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Concluding Stanzas of an Elegy on the Death of a


BUT lo! to give th' unhappy mourners ease,

From pale affliction's eye to wipe the tear; To bid the plaintive voice of sorrow cease,

Behold religion's heav'nly form appear. “ Atiend,” she cries, “ poor mortal! grieve no more,

“ No more lament thy dear departed friends; “ Their souls are wafted to a happier shore,

" Where every sorrow, every trouble ends. “ Follow my steps, and soon you'll meet again,

" Will meet in yonder blissful realms above; “ For ever there to join the seraph's strain,

“ And sing the wonders of redeeming love."

NONE but the Almighty Author of our beings, who knows our inmost thoughts and desires, and from whom no secrets are hid, can see into futurity; and he only knows what is best and most proper for us. If we chearfully rely on his all-wise Providence, and confidently truit in his powerful protection, we may rest ourselves assured, that he, who is our truest friend, will guard and secure us from the many evils and dangers, which every where surround us. . He will guide and direSt the future events of our lives in such a manner, as will prove, by happy experience, to be the most conducive to our own good, and the most consistent with the scheme of our own happiness, both here and hereafter.

AS fome fair vi’let, loveliest of the glade,
Sheds its mild fragrance on the lonely Thade,
Withdraws its modest head fron public fight,
Nor courts the sun, nor seeks the glare of light;
Should some rude hand profanely dare intrude,
And bear its beauties from its native wood,
Expos'd abroad its languid colours fly,
Its form decays, and all its odours die.

So woman born to dignify retreat ;
Unknown to flourish, and, unseen, be great;
To give domestic life its sweetest charm,
With softness polish, and with virtue warm ;
Fearful of fame, unwilling to be known,
Should seek but Heaven's applauses, and her own ;
No censures dread but those which crimes impart,
The censures of a self-condemning heart.
With angel kindness should behold distress,
And meekly pity, where she can't redress.
Like beaming mercy wipe affliction's tear,
But to herself, not justice so severe.
Her passions all corrected or subdu'd
But one-the virtuous thirst of doing good.
This great ambition still she calls her own,
This best ambition makes her breast its throne.

HAIL, Power Eternal, infinite, immense,
Creator and Redeemer, Lord of life,
All good, all wise, all perfect, all divine !
Increase my ardour, elevate my soul,
And draw me from this idle, useless world,
To better thoughts--the thoughts of that to come!
Let me not beg of blessings from thy hand,
But for increase of virtue. Gracious pour
Thy Holy Spirit on my soul; fo make
Thy servant perfect, fit for heav'n and thee:
And thou art good! Oh guide me with thy hand,
Cure all the fond, vain evils of my heart,
And ftifle every growing folly there!

Oh! my Redeemer, kindly condescend
To hear my prayer, and grant-yet wherefore speak!
If it seems good, bestow the boon I wish;
(Thou knoweft my thoughts) if not, thy will be done !

AN humble man leans not to his own understanding : he is sensible of the deficiency of his own power and wisdom, and trusts not in it: he is also sensible of the all. fufficient power, wisdom and goodness of Almighty God, and commits himself to him for counsel, guidance, direction and itrength.



VIRTUE is the highest exercise and improvement of reason; the integrity, the harmony and just balance of affection; the health, strength and beauty of the mind.

WITH`the talents of an angel a man may be a fool, if he judges amiss in the supreme point; judging aright in all else but aggravates his folly, as it shews him wrong, though bleft with the best capacity of being right.

WHAT a great deal of time and ease that man gains, who is not troubled with the spirit of curiosity ; who lets his neighbours thoughts and behaviour alone ; confines his inspections to himself, and takes care of the point of honesty and conscience ?

A MAN of true piety, that has no designs to carry on, like one of an established fortune, always makes the least noise. One never pulls out his money, the other never talks of religion, but when there is occafion for it,

ADVERSITY does not make merit lose its name, it serves only as a foil to virtue.


HOW happy he who crowns, in shades like these, A youth of labour, with an age of ease; Who quits a world where strong temptations try, And since 'tis hard to combat, learns to fly! For him no wretches, born to work and weep, Explore the mine, or tempt the dang’rous deep; No furly porter stands, in guilty ftate, To spurn imploring famine from the gate : But on he moves to meet his latter end, Angels around befriending virtue's friend; Bends to the grave with unperceiv'd decay, While refignation gently slopes the way, And all his prospects, bright’ning to the last, His heav'n commences ere the world be past!


HYMN TO THE EVENING ERE the sun's declining ray

Has left yon' distant sky,
And the parting streak of day

Has Thut upon the eye
Come, modeft ev’ning, kindly spread

Thy dulk-ensabled vest,
And teach reflective thought to spread

Devotion on the breast.
Oh! lift the mind to bless the Pow'r,

Whose mem'ry still shall last,
And bid him serve the present hour,

Whose madness lost the past. Instructive, tell the pomp of state,

The pride of mighty blood, That none are ever truly great,

That are not truly good.
To all one admonition give,

Unfearful of reply,
That he alone deserves to live,

Who best prepares to die.
WHEN modeft merit seems to shun that praise
Th’ admiring world to merit ever pays,
It takes, unknowingly, the road to fame,
And, by declining, gains a surer name.

BE mine to live in private bliss,
Safe and obscure in some recess:
Since faction and high-minded strife
But shake the peaceful lake of life:
And better is the little home,
Where conscious safety cheers the dome,

A Prayer of Prince EUGENE.

I BELIEVE in thee, oh my God! do thou strength. en my faith; I hope in thee, confirm my hope; I love thee, inflame my love more and more; I repent of all my B 2

fins, fins, but do thou increase my repentance. As my first beginning, I worship thee ; as my last end, I long for thee; as my eternal benefactor, I praise thee; and as my supreme protector, I pray unto thee, that it may please thee, O Lord! to guide and lead me by thy providence; to keep me in obedience to thy justice; to comfort me by thy mercy; and to protect me by thy Almighty power. I submit unto thee all my thoughts, words and deeds, as well as my afflictions, pains and sufferings; and I defire to have thee always in my mind, to do all my works in thy name, and for thy fake to bear all adversity with patience. I will nothing, but what thou willest, o God! because it is agreeable unto thee. O give me grace, that I may be attentive in my prayer, temperate in my diet, vigilant in my conduct, and immoveable in all good purposes. Grant, most merciful Lord ! that I may be trae and faithful to those who have intrusted me with their fecrets; that I may be courteous and kind towards all men; and that both in my words and actions I may shew unto them a good example. Dispose my heart to praise and admire thy goodness; to hate all errors and evil works; to love my neighbour; and to despise the world. Aflift me, good God! in subduing luft by mortification; covetousness by liberality; anger by mildness; and lukewarmness by zeal and fervency. Enable me to conduct myself with prudence in all transactions; and to fhew courage in danger; patience in adversity; and in profperity an humble mind. Let thy grace illuminate my understanding, direct my will, fanctify my body, and bless my soul. Make me diligent in curbing all irregu. lar affections ; zealous in imploring thy grace; careful in keeping thy commandments; and constant in working out my own salvation. Finally, O God! make me fenfible, how little is the world ; how great thy heavens ; how short time; and how long will be the blessed eternity. O! that I may well prepare myself for death ; that I may dread thy judgments; that I may avoid the torments of hell; and obtain of thee, O God! eternal life, through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

THERE is one sure way of pleasing in company,

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