Ailieford, by the author of 'John Drayton'.

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الصفحة 133 - ... the usual pillow ; and I saw my mother, with tears of joy upon her cheeks for her son's return. Yes, there was one wherever I wandered, who waited for me with a constant love, putting the love of wives and dearest children to shame. " True loves I may get mony a ane, But minnie ne'er anither." I said to myself, with a glow of warmth at my heart ; and I wrote to her that I was coming home. Before my mother could have received my letter, there came one from her to me which threw a deeper sadness...
الصفحة 6 - ... infallible process, to prevent such dark and ruinous misfortunes as this which had wrecked the life of Jamie, and thrown so great a cloud upon our own. Was Jamie's case a solitary case, strange in the annals of his class? Heaven help the lost hearts and desolate houses that, groaning, answered, " No !" Like the beach of a dangerous coast, these warehouses and offices were strewed with tokens of destruction, glaring with beacons, encumbered with many a dreary vestige of the lost ; and my heart...
الصفحة 297 - THE END. LONDON: Printed by Schulze and Co., 13, Poland Street. •I ' • ' .• • • ••••' '•--• '-I..- ' mm mm •. HH m
الصفحة 9 - ... world's great riddle. Ploughing on the surface, vainly tried, made the heart sick with disappointed hope ; the husbandman of Heaven struck his spade down, down to the very core and centre of the inner life, and cured by the renovated spring and motive within, not by poor curbs without. I saw him — I say it with humility. Ah, young eager soul, projector, enthusiast, friend^/ did not choose His mode of working, kindly. I would have improved upon it after my own vain fashion, and put the iron...

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