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النشر الإلكتروني

Who once at such a gentle reign repine,
The fall of monarchy itself design;
From hate to that their reformations spring,
And David not their grievance, but the King.
Seiz'd now with panic fear the faction lies,
Lest this clear truth strike Absalom's eharm'd eyes,
Lest he perceive from long enchantment free,

What all beside the flatter'd youth must see.
But whate'er doubts his troubled bosom swell,
Fair carriage still became Achithophel,
Who now an envious festival enstals,
And to survey their strength the faction calls,
Which fraud, religious worship too, must gild;
But oh how weakly does Sedition build ?
For, lol the royal mandate issues forth,
Dashing at once their treason, zeal, and mirth!
So have I seen disastrous chance invade

920 Where careful emmits had their forage laid, Whether fierce Vulcan's rage the furzy plain Had seiz'd, engender'd by some careless swain, Or swelling Neptune lawless inroads made, And to their cell of store his flood convey'd: The commonwealth broke up, distracted go, And in wild haste their loaded mates o'erthrow: E'en so our scatter'd guests confus’dly meet, With boil'd, bak'd, roast, all justling in the street. Dejecting all and ruefully dismay'd,

930 For shekel without treat or treason paid.

Sedition's dark eclipse now fainter shows,
More bright each hour the royal planet grows,
Of force the clouds of envy to disperse,
In kind conjunction of assisting stars.
Here, lab'ring Muse, those glorious chiefs relate,
That turn'd the doubtful scale of David's fate;
The rest of that illustrious band rehearse,
Immortaliz’d in laurel'd Asaph's verse :
Hard task! yet will not I thy flight recall; 940
View heav'n and then enjoy thy glorious fall.

First write Bezaliel, whose illustrious name,
Forestals our praise, and gives his poet fame;
The Kenites rocky province his command,
A barren limb of fertile Canaan's land.
Which for its gen'rous natives yet could be
Held worthy such a president as he !
Bezaliel, with each grace and virtue fraught,
Serene his looks, serene his life and thought,
On whom so largely Nature heap'd her store,

There scarce remain’d for arts to give him more!
To aid the crown and state his greatest zeal,
His second care that service to conceal;
Of dues observant, firm to ev'ry trust,
And to the needy always more than just;
Who truth from spacious falsehood can divide,
Has all the groundsmen's skill without their pride;
Thus crown'd with worth from heights of honour
Sees all his glories copied in his son,



Whose forward fame should ev'ry muse engage, 660
Whose youth boasts skill deny'd to other's age :
Men, manners, language, books of noblest kind,
Already are the conquest of his mind:
Whose loyalty before its date was prime,
Nor waited the dull course of rolling time;
The monster Faction early he dismay'd,
And David's cause long since confess'd his aid.

Brave Abdaal o'er the prophet's school was plac'd,
Abdaal, with all his father's virtue grae'd;
A hero who, while stars look'd wond'ring down,
Without one Hebrew's blood restor'd the crown.
That praise was his; what therefore did remain
For foll'wing chiefs, but boldly to maintain
That crown restor'd; and in this rank of fame,
Brave Abdaal with the first a place must claim.
Proceed, illustrious, happy Chief, proceed,
Foreseize the garlands for thy brow degreed,
While th' inspir'd tribe attend with noblest train
To register the glories thou shalt gain;
For sure the dew shall Gilboah's hills forsake,
And Jordan mix his stream with Sodom's lake,
Or seas retir'd their secret stores disclose,
And to the son their scaly brood expose,
Or swell'd above the cliffs their billows raise,
Before the Muses leave their patron's praise.

Eliab our next labour does invite,
And hard the task to do Eliab right:


Long with the Royal wanderer he rov'd,
And firm in all the turns of fortune prov'd,
Such ancient service, and desert so large, 990
Well claim'd the royal household for his charge.
His age with only one mild heiress blest,
In all the bloom of smiling Nature drest,
And blest again to see his flow'r ally'd
To David's stock, and made young Othniel's bride !
The bright restorer of his father's youth,
Devoted to a son's and subject's truih;
Resolv'd to bear that prize of duty home,
So bravely sought while sought by Absalom.
A prince! the illustrious planet of thy birth, 1000
And thy more pow'rful virtue guard thy worth,
That no Achithophel thy ruin boast;
Isr'el too much in one such wreck has lost,

E'en envy must consent to Helon's worth,
Whose soul, though Egypt glories in its birth,
Could for our captive ark its zeal retain,
And Pharaoh's altars in their pomp disdain:
To slight his gods was small; with nobler pride
He all th' allurements of his court defy’d;
Whom profit nor example could betray,

But Isr'el's friend, and true to David's sway:
What acts of favour in his province fall,
On merit he confers, and freely all.

Our list of nobles next let Amri grace,
Whose merits claim'd the Abethdins' high place;


Who with a loyalty that did excel,
Brought all the endowments of Achithophel.
Sincere was Amri, and not only knew,
But Isr'el's sanctions into practice drew;
Our laws, that did a boundless ocean seem,
Were coasted all, and fathom'd all by him:
No Rabbin speaks like him their mystic sense
So just, and with such charms of eloquence;
To whom the double blessing does belong,
With Moses' inspiration, Aaron's tongue.

Than Sheva none more loyal zeal have shown,
Wakeful as Judah's Lion for the Crown;
Who for that cause still combats in his age,
For which his youth with danger did engage.
In vain our factious priests the cant revive, 103
In vain seditious scribes with libel strive
T'enflame the crowd, while he, with watchful eye,
Ol'serves, and shoots their treasons as they fly;
Their weekly frauds his keen replies detect;
He undeceives more fast than they infect.
So Moses, when the pest on legends prey'd,
Advanc'd his signal, and the plague was stay'd.

Once more, my fainting Muse, thy pinions try, And strength's exhausted store let love supply. What tribute, Asaph, shall we render thee ? 1040 We'll crown thee with a wreath from thy own tree! Thy laurel grove no envy's flash can blast; The

song of Asaph shall for ever last.

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