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cultivate a love of the Bible, and prepare to read it intelligently and usefully. For these reasons, I cannot but wish the publication may circulate extensively,"

From REV. J. S. C. ABBOTT, author of Mother at Home, &c.-"I have looked over the book with considerable attention and much interest. I was so much pleased with the plan and its execution, that I read it for some time in my family. It appears to me to be peculiarly well adapted for a reading book in schools, and were I a teacher I should be very desirous of using it as such."

From REV. BARON STOW, Pastor of Baldwin-Place Church, Boston, member of the Boston School Committee,-"I have examined your book, and am prepared to vote for its introduction into the schools."

From REV. N. L. FROTHINGHAM, D. D., Boston." The Bible Reader meets, in my opinion, a great want, and meets it well. Its selections are made with excellent judgment, and the marking emphatic words by Italic characters is executed with a nice discernment which very few can be supposed to possess. I think it every way suitable to be used in our schools."

From REV. CONVERS FRANCIS, D. D., Pastor of First Church in Watertown. "I have looked over the book with great satisfaction. Its selections I think are very judiciously made. *** It seems to me just such a book as we want for our schools, and will supply a place that, so far as I know, no other book is adapted to fill. Such a work is, on many accounts, better for the purpose in view than the whole Bible would be."

Other recommendations have been received from various sources, as well entitled to confidence as the above, but the space allowed for this advertisement will not dit of their insertion.



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