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the depth of the riches both of the goodness and wisdom of God !-how unsearchable are his ways, and his paths past finding out!

Now to God, etc


The Ingratitude of Israel.




2 Kings xvii. 7. For so it was,-that the children of Israel had finned against the Lord their God, who brought them up out of the land of Egypt.


HE words of the text account for the

cause of a sad calamity, which is related, in the foregoing verses, to have befallen a great number of Israelites, who were surprized, in the capital city of Samaria, by Hofea king of Assyria, and cruelly carried away by him out of their own country, and placed on the defolate frontiers of Halah, and in Haber, by the river Gozan, and in the city of the Medes, and there confined to end their days in forrow and captivity.-Upon which the facred historian, instead of accounting for so fad an event merely from political springs and causes; such, for instance, as the superior strength and policy of the enemy, or an unseasonable provocation given,-or that proper measures of defence were neglected ;-he traces it

in one word, to its true cause : For so it was, says he, that the children of Israel had finned against the Lord their God, who brought them up out of the land of Egypt.-It was surely a sufficient foundation to dread some evil,--that they had sinned against that Being, who had an unquestionable right to their obedience. But what an aggravation was it—that they had not only finned simply against the truth, but against the God of mercies,—who had brought them forth out of the land of Egypt;—who not only created, upheld, and favoured them with fo many advantages in common with the rest of their fellow-creatures, --but who had been particularly kind to them in their misfortunes;—who, when they were in the house of bondage, in the most hopeless condition, without a prospect of any natural means of redress, had compaffionately heard their cry, and took pity upon the afflictions of a distressed people,-and, by a chain of miracles, delivered them from fer


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