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take wing 1-The crowns of princes may be shaken, and the greatest that ever awed the world have experienced what the turn of the wheel can do.—That which hath happened to one man, may befal another; and, therefore, that excellent rule of our Saviour's ought to govern us in all our actions,—Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise.—Time and chance happens to all ;-and the most affluent may be stript of all, and find his worldly comforts like fo many withered leaves dropping from him. -Sure nothing can better become us, than hearts so full of our dependance as to overflow with mercy, and pity, and good-will towards mankind.-To exhort us to this, is, in other words, to exhort us to follow peace with all men :-the first is the root,—this the fair fruit and happy product of it.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, in the bowels of mercy, let us put away anger, and malice, and evil speaking ;- let us fly all clamour and strife;-let us be kindly affected one to another, following peace with all men, and holiness, that we may see the Lord.


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Which God of his infinite mercy grant, through the merits of his Son, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.



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St. JOHN v. 39.
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HAT things of the most inestimable use

and value, for want of due application and study laid out upon them, may be passed by unregarded, nay, even looked

with coldness and aversion, is a truth too evident to need enlarging on.-Nor is it less certain that prejudices, contracted by an unhappy education, will fometimes so stop up all the passages to our hearts, that the most amiable objects can never find access, or bribe us by all their charms into justice and impartiality. It would be passing the tenderest reflection upon the age we live in, to say it is owing to one of these, that those inestimable books, the Sacred Writings, meet so often with a dif-relish (what makes the accusation almost incredible) amongst persons who set up for men of taste


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