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State Senator Mattingly, the high license champion of Indiana

“Fully ninety per cent. of all crime can be justly traced to the use of intoxicating liquor."

Father Doyle, of New York

"Of all the evils that have cursed mankind, crushed woman's heart, sent youth to destruction, driven virtue to the haunts of shame and paved the pathway to hell there is nothing that can compare with the evil of intoxicating drink."

General Booth

"Nine-tenths of our poverty, squalor, vice and crime spring from this poisonous tap root. Society, by its habits, customs, and laws, has greased the slope down which these poor creatures slide to perdition."

Cardinal Manning

"For thirty years I have been priest and bishop in London, and now I approach my eightieth year. I have learned some lessons, and the first thing is this: the chief bar to the working of the Holy Spirit of God in the souls of men and women is intoxicating drink. I know no antagonist to that Holy Spirit more direct, more subtle, more stealthy, more ubiquitous than intoxicating drink."

Richard Cobden

"The temperance cause is the foundation of all social and political reform.”

Neal Dow

"The liquor traffic exists in this country only by the sufferance of the Christian Churches. They are masters of the situation so far as the abolition of the traffic is concerned. When they say 'Go,' and vote 'Go,' it will go. The saloon would destroy the church, if it could; the church could destroy the saloon, if it would.”

Henry Ward Beecher

“Every year I live increases my conviction that the use of intoxicating drinks is a greater destroying force to life and virtue than all other physical evils combined."

Senator Cammack, of Tennessee

“I am weary of saloon domination. I am weary of the saloon's open alliance with vice, its open contempt of law. I am weary of a condition of things where the man whose business it is to make the laws must hold his office by consent of the man whose business it is to break the laws.”

Henry Watterson

"Every office, from the President's down, is handed out over the saloon counter."

London Times

"The use of strong drink produces more idleness, crime, disease, want, misery, than all other causes put together.”

Bishop Foss

As a Christian minister I oppose drink, because it opposes me. The work I try to do, it undoes. It is an obstacle to the spread of the Gospel; nay, it is an enemy which assails the Gospel, and whose complete success would drive the Gospel from the earth.”

Joseph Chamberlain,

"If there is in the whole of this business any single encouraging feature, it is bound to be found in the gathering impatience of the people at the burden which they are bound to bear, and their growing indignation and sense of shame and disgrace which this imposes upon them. The fiery serpent of drink is destroying our people, and now they are awaiting with longing eyes the uplifting of the remedy.”

Ex-Governor Larrabee, of Iowa

"I used to think years ago that so long as I left the saloons alone they would leave me alone. But I was engaged in business for twenty years, during which I permitted several thousand dollars' worth of accounts to accumulate on my books. When I sold out and attempted to collect these, I found they were worthless, and that nine-tenths of my debtors would not have been so had it not been that they had been spending their money for strong drink while I was keeping their families in provisions. It was therefore apparent that, as a matter of fact, I had been the greatest patron of the saloons in our community. I had really contributed more to the saloon-keeper than any other person in town. All of us, no matter how temperate we are, will some day find that we are directly concerned in the saloon traffic."

Col. George W. Bain“For every dollar paid the school to cultivate the intellect of this country, nine dollars are paid the saloon to blight that intellect.”

Joshua L. Baily

"That the revenue of the State may be greatly increased by higher license we do not attempt to deny. But the price would be the sacrifice of honor and virtue, 'the price of blood,' the best blood of the State—the blood of our young men. It would be infamous even should her revenue be increased tenfold thereby. Will anyone say that the crime of Judas would have been less infamous had he received three hundred instead of thirty pieces of silver?"

Samuel Johnson, D.D.

“To support government by propagating vice, is to support it by a means which destroys the end for which it was originally established, and for which its continuance is to be desired. If the expense of the government cannot be defrayed but by corrupting the morals of the people, I shall without scruple declare that money ought not to be raised, nor the designs of the government supported.”

Amos W. Butler, Secretary of the State Charities and Corrections, of Indiana

"A large majority of the cases of crime in Indiana is traceable to strong drink, and a large part of our idiocy, insanity and pauperism results from the same cause."

Terrence V. Powderly, Grand Master Workman of the Knights of Labor

“The most damning curse to the laborers is that which gurgles from the neck of the bottle."

R. F. Travelick, President of the National Labor Union and Eight Hour League

“The use of liquor and its influences have done more to darken labor's homes, dwarf its energies and chain it hand and foot to the wheels of corporate aggression than all other influences combined.”

Hon. John D. Long, Ex-Secretary of the Navy"The dynamite of modern Civilization." Archbishop John Ireland

"The great cause of social crime is drink. The great cause of poverty is drink. When I hear of a family broken up and ask the cause—drink. If I

go to the gallows and ask its victim the cause, the answer—drink. Then I ask myself in perfect wonderment, Why do not men put a stop to this thing ?"

Charles Buxton, Member of Parliament

"Drink is the parent of crime. It would not be too much to say that if all drinking of fermented liquors could be done away with crime of every kind would fall to a fourth of its present amount, and the whole tone of moral feeling in the lower orders might be indefinitely raised."

Horace Greeley

"To sell rum for a livelihood is bad enough, but for a whole community to share the responsibility and guilt of such a traffic seems a worse bargain than that of Eve or Judas.”

William McKinley

"The most degrading and ruinous of all human pursuits.”

Archbishop John J. Keane-
“As a man and a Christian, I say, 'Damn the

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