whom I write.

II, Though I have not been solicitous to insert every Incident, and the Name of every Person contained in the Old Testament, yet I have omitted scarce any Name or remarkable Transaction which has been referred to or cited in the New, or has any Connection with the Gospel of Christ, which is the Religion of Christians. It was not possible to infert all the particular Narratives contained in the Scripture, without making another Book almost as big as the Bible itself: Whereas my prime Design was to give an Abstract or mort View of the facred · History, for the Use of Persons of such Age, Capäcities or Conditions of Life, as are not able to attend to muchReading, nor gain a fuller and more accurate Knowledge of the Transactions of God with Men.

HI. I have added the Chapter and Verse of one or more Texts of Scripture to every Answer that required it, that the Reader might be invited to search his Bible, and there gain a larger and more particular Acquaintance with those historical Matters which I have briefly mentioned in a Line or two. If young Persons by this Means are allured to grow familiar with the Word of God, I am persuaded the Advantage they may reap thereby will

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DHE INTRODUCTION, - - • • I. b. An Account of the feveral Dispensations :

of God toward Men, - • . 2". Chap. I. "The History of Mankind before the

Flood; namely, of Adam, Eve, Cain,; .'

Abel, Enoch, &c. . . . - - a - 3
Char. II. Of Noah, Abraham, and their

Families after the Flood, • . • .. ib
Sect. 1. Of Noah and his sons, - . . I
Sect. 2. Of Abraham and Lot, Ismael

and Ifaac, - - - - - - - 15
Sect. 3. Of Efau and Jacob, and their

Pofterity, .. ..... 21 Chap. ill. The Deliverance of the Israelites

from Egypt by Mofes and Aaron; i. 26
Chap. IV. Of the Moral Law, - - -
Chap. V. Of the Ceremonial Law of the Jews,

Sect. 1. Of the Ceremonies of Purification,
Sect. 2. Of the holy Perfons, namely, Priests,

Levites, Nazárites, - - - - -
Sect. 3. Of the holy Places, particularly

the Tabernacle, - - - - - 42 ·
Sect. 4. Of the Holy Things, namely, the
Ark, Table, Candlestick, -Altars, Laver,

.. a

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