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saloons ! If I could cause the earth to open and swallow up every saloon in the world, I would feel that I was doing humanity a blessing. We must protest against this thing! It has no redeeming feature. It is bad for the home, for humanity, for the Church and for the country. It is a power we cannot wrestle with, for, says the old adage, ‘Don't wrestle with a chimney sweep or you will get covered with grime.' The thing we must do is to set our faces against it with the positive determination to conquer it.”

Judge Grant, of Michigan

“The saloon ever has been and ever will be a corrupt element in politics."

Theodore Roosevelt, when Police Commissioner of the City of New York

“The most powerful saloon keeper controlled the politicians and the police, while the latter in turn terrorized and blackmailed all other saloon keepers. If the American people do not control it, it will control them.”

Andrew Carnegie

“I am not a temperance lecturer in disguise, but a man who knows and tells you what observation has proved to him; and I say to you that you are more likely to fail in your career from acquiring the habit of drinking liquor than from any of the other temptations likely to assail you. You may yield to almost any other temptation and reform, but from the insane thirst for liquor escape is almost impossible. I have known of but few exceptions to this rule."


“The liquor traffic is a cancer in society, eating out the vitals and threatening destruction, and all attempts to regulate it will not only prove abortive, but will aggravate the evil. There must be no more attempts to regulate the cancer. It must be eradicated, not a root must be left behind; for until this is done all classses must continue in danger of becoming victims of strong drink."

Canon Wilberforce

"The deriving of vast sums for the revenue from the bitter sufferings and grinding pauperism of the people is a terrible offense. If Judas had received one thousand dollars instead of thirty pieces of silver, would that have justified his conduct."

Lord Chesterfield

"Luxury, my lords, is to be taxed, but vice prohibited. Let the difficulty in the law be what it may, would you lay a tax upon a breach of the Ten Commandments ? Government should not, for revenue, mortgage the morals and health of the people.”


“The encouragement of drunkenness for the sake of the profit on the sale of drink is certainly one of the most criminal methods of assassination for money hitherto adopted by the bravos of any age or country.”

William McKinley

“By legalizing this traffic we agree to share with the liquor-seller the responsibilities and evils of his business. Every man who votes for license becomes of necessity a partner to the liquor traffic and all its consequences.

John Wesley

“All who sell liquors in the common way, to any that will buy are poisoners-general. They murder His Majesty's subjects by wholesale; neither does their eye pity nor spare. They drive them to hell like sheep. And what is their gain? Is it not the blood of these men? Who, then would envy their large estates and sumptuous palaces ? A curse is in the midst of them. The curse of God is in their gardens, their groves—a fire that burns to the nethermost hell. Blood, blood, is there! The foundation, the floors, the walls, the roof, are stained with blood."

Queen of Madagascar

“I can not consent, as your queen, to take revenue from the sale of liquor, which destroys the souls and bodies of my subjects."

William Lloyd Garrison

"I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject I do not wish to think or speak or write with moderation. No! No! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen; but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest-I will not equivocate-I will not excuse—I will not retreat a single inch-and I will be heard."

Emperor of China

"It is true I can not prevent the introduction of the glowing poison. Gain-seeking and corrupt men will, for profit and sensuality, defeat my wishes, but

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nothing will induce me to derive a revenue from the misery and vice of my people."

Gladstone's reply to the London brewers

"Gentlemen : You need not give yourselves any trouble about the revenue. The question of revenue must never stand in the way of needed reforms. But give me a sober population, not wasting their earnings in strong drink, and I shall know where to obtain the revenue.”

John Jay

“To'tax a thing, is to tolerate it, and vice, in its nature, is not a thing to be tolerated."

Lief Jones, Member of Parliament

“I recently met the finished article of the liquor trade. He was lying in the gutter. He had no hat; the hat trade was suffering. His coat was full of holes; the tailoring trade was suffering. He had no shirt; the hosiery trade was suffering. He was dirty; the soap trade was suffering. Indeed, I can hardly mention an industry which was not affected by that man's insobriety.”

Judge Butler, of Cairo, Illinois, at the close of a murder trial

“The case at bar is the seventy-sixth murder case I have tried, either as states attorney or as judge, during the past nineteen years. I have kept a careful record of each case, and I have to say that in seventy-five out of the seventy-six, liquor was the exciting cause."

Sam Jones

“I've seen a man and a dog go into a saloon and in an hour the man would get beastly drunk and stagger out like a hog, while the dog would come

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out and walk away like a gentleman.”

Henry W. Grady

“The saloon is the mortal enemy of peace and order, the despoiler of men and terror of women, the cloud that shadows the face of children, the demon that has dug more graves and sent more souls unshrived to judgment than all the pestilences that have wasted life since God sent the plagues to Egypt, and all the wars since Joshua stood beyond Jerico."

Phillips Brooks

"If we should sweep intemperance out of our country there would be hardly poverty enough left to give healthy exercise to our charitable impulses."

Sir Andrew Clark, a great London Physician

“I am speaking solemnly and carefully in the presence of truth, and I tell you I am considerably within the mark when I say to you that going the round of my hospital wards to-day, seven out of every ten owed their ill health to alcohol.”

Dr. Edward Everett Hale

“If anybody will take charge of all Boston's poverty and crime which results from drunkedness, the South Congregational Church, of which I have the honor to be the minister, will alone take charge of all the rest of the poverty which needs relief in the city of Boston."

President Roosevelt

The friends of the saloon keepers denounce their opponents for not treating the saloon business like any other. The best answer to this is that the business is not like any other business, and that the actions of the saloon keepers themselves conclusively

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