History of England: From the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles, 1713-1783, المجلد 7

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الصفحة 161 - That a claim of any body of men, other than the king, lords, and commons of Ireland to make laws to bind this kingdom, is unconstitutional, illegal, and a grievance.
الصفحة 67 - She for a time entirely lost herself. The general went up to see her, and she upbraided him with being in a plot to murder her child. One moment she raved, another she melted into tears, sometimes she pressed her infant to her bosom, and lamented its fate occasioned by the imprudence of its father, in a manner that would have pierced insensibility itself. All the sweetness of beauty, all the loveliness of innocence, all the tenderness of a wife, and all the fondness of a mother, showed themselves...
الصفحة 218 - I will be very frank with you. I was the last to consent to the separation; but the separation having been made, and having become inevitable, I have always said, as I say now, that I would be the first to meet the friendship of the United States as an independent power.
الصفحة 172 - the close of this century, either the Parliament will "reform itself from within, or be reformed with a "vengeance from without...
الصفحة 87 - I know that he is not formally before the Court, but for ' that very reason I will bring him before the Court. He has 'placed these men in the front of the battle, in hopes to 'escape under their shelter, but I will not join- in battle 'with them; their vices, though screwed up to the highest 'pitch of human depravity, are not of dignity enough to ' vindicate the combat with ME. I will drag HIM to light who 'is the dark mover behind this scene of iniquity...
الصفحة 218 - I wish you, sir, to believe, and that it may be understood in America, that I have done nothing in the late contest but what I thought myself indispensably bound to do, by the duty which I owed to my people. I will be very frank with you. I was the last to...
الصفحة 130 - As he would have taken a ball in his breast," replied lord George. For he opened his arms, exclaiming wildly, as he paced up and down the apartment during a few minutes, "Oh God ! it is all over ! " Words which he repeated many times, under emotions of the deepest agitation and distress.
الصفحة 31 - Sessions-House at the Old Bailey. There were not, I believe, a hundred; but they did their work at leisure, in full security, without sentinels, without trepidation, as men lawfully employed, in full day: Such is the cowardice of a commercial place.
الصفحة 68 - The events of coming within an enemy's posts, and of changing my dress, which led me to my present situation, were contrary to my own intentions, as they were to your orders; and the circuitous route, which I took to return, was imposed (perhaps unavoidably) without alternative upon me. I am perfectly tranquil in mind, and prepared for any fate, to which an honest zeal for my King's service may have devoted me.
الصفحة 170 - the best of messages to the best of people from the best of kings.

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