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Wood - Anthony Wood's Collection of Ballads, Bodleian Library.


1. A was armed all in ale (Dec. 14, 1624, IV, 132).
2. a b c of a preste Called Heugh Stourmy &c, A ballett of the
(1557-58, I, 76, Jno. Wally, Mrs. Toy).

3. A. B. C. or good counsell for all men, The (Mch. 1, 1675, ii,


4. a b c with a prayer, an (1564-65, I, 269, Jno. Alde). [Per-
haps this was an early version of A right Godly and Chris-
tiane a. b. c. Shewinge the dewty of every degre, ending
with a prayer in three stanzas for Queen Elizabeth instead
of for James I as do 299 and 989, which are apparently
later editions of this same ballad.]

5. Abraham and Sara, A newe ballad of (Aug. 15, 1586, II,
454, Henry Carr). [=? A Dittie, deliuering a freendlye
admonition to Women . . . after the example of Sara, beg.
"List a while faire Ladies," Munday's Banquet, 1588, Harl.
Miscel., IX, 228.]

6. abuse of ye sabooth of the lorde &c, the (1566-67, I, 328,
Alex. Lacy).

7. abuses of the wicked world &c, Th (Aug. 1, 1586, II, 451,
Ed. White). [A most excellent Godly new Ballad:
[Shew]ing the manifold abuses of this wicked world, the
intolerable pride of people, the wantonnesse [of] women,
the dissimulation of flatterers, etc., beg. "Good Lord what
a wicked world is this," Manchester, I, 4. =1021.]
8. *acc[oun]t of the confession of the Lord Russell, with his
behav in prison, &c, An (July 22, 1683, iii, 174, Joshua
Conyers.) [Cf. 2605.]

9. Acrysious (1568-69, I, 386, Rich. Jones). [Acrisius, father
of Danae.]

10. *Adam Bell &c (1557-58, I, 79, Jno. King). [= 11.]
11. *Adam Bell with Clim of the Clough (? June 19, 1627, IV,
182, Tho. & Rich. Cotes). [Child, No. 116; P. F., III, 102;
see 10, 2966. Beg. "Mery it was in grene forest," "Liste,
northeren Ladds, to blyther things." Other entries of this
ballad were made on Jan. 15, 1582; May 31, 1594; Sept.

24, 1608; Oct. 29, 1615; June 27, 1646; April 4, 1655
(II, 405, 651; III, 390, 575; i, 236, 469).]

12. Adams fearefull fall (1570-71, I, 436, Wm. Pekering). [Cf.

360, 425.]

13. admonytion agaynste Dice playe by Churche Yarde (1566-
67, I, 339, Tho. Colwell). [I. e., Thomas Churchyard.]
14. admonicon for all vnbridled youthe, an (July 24, 1595, III,
45, Jno. Danter). [=?15.]

15. admonition for the follies of vnbrideled youthe, An (Jan.
27, 1598, III, 101, Wm. Kirkham). [=?14.]

16. *admonyssion of Doctour Storye, an (1570-71, I, 443, Jno.
Alde). [By John Cornet. Beg. "Bestur your stompz
good Story now," Collmann, No. 33.]

17. admonyssion or a letter of a yonge man, an (1567-68, I,
354, Tho. Colwell).

18. admonycon to bewtyes darlinges wherein is pythelye de-
scrybed the vanytye of vayne apparell, An (May 10,
1589, II, 520, Stephen Peele).

19. admonition to cruel Jaylors, an (1569-70, I, 406, Alex.

20. *admonition to Elderton to leave the Toyes by hym be-
gonne &c / an (1561-62, I, 180, Jno. Alde). [= 21.]
21. admonition to Elderton to leave the toyes by hym begonne,
a ballett intituled an (1561-62, I, 181, Jno. Alde). [Cf.
20 and Elderton, p. 203.]

22. admonicon to Englande, by the blasinge Starre, an (Dec.
7, 1580, II, 383, Henry Kirkham). [Cf. 296.]

23. admonycon to England whereby to repent wishinge from
wickednes all heartes to Relent, an (Nov. 22, 1579, II,
362, Jno. Alde).

24. admonyssion to leave swerynge, A ballett of (1557-58, I,
76, Jno. Wally, Mrs. Toy).

25. Admonition vnto all Plough holders exhortinge them to
holde faste &c, An (Sept. 20, 1588, II, 500, Jno. Wolf).
[On the Armada. See Arber, V, 149 (No. 3497).]

26. admonition wrytten by Paule vnto Tymothie iij chapter
wherein he declareth the maners of men in these our lat-
ter Daies, An (Jan. 2, 1584, II, 430, Tho. Butter).
["This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall

come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous,
boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, un-
thankful, unholy."-2 Tim. iii. 1-2.]

27. against all suche as vainelie Doo saye. All thinges in old
tyme were at good staie and nowe that the gospell is
preached see all thinges are so deare yt is strange to see,
A ballad (Sept. 11, 1578, II, 337, Ed. White).

28. agaynste covetous (Nov. 30, 1560, I, 153, Owen Rogers).
[? A generall discourse vpon Covetousnesse, beg. "The
covetous carle, when gredy eyes," Rollins1, p. 285.]

29. agaynste Detrection (1561-62, I, 180, Jno. Alde). [A Bal-
lad against Slander and Detraction, by Jno. Heywood, beg.
Almyghty God Dooth shake his rod," Lilly, p. 9.]

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30. agaynste Dyssembelers (1567-68, I, 357, Tho. Colwell).
[Possibly related to the ballad beg. "From a dissimilynge
frende unjuste," in MS. Ashmole 48, No. 47.]

31. agaynste Dronkerdes (1560-61, I, 153, Jno. Sampson).
[= ?32.]

32. agaynste Druckers (1562-63, I, 205, Wm. Griffith). [I. e.,
Drunkards. Cf. 31.]

33. agaynste fylthy wrytinge and suche lyke Delythynge (1561-
62, I, 181, Edmund Halley). [By Tho. Brice, beg. “What
meane the rimes that run thus large in euery shop to sell,"
Collmann, No. 13; Collier1, p. 50.]

34. agaynste fornication &c, a godly ballett (1564-65, I, 270,
Tho. Purfoote).

35. agaynste greate hose (1570-71, I, 436, Henry Kirkham).
[Cf. 2342.]

36. agaynste prayse and vayne glorye in the tyme of kynge
Saloman (1564-65, I, 270, Tho. Purfoote). [?" to the

tune of King Solomon" (2039). ? Same as 37, 38.]
37. agaynste pryde &c (1568-69, I, 388, Jno. Alde). [=?38.]
38. agaynste pryde and vayne glorye (1568-69, I, 382, Jno.
Alde). [? Same as 36.]

39. agaynste Swerynge (1569-70, I, 399, Tho. Colwell).
40. agaynste the abuse of a companye of Rusters (1569-70, I,
411, Hugh Singleton).

41. agaynste the invention of mans mynde &c (1562-63, I, 200,

Jas. Robothum).

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