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Athanasius, the Parian, author of a treatise on rhetoric.

Vicenzo Damodos, of Cephalonia, has written είς το μεσoβαρβαρον,» on Iogic and physics.

John Kanarases, à Byzantine, has translated into French Ocellus on the Universe. He is said to be an excellent Hellenist, and Latin scholar.

Gregorio Demetrius published, in Vienna, a geographical work: he has also translated several Italian authors, and printed his versions at Venice.

Of Coray and Psalida some account has been already given.

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Ό του εις τας Θερμοπύλας

πόλεμον αυτός κροτεί, και τους Πέρσας αφανίζει

και αυτών κατά κρατεί Μέτριακοσίους άνδρας

εις το κέντρον πρόχωρει, και ως λέων θυμώμενος, είς το αίμα των βουτεί.

Τα όπλα ας λάβωμεν, etc.


ROMAIC EXTRACTS. Ρωσσος, 'Αγκλος, και Γάλλος κάμνοντες

την περιήγησιν της Ελλάδος, και βλέποντες την αθλίαν την κατάστασιν, είρώτησαν καταρχας ένα Γραικόν φιλέλληνα δια να μάθουν την αιτίαν, μετ' αυτόν ένα μητροπολίτην, είτα ένα βλαχμπειν, έπειτα ένα πραγματευτών και ένα

προεστώτα. Είπέ μας, ώ φιλέλληνα, πως φέρεις την

σκλαβίαν και την απαριγόρητον των Τούρκων τυ

ραννίαν και πως ταϊς ξυλαίς και υβρισμούς και ση

δηροδεσμίας παίδων, παρθένων, γυναικών ανήκουστον

φθορείαν; Δεν είσθαι εσείς απογονοι εκείνων των

Ελλήνων των ελευθέρων και σοφών και των φιλο

πατρίδων" και πως εκείνοι απέθνησκον δια την ελευ

θερίαν, και τώρα εσείς υπoύκεισθαι εις τέτοιαν

τυραννίαν, και ποίον γένος ως εσείς εστάθη φωτισ

μένον εις την σοφίαν, δύναμης, είς και όλα ζα


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Ο ΦΙΛΕΛΛΗΝΟΣ. Ρωσσ-αγκλο-γαλλοι, Ελλάς, και όχι άλλοι, ήτον, ως λέτε, τόσον μεγάλη, νύν δε αθλία, και αναξία αφ' φoυ αρχίσεν η αμαθία. οστ' ήμπορούσαν να την ξυπνήση τούτ' εις το χειρον την οδηγούσε αύτη στενάζει τα τέκνα κράζει, στό να προκόπτουν όλα προστάζει και τότε ελπίζει ότι κερδίζει. ευρείν, όπου 'χει νυν την φλογίζει Μα όστις τολμήση να την ξυπνήση πάγει στον αδης χωρίς τινα κρίσιν.

The above is the commencement of a long dra. matic satire on the Greek priesthood, princes, and gentry; it is contemptible as a composition, but perhaps curious as a specimen of their rhyne: 1 have the whole in MS. but this extract will be found sufficient. The Romaic in this composition is so easy as to render a version an insult to a scholar; but those who do not understand the original will excuse the following bad translation of what is in itself indifferent.

TRANSLATION. A Russian, Englishman, and Frenchman making the tour of Greece, and observing the miserable state of the country, interrogate, in turn, a Greek Patriot, to learn the cause; afterwards an Archbishop, then a Vlackbey *), a Merchant, and Cogia Bachi or Primate.

Thou friend of thy country! to strangers record
Why bear ye the yoke of the Ottoman Lord ?
Why bear ye these fetters thus tanely display'd,
The wrongs of the matron, the stripling, and maid?
The descendants of Hellas's race are not ye!
The patriot sons of the sage and the free,
Thus sprung from the blood of the noble and brave,
To vilely exist as the Mussulman slave!
Not such were the fathers your annals can boast,
Who conquer'd and died for the freedom you lost !
Not such was your land in her earlier hour,
The day.star of nations in wisdom and power!
And still will you thus unresisting increase,
Oh shameful dishonour! the darkness of Greece?
Then tell us, beloved Achaean! reveal
The anuse of the woes which you cannot conceal.

The reply of the Philellenist I have not trans. lated, as it is no better than the question of the travelling triumvirate; and the above will suffi. ciently show with what kind of composition the Greeks are now satisfied. I trust I have not much ininred the original in the few lines given as faithfully, and as near the "Oh, Miss Bailey! unfor. tunate Miss Bailey!, measure of the Romaic, as I could make them. Almost all their pieces, above a song, which aspire to the name of poetry, contain exactly the quantity of feet of "A captain bold of Halifax who lived in country

quarters. » which is in fact the present heroic couplet of the Romaic.

) Vlackbey, Prince of Wallachia.

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