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Mr. Wroughton. FIRST SPIRIT,



Mr. Baaks.


Mr. Dignum, Mr. Sedgwick.

Women. LADY

Mrs. Kemble. EUPHROSYNE,

Mrs. Storace.

Mrs. Edwards, BACCHANTES,

Miss Barnes,

Mrs. Fox, Ø c. SABRINA and PASTORAL NYMPH, Miss Romanzini.

Bacchanals, Naiads, Spirits, &c.




Mr. Thompson. ELDER BROTHER,


Mr. Evett.


Mr. Cubit.

Women. LADY,


Mrs. Martyr:

ŞMrs. Kennedy, BACCHANTES,

Mrs. Morton. SABRINA and PASTORAL NYMPH, Mrs. Mountain.

Bacchanals, Naiads, Spirits, &c.


ACT 1.

The SCENE discovers a wild Wood.

The first Attendant Spirit enters. « Before the starry threshold of Jove's court “ My mansion is, where those immortal shapes “ Of bright aërial spirits live inspherd “In regions mild of calm and serene air, “ Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot “ Which men call earth, and with low-thoughted care “ Confin’d and pester'd in this pinfold here “ Strive to keep up a frail and fev'rish being, “ Unmindful of the crown that virtue gives, “ After this mortal change, to her true servants

Amongst the enthron'd gods on sainted seats. “ Yet some there are that by due steps aspire “ To lay their just hands on that golden key “That opes the palace of Eternity; “To such my errand is; and but for such “I would not soil these pure ambrosial weeds



“ With the rank vapours of this sin-worn mould. “ But whence yon’ slanting stream of purer light “Which streaks the midnight gloom, and hither darts “ Its beamy point ? Some messenger from Jove “ Commission'd to direct or share my charge, “ And if I ken him right, a spirit pure “ As treads the spangled pavement of the sky, “ The gentle Philadel : but swift as thought " He comes-a

The second Attendant Spirit descends. “ Declare on what strange errand bent " Thou visitest this clime to me assign’d, “ So far remote from thy appointed sphere.

S. Spi. “On no appointed task thou seest me now; “ But, as returning from Elysian bow'rs

30 “ (Whither from mortal coil a soul I wafted)

Along this boundless sea of waving air “I steer'd my flight, betwixt the gloomy shade “ Of these thick boughs thy radiant form I spy'd, “Gliding as streams the moon thro’ dusky clouds; “ Instant I stoop'd my wing, and downward sped “ To learn thy errand, and with thine to join “ My kindred aid, from nortals ne'er withheld " When Virtue on the brink of peril stands. F. Spi. “ Then mark th' occasion that demands it here.

40 “ Neptune, I need not tell, besides the sway "Of ev'ry salt flood and each ebbing stream, Took in by lot, 'twixt high and nether Jove

Imperial rule of all the sea-girt isles “ That, like to rich and various gems, inlay “ The unadorned bosom of the deep; “ Which he, to grace his tributary gods, “ By course commits to sev'ral government, “ And gives them leave to wear their sapphire crowns, “ And wield their little tridents ; but this isle, 50 “ The greatest and the best of all the main, “ He quarters to his blue-hair'd deities; “ And all this track that fronts the falling sun “ A nobler peer of mickle trust and pow'r “ Has in his charge, with temper'd awe to guide “ An old and haughty nation proud in arms. S. Spi.

“ Does any danger threat his legal sway “ From bold sedition or close-ambush'd treason ?

F. Spi. “No danger thence ; but to his lofty seat, “ Which borders on the verge of this wild vale, 60 “ His blooming offspring, nurs’d in princely lore, Are coming to attend their father's state “ And new entrusted sceptre, and their way “ Lies through the perplex'd path of this drearwood, “ 'The nodding horror of whose shady brows « Threats the forlorn and wand'ring passenger ; " And here their tender age might suffer peril, “ but that by quick command from sov'reign Jove, “ I was dispatch'd for their defence and guard. S. Spi.

“What peril can their innocence assail 70 “ Within these lonely and unpeopled shades ! F. Spi. Attend my words. No place but harbours

danger ;

In ev'ry region Virtue finds a foe.

Bacchus, that first from out the purple grape “ Crush'd the sweet poison of misus'd wine, “ After the Tuscan mariners transform’d,

Coasting the Tyrrhene shore as the winds listed, “ On Circe's island fell : (who knows not Circe, “ The daughter of the Sun, whose charmed cup “Whoever tasted lost his upright shape,

80 “ And downward fell into a grov’ling swine ?) This nymph, that gaz'd upon his clust'ring locks, “ With ivy berries wreath’d, and his blithe youth, “ Had by him, ere he parted thence, a son “ Much like his father, but his mother more, " Whom therefore she brought up and Comus nam’d.

S. Spi. “ I'll-omen'd birth to Virtue and her sons !
F. Spi. “ He, ripe and frolick of his full grown age,

Roving the Celtick and Iberian fields, “ At last betakes him to this ominous wood, “ And in thick shelter of black shades imbower'd “ Excels his mother at her mighty art, “ Cif‘ring to every weary traveller “ His orient liquor in a crystal glass To quench the drought of Phæbus, which as they

taste, "(For most do taste thro’ fond intemp'rate thirst) “ Socn as the potion works, their human count’nance, “« Th’express resemblance of the gods, is chang’d is Into some brutish form of wolf or bear, " Or ounce or tyger, hog or bearded goat, " All other parts remaining as they were :


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