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This book has an interesting history even before coming out on the market.

Had it come out before the end of December '99, it could have been seen as pure fiction. However, end of December some theoricians of physics , a world apart, have confirmed the theory on which all of this is resting .

This model of the universe was first printed in '78 and brought about mostly friendly smiles from scientists as it states that the empty space is anything but empty, and that there is no particle moving around, just information circulating in a organized cloud of something.

Come on now !

Besides it doesn't always agree with Einstein, Hubble and Co. Very irrespectful.

That's totally farfetched !

So until Dec.'99 when this book was supposed to come on the internet, according to the contract with 1rstBooks, this book looked like total fiction, and the author was willing to admit that much. Believe it or not, he said.

However, at the end of Dec. '99 two Chineses Yu-Chengfang and Xufin came out with a mathematical model of the universe which supports exactly the same opinion. No empty space, a cloud of something everywhere, which here takes the face of empty space, here the face of matter.

This gives more substance to Dr. Leclercq's model which now doesn't stand alone.

This means that the model on which this book is based may not be fiction after all.

That means that this book may describe the universe as it really is and give at last some idea about the other world and its inhabitants, spirits maybe, gods perhaps, souls ?

Of course this means that I had to rewrite this section.

The book on the other hand remains unchanged. It is a very special book, written without any plan, developing itself naturally over six days, could we say inspired?

Day one: material universe. Day two : spiritual universe. Day three : god, liberty. Day four : body, mind, soul. Day five: christianity, prophets, religions. Day six : god male ? female ? devil.

We move gently, logically, clearly from one question to the next.

Not much is left out. This book describes what is the most probable, but we are free to accept any part of it, or the entire book. When all is said, we are left to choose our personal opinion.

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