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For. Sir Sampson, we'll have the wedding to-mor. row morning

Sir S. With all my heart.
For. At ten o'clock; punctually at ten.

Sir S. To a minute, to a second ; thou shalt set thy watch; and the bridegroom shall observe its motions; they shall be married to a minute, go to bed to a minute; and when the alarm strikes, they shall keep time like the figures of Sc. Dunstan's clock, and consummatum est shall ring all over the parish!


Enter Servant.
Serv. Sir, Mr. Scandal desires to speak with you
upon earnest business.

For. I go to him, Sir Sampson, your servant. [Exit.
Sir S. What's the matter, friend?

Seru. Sir, 'tis about your son Valentine'; something has appeared to him in a dream, that makes him prophesy.

Enter SCANDAL. « Scand. Sir Sampson, sad news. " For. Bless us! “ Sir S. Why, what's the matter? “ Scand. Can't you guess at what ought to afflict

you and him, and all of us, more than any thing “ else?

“ Sir S. Body o’me. I don't know any universal grievance, but a new tax, or the loss of the Ca

" not right. You are a wise man, and a conscien, “ tious man ; a searcher into obscurity and futurity; “ and, if you commit an error, it is with a great deal " of consideration, and discretion, and caution.

For. Ah, good Mr. Scandal. Scand. Nay, nay, 'tis manifest; I do not Aatter

you.--But Sir Sampson is hasty, very hasty-I'm “ afraid he is not scrupulous enough, Mr. Foresight. « ---He has been wicked ; and Heaven grant he may

mean well in his affair with you !. -But my mind "gives me, these things cannot be wholly insignifi“ cant. You are wise, and should not be over“ reached: methinks you should not.

For. Alas, Mr. Scandal-Humanum est errare!

Scand. You say true, man will err; mere man " will err—but you are something more.

.There « have been wise men ; but they were such as you

men who consulted the stars and were observers “of omens.-Solomon was wise ; but how? by his "judgment in astrology.-So says Pineda, in his third “ book and eighth chapter.

For. You are learned, Mr. Scandal,

« Scand. A trifler-but a lover of art.--And the * wise men of the east owed their instructions to a

which is rightly observed by Gregory the * Great, in favour of astrology! And Albertus

Magnus makes it the most valuable science-be.

cause, says he, it teaches us to consider the causa“tion of causes, in the causes of things.

For. I protest, I honour you, Mr. Scandal.-I


“ did not think you had been read in these matters.

- Few young men are inclinedScand. I thank my stars that have inclined me. “But I fear this marriage and making over the “estate, this transferring of a rightful inheritance, “ will bring judgments upon us. I prophesy it; and “ I would not have the fate of Cassandra, not to be « believed. Valentine is disturbed; what can be the “ cause of that ? and Sir Sampson is hurried on by “ an unusual violence- fear he does not act “ wholly from himself; and methinks he does not « look as he used to do.

For. He was always of an impetuous nature. “ But as to this marriage, I have consulted the stars ; « and all appearances are prosperous.

Scand. Come, come, Mr. Foresight; let not the

prospect of worldly lucre carry you beyond your “judgment, nor against your conscience.--You are

not satisfied that you act justly. For. How ! Scand. You are not satisfied, I say.-I am loth to discourage you—but it is palpable that you are not satisfied.

For. How does it appear, Mr. Scandal? I think “I am very well satisfied.

Scand. Either you suffer yourself to deceive yourself, or you do not know yourself. For. Pray explain yourself. Scand. Do you sleep well o' nights? For. Very well.

Scand. Are you certain ? you do not look so. s6 For. I am in health, I think.

Scand. So was Valentine this morning; and " looked just so.

For. How! Am I altered any way? I don't per« ceive it.

Scand. That may be ; but your beard is longer “ than it was two hours ago.

For. Indeed ? bless me l”

Enter Mrs. Foresight. " Mrs. For. Husband, will you go to bed ? it's ten “ o'clock. Mr. Scandal, your servant.

Scand. Pox on her, she has interrupted my de. « sign—but I must work her into the project. You “ keep early hours, madam.

Mrs. For. Mr. Foresight is punctual ; we sit up " after him.

For. My dear, pray lend me your glass, your “ little looking-glass.

i Scand. Pray lend it him, nadam--I'll tell you. “the reason-[She gives him the glass, Scandal and " she whisper]—My passion for you is grown so vio“ lent--that I am no longer master of myself—I was,

interrupted in the morning, when you had charity “enough to give me your attention ; and I had hopes " of finding another opportunity of explaining my“ self to you--but was disappointed all this day; and “ the uneasiness that has attended me ever since, • brings me now hither at this unseasonable hour.

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