Parliamentary Papers, المجلد 27

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الصفحة 178 - I see, men's judgments are A parcel of their fortunes ; and things outward Do draw the inward quality after them, To suffer all alike.
الصفحة 295 - If any certificate or report made, or public notice given, by the officers of any such company, in pursuance of the provisions of this act. shall be false in any material representation, all the officers who shall have signed the same, knowing it to be false, shall be jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the company contracted while they are stockholders or officers thereof.
الصفحة 295 - If the directors of any such company shall declare and pay any dividend, when the company is insolvent, or any dividend the payment of which would render it insolvent, they shall be jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the company then existing, and for all that shall be thereafter contracted so long as they shall respectively continue in office...
الصفحة 296 - ... liable as a stockholder accordingly ; and the estates and funds in the hands of such executor, administrator, guardian, or trustee shall be liable in like manner, and to the same extent, as the testator, or intestate, or the ward, or person interested in such trust fund would have been, if he had been living and competent to act, and held the same stock in his own name.
الصفحة 178 - ... branch of industry that has not been indebted to them ; and in all the most material, they have not only widened most magnificently the field of its exertions, but multiplied a thousand-fold the amount of its productions.
الصفحة 295 - ... liable to the extent, of such loan and interest, for all the debts of the company contracted before the repayment of the sum so loaned.
الصفحة 78 - And by section 10 it is provided that every alteration which shall be made in the names of the partners, in the nature of the business, or in the capital or shares thereof, or in any other matter specified in the original certificate, shall be deemed a dissolution of the partnership; and every such partnership, which shall in any manner be carried on after any such alteration shall have been made, shall be deemed a general partnership...
الصفحة 57 - Note be affected, by reason of any Statute or Law in force for the Prevention of Usury ; nor shall any Person or Persons...
الصفحة 292 - The business of the partnership shall be conducted under a firm, in which the names of the general partners only shall be inserted, without the addition of the word "company...
الصفحة 30 - I think the true criterion (when money is advanced to a trader) is to consider whether the profit or premium is certain and defined, or casual, indefinite, and depending on the accidents of trade. In the former case it is a loan (whether usurious or not is not material to the present question), in the latter a partnership.

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