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Mrs. For. Was there ever such impudence, to “ make love to me before my husband's face? I'll “ swear, I'll tell him.

Scand. Do. l'll die a martyr rather than disclaim " my passion. But, come a little farther this way; “ and I'll tell you what project I had to get him out “ of the way, that I might have an opportunity of “ waiting upon you.

[Whisper. Foresight looking in the glass. For. I do not see any revolution here.-Me“ thinks I look with a serene and benign aspect,“ pale, a little pale—but the roses of these cheeks “ have been gathered many years—Ha, I do not like " that sudden Aushing-gone already! -Hem, hem, “ hem! faintish. My heart is pretty good; yet it “ beats: and my pulses, ha!--I have none-mercy “ on me!-hum!—Yes, here they are.-Gallop, “ gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop ! hey, whither “ will they hurry me :-Now they're gone again, " and now I'm faint again ; and pale again, and, “ hem! and my, hem!-breath, and, hem!--grows

hem! he, he, hem! “ Scand. It takes : pursue it, in the name of love hand pleasure.

" Mrs. For. How do you do, Mr. Foresight ?

For. Hum, not so well as I thought I was. Lend " me your hand.

Scand. Look you there now. Your lady says of your sleep has been unquiet of late.

" For. Very likely!

a short;

Mrs. For. O, mighty restless! but I was afraid to “ tell him so.--He has been subject to talking and “ starting

« Scand. And did not use to be so ? “ Mrs. For. Never, never; till within these three nights, I cannot say that he has once broken my rest since we have been married. For. I will go to bed. Scand. Do so, Mr. Foresight, and say your prayers

-He looks better than he did. “ Mrs. For. Nurse, nurse! “ For. Do you think so, Scandal ?

Scand. Yes, yes; I hope this will be gone by “ morning : take it in time.

« For. I hope so,

Enter NURSE. « Mrs. For. Nurse, your master is not well; put “ him to bed.

Scand. I hope you will be able to see Valentine “ in the morning. You had best take a little diaco“dium and cowslip water, and lie upon your back; may

be you may dream. For. I thank you, Mr. Scandal ; I will.-Nurse, “ let me have a watch-light, and lay The Crumbs of

Comfort by me.
Nurse. Yes, sir.

[Exit. For. And-hem, hem! I am very faint. Scand. No, no, you look much better. For. Do I? And, d’ye heara-bring me, let me


just upon

“ night.

“ see-within a quarter of twelve-hem-he, hem!

the turning of the tide, bring me the uri. “ nal. And I hope, neither the lord of my ascend

ant, nor the moon will be combust; and then I may « do well.

Scand. I hope so- -Leave that to me; I will erect " a scheme; and I hope I shall find both Sol and Ve. " nus in the sixth house.

For. I thank you, Mr. Scandal; indeed that " would be a great comfort to me. Hem, hem! good

[Exit. " Scand. Good night, good Mr. Foresight. And “ I hope Mars and Venus will be in conjunction" while your wife and I are together."

Mrs. For. Well; and what use do you hope to make of this project? You don't think that you are ever like to succeed in your design upon me?

Scand. Yes, faith, I do; I have a better opinion both of you and inyself, than to despair.

Mrs. For. Did you ever hear such a toad :--Hark’ye, devil : do you think any woman honest?

Scand. Yes, several, very honest-they'll cheat a little at cards, sometimes; but that's nothing.

Mrs. For. Pshaw! but virtuous, I mean?

Scand. Yes, faith, I believe some women are virtuous too; but 'tis as I believe some men are valiant, through fear-For why should a man court danger, or a woman shun pleasure ?

« Mrs. For. O monstrous! What are conscience " and honour ?


Scand. Why, honour is a public enemy; and con. " science a domestic thief: and he that would secure “his pleasure, must pay a tribute to one, and halves ¢ with t'other. As for honour, that you have se“ cured; for you have purchased a perpetual oppor“ tunity for pleasure.

Mrs. For. An opportunity for pleasure ?

Scand. Ay, your husband; an husband is an op“portunity for pleasure. So you have taken care of “ honour, and 'tis the least I can do to take care of “ conscience.

Mrs. For. And so you think we are free for one “ another?

Scand. Yes, faith, I think so; I love to speak my « mind.

Mrs. For. Why then I'll speak my mind. Now, " as to this affair between you and me. “ make love to me; why, I'll confess it does not dis“ please me. Your person is well enough, and your “ understanding is not amiss.

Scand. I have no great opinion of myself; but I “ think I am neither deformed, nor a fool.

Mrs. For. But you have a villanous character; you are a libertine in speech, as well as practice.

" Scand. Come, I know what you would say-you “ think it more dangerous to be seen in conversation “ with me, than to allow some other men the last fa.

You mistake; the liberty I take in talking “ is purely affected, for the service of your sex. He “ that first cries out stop thief, is often he that stole

Here you


< your

“ the treasure. I am a juggler, that acts by confede

racy, and if you please, we'll put a trick upon the “ world.

Mrs. For. Ay; but you are such an universal jug“ gler—that I'm afraid you have a great many con. “ federates.

Scand. Faith, I'm, sound.”
Mrs. For. “ O fie!”—I'll swear you're impudent.
Scand. I'll swear you're handsome.
Mrs. For. Pish, you'd tell me so, though you

did not think so.

Scand. And, you'd think so, though I did not tell you so: and now I think we know one another pretty well.

Mrs. For. O Lord ! who's here?

Enter Mrs. FRAIL and Ben. Ben. Mess, I love to speak my mind-Father has nothing to do with me. - Nay, I can't say that neither; he has something to do with me; but what does that signify? If so be, that I ben't minded to be steered by him; 'tis as thof he should strive against wind and tide.

Mrs. F. Ay, but, my dear, we must keep it secret, till the estate be settled; for, you know, marrying without an estate, is like sailing in a ship without ballast.

Ben. He, he, he! why that's true; just so for all the world, it is as like as two cable ropes.

Mrs. F. And though I have a good portion; you know one would not venture all in one bottom.

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