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If you can see her. Her grace is a lone woman,
And very rich; and if she take a phant'sy,
She will do strange things. See her, at any hand.
’Slid, she may hap to leave you all she has !
It is the doctor's fear.
Dap. How will’t be done then?

Face. Let me alone, take you no thought. Do you But say to me, captain, I'll see her grace.

Dap. Captain, I'll see her grace.
Face. Enough.
Sub. Who's there?

[One knocks without. Anon. Conduct him forth by the back way.-

Sir, against one o'clock prepare yourself;
Till when you must be fasting ; only take
Three drops of vinegar in at your nose,
Two at your mouth, and one at either ear;
Then bathe your fingers' ends, and wash your eyes,
To sharpen your five senses, and cry hum
Thrice, and buz as often; and then come.

Face. Can you remember this?
Dap. I warrant you.

Face. Well, then, away. 'Tis but your bestowing
Some twenty nobles 'mong her grace's servants,
And put on a clean shirt; you do not know
What grace her grace may do you in clean linen.
Dap. Hum—buz.

[Exit. Face. Hum-buz.

[Exit Sub. Come in.

Enter DRUGGER, [Within.] I will see the doctor


Sub. Good wives, I pray you forbear me now:
Troth, I can do you no good till afternoon.
What is your name, say you ? Abel Drugger!

Drug. Yes, sir.
Sub. A seller of tobacco?
Drug. Yes, sir.

Sub. Umh.
Free of the grocers?

Drug. Yes, I'm free of the grocerse
Sub. Well
Your business, Abel ?

Drug. This an’t please your worship:
I am a young beginner, and am building
Of a new shop, an’t like your worship, just
At corner of a street (here is the plot on't);
And I would know, by art, sir, of your worship,
Which way I should make my door, by necromancy,
And where my shelves; and which should be for boxes,
And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, sir.
And I was wish'd to your worship by a gentleman,
One captain Face, that says you know men's planets,
And their good angels, and their bad.
Sub. I do,

500 If I do see them.

Enter Face

Face. What! my honest Abel?
Thou art well met here.

Drug. Troth, sir, I was speaking
Just as your worship came here, of your worship,

I pray you speak for me to master doctor.

Face. He shall do any thing. Doctor, do you hear?
This is my friend, Abel, an honest fellow :
He lets me have good tobacco, and he
Does not sophisticate it.

Drug. No, I never sophisticate it.
Face. Nor wrap it up in piss'd clouts.
Drug. Oh, fye for shame, captain.
Face. He's a neat, spruce, honest fellow, and no

Drug. No, I am no goldsmith.
Sub. He's a fortunate fellow, that I am sure on-
Face. Already, sir, ha' you found it! Lo'thee, Abel!
Sub. And in right way towards riches-
Face. Sir?
Sub. This summer

520 He will be of the clothing of his company, And next spring call’d to the scarlet, spend what he can.

Face. What, and so little beard?

Sub. You must think, He have a receipt to make hair come : But he'll be wise, preserve his youth, and fine for't; His fortune looks for him another way.

Face. 'Slid, doctor, how canst thou know this so soon? I am amaz'd at that!

Sub. By a rule, captain,

metaposcopy, which I do work by;
A certain star i' the forehead, which you see not.
Your chesnut, or your olive-colour'd face,
Does never fail : and your long ear doth promise,



I knew't, by certain spots too, in his teeth,
And on the nail of his mercurial finger.

Face. Which finger's that?

Sub. His little finger. Look
You were born upon a Wednesday?

Drug. Yes, indeed, sir," and so I was. 540

Sub. The thumb in Chiromancy, we give Venus; The fore-finger, to Jove; the midst, to Saturn; The ring, to Sol; the least, to Mercury, Who was the lord, sir, of his Horoscope, His House of Life being Libra; which foreshew'd He should be a merchant, and should trade with

balance. Face. Why this is strange ? Is't not, honest Nab? Drug. Yes, very strange.

Sub. There is a ship now, coming from Ormus,
That shall yield him such a commodity
Of drugs-Come kither, Abel;
This is the west, and this is the south.

Drug. Yes, sir.
Sub. And those are your two sides?
Drug. Ay, sir.
Sub. Make me your door then south ; your broad.

side, west :
And, on the east-side of your shop, aloft,
Write Mathlai, Tarmael, and Baraborat :
Upon the north-part, Rael, Velel, Thiel.
They are the name of those mercurial spirits,
That do fright Aies from boxes.

Drug. Yes, sir.


Sub. And
Beneath your threshold, bury mé a loadstone
To draw in gallants, that wear spurs ; the rest
They'll seem to follow.

Face. That's a secret, Nab.

Sub. And, on your stall, å puppet, with a vice,
And a court-fucus to call city.dames.
You shall deal much with minerals,

Drug. Sir, I have
At home already.

Sub. Ay, I know, you have, Arsnike,
Vitriol, Salt-tartre, Argale, Alkaly,
Cinoper: I know all. This fellow, captain,
Will come, in time, to be a great distiller,
And give a say (I will not say directly,
But very fair) at the Philosopher's Stone.

Face. Why, how now, Abel! is this true ?

Drug. Good captain, What must I give ?

Face. Nay, I'll not counsel thee. Thou hear'st what wealth (he says spend what thou

Th’art like to come to.

Drug. I would give him a crown.
Face. A crown! and towards such a fortune ?

Thou shalt rather gi' him thy shop. No gold about

thée ? Drug. Yes, I have a Portague, I have kept this


half year,

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