Fabian Tract, العدد 1;العدد 5;العدد 7;الأعداد 13-15;الأعداد 19-20;العدد 23;الأعداد 28-29;العدد 32;الأعداد 36-38;الأعداد 41-42;الأعداد 44-45;الأعداد 47-48;العدد 51;العدد 54;العدد 56;العدد 58;الأعداد 61-64;العدد 67;الأعداد 69-73;الأعداد 75-76;العدد 78;الأعداد 82-87;الأعداد 90-104;الأعداد 108-112;العدد 115;الأعداد 117-129

الغلاف الأمامي
Fabian Publications, 1906
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الصفحة 7 - Any weekly payment may be reviewed at the request either of the employer or of the workman, and on such review may be ended, diminished or increased, subject to the maximum above provided, and the amount of payment shall, in default of agreement, be settled by arbitration under this Act.
الصفحة 2 - If in any employment to which this Act applies personal injury by accident arising out of and in the course of the employment is caused to a workman, his employer shall, subject as hereinafter mentioned, be liable to pay compensation in accordance with the First Schedule to this Act.
الصفحة 2 - When the injury was caused by the personal negligence or wilful act of the employer or of some person for whose act or default the employer is responsible, nothing in this Act shall affect any civil liability of the employer, but in that case the workman may, at his option, either claim compensation under this Act or take proceedings independently of this Act...
الصفحة 3 - ... accident has been given as soon as practicable after the happening thereof, and before the workman has voluntarily left the employment in which he was injured; and unless the claim for compensation with respect to such accident has been made within six months from the occurrence of the accident causing the injury, or, in case of death, within six months from the time of death...
الصفحة 3 - ... and, if served by post shall be deemed to have been served...
الصفحة 3 - No scheme shall be so certified which contains an obligation upon the workmen to join the scheme as a condition of their hiring...
الصفحة 4 - Where the injury for which compensation is payable under this act was caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in some person other than the employer...
الصفحة 4 - ... the suitability of the same to the purposes of the undertaking, and where a part only of the undertaking is purchased, to any loss occasioned by severance ; but without any addition in respect of compulsory purchase, or of goodwill, or of any profits which may or might have been, or be made from the undertaking, or of any similar considerations.
الصفحة 6 - Act shall be— (a) where death results from the injury— (i.) if the workman leaves any dependants wholly dependent upon hi* earnings at the time of his death, a sum equal to his earnings in the employment of the same employer during the three years next preceding the injury...

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