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forest-how he laid his weary head upon the stones which he bad heaped up for a pillow, and while he slept, with no lamps but the twinkling stars and no covering but the canopy of heaven, he had a dream,-he saw a ladder reaching from the earth to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending upon it, and Jesus Christ, the angel of the Covenant was at the top. Now, this ladder represents faith. All of you have been up some rounds of it. There's a man says he has been up on the fifth, and is now on the third. Here's one who says he has been on the eighth round, and after having retrogaded three rounds, now stands on the fifth. There's a man out yonder, says, I believe I've been up some rounds, and was once on the fourth. Well, where are ye now, friend? Why, to tell the truth, I'm flat on the ground! Now friend, you who profess the religion of Jesus Christ--Wake up !-Wake up, and become ardent in the cause. Depend upon it, if you continue in your present lukewarm state, you come under the awful denunciation of Jehovah. You must have faith. God can't use ye without faith and he wont use you !-You must put away the sin of damning unbelief. Murder holds no comparison to the great sin of damning unbelief! There's a man, now-Let the minister ask him, Do you believe? Why yes.?-Well, have you got faith, friend ? -What round are ye on ?-He'll look him right

in the face, and say "Why, really I don't knowI believe I haven't got much faith, but then you'll find we're all just so. All just so ? How ridiculous this is.—There's a man from Manchester holds a promissory note against a merchant in Burlington. It becomes due,—he presents it.

Oh, I can't pay it,' says he. Can't pay it !-Why not ?-Aint you able ? O yes,--but we don't pay our debts here in Burlington. If you'll just take the trouble to enquire, Sir, you'll find us all alike in Burlington.' Well, you don't suppose this is going to excuse you, do ye?-Here Sir, I've got your promise and your signature and you must pay me.

Now friends, dont you see your being all alike dont excuse ye. The very moment the Church get out of the way, salvation will flow like a mighty river!

Now, sinner, dont you stumble over cold, lifeJess Church-members into hell.-Don't delaydont wait for them to grow better, but give your hearts right up to Christ. I don't want you to be a long while under conviction—I don't want to make you willing to be damned for the glory of God. It's as much as I can do to make people willing to be saved ! People used to think a man must be a long time under conviction--three or four weeks at least, and very often a man would be six months getting religion. But my friends, this is all wrong. I tell you it's all wrong.-It is just as the devil would have it. Dont you know a

man sins against the Holy Ghost when he's waiting, waiting, waiting for a sudden conversion as if by a galvanic shock ? To make it plain. Suppose I had a son Henry, He had run away with old Gibbs, the pirate, and had gone with him to the West Indies in his little schooner, and killed twenty men. I happen down to New York and meet him on the dock. Says I, you must leave off this awful business and return home, or you are ruined forever. Tell me directly, will you do it? Well,' says he 'I dont exactly know about that, father. I dont know as I feel prepared. I want to reflect a couple of hours, whether I'll murder any more men ! Why, my son, you ought to be damned for hesitating a moment! Ah sinner, you've murdered Christ-your Savior, your only hope! How long will you continue to pierce his side by continuing in rebellion against him. "Stop,' say you, 'I want to reflect whether to drive any more nails there !!

When a man is under conviction, what shall he do? Why, the minister used to tell him to read bis Bible and pray. Now I dont want you to do so, you will be apt to distract your minds and ultimately lose all feeling on the subjeet. Fasten your minds on a few,--two or three of the most prominent promises. One is as good as twentygive yourselves up to Christ for him to rule and reign over you for time and eternity, and you shall obtain salvation. Suppose I was drowning,

-had fallen overboard :—there were twenty ropes thrown out. I take hold of one, dont like ittry another, and another. I'll choose this one. No, that is more convenient. All this time I am growing weaker and weaker, and get benumbed with the cold, and at last sink down and am lost among all these chances of escape! Now, 1 should be a fool, shouldn't I, to throw my life away so? Well, the sinner acts just about as consistently when he thinks he's going to get salvation by reading his Bible merely.

Do you want a revival here? Why yes,' Well how are you a going to get it, if you have lost the free Spirit of God, and have no faith? O we are going to pray. We'll pray in our closets and in our families, as we have done We'll meeting and to conference.? Why, my friends, do you expect a revival on these conditions ? Nonsense! But we hope the blessing will come. Hope it will come ? 'God commands you to have it. If you want refreshing here-if you want sinners, who are exposed to the eternal wrath of God, to be converted, you must come to the determination to exercise faith. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You must form the reso. lution ! Faith's what does it. Make up your minds to do it. Before you can do any thing you must form a determination. Why you couldn't have come to this house if you hadn't first determined to do it.

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Now Christians, you see how necessary it is that you have the joy of your salvation restored. It's of no use for you to talk to sinners unless you have the spirit of God in your own hearts. They'll laugh you to scorn and make you ashamed of it. [Keep those boys still there, by the door.] O what a stupid state this Church is in ! My soul! You have been as cold as Greenland these two years!-You'll almost freeze one to death! The Church must come out! Come out! If you want to get to heaven yourselves or see others converted, you must act in earnest ! Dont serve the devil any longer with one hand and God with the other ! There's no being on earth 1 so detest as a hypocrite. I wont be one. You cant talk about God and salvation. Ye are dumb dogs. You need not laugh,-this is Scripture. God calls you so. You cant talk about these things, so as to make people believe what you say. Why not? For this plain simple reason. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."

See that man there, -what's he doing? He's making a speech at the election. Dont you see the people crowding around him,—all attention. What makes the man talk se ? O, politics ! politics ! POLITICS ! He's full and running over with politics. So with the tract agent. I never saw a tract agent in my life but was full of tracts, tracts-nothing but tracts. He's all tracts, with

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