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prove this to be the case. It tends to produce criminality in the population at large and lawbreaking among the saloon keepers themselves. When the liquor men are allowed to do as they wish, they are sure to debauch, not only the body social, but the body politic also.”

Carroll D. Wright, United States Commissioner of Labor

"I have looked into a thousand homes of the working people of Europe; I do not know how many in this country. I have tried to find the best and the worst; and while, as I say, I am aware that the worst exist, and as bad as under any system or as bad as in any age, I have never had to look beyond the inmates to find the cause; and in every case so far as my observation goes, drunkenness was at the bottom of the misery, and not the industrial system or the industrial surrounding of the men and their families."

Wendell Phillips

“No one supposes that law can make men temperate; but law can shut up these bars and dramshops, which facilitate and feed intemperance, which double our taxes and treble the perils to property and life.”

Governor Dawson, of West Virginia

“The saloon furnishes the scene and the atmosphere where bribery is easy and secure rallies the venal voters who constitute the bosses' power

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of every movement for civic betterment gather to devise fraud to beat it. To emblazon this responsibility of the saloon is the immediate next task of the saloon's enemies."

The News-Free-Press, Lafayette, Colorado

“The saloon record comes down to us written in tears and in blood; the age-old story of an institution full of crime and dead to shame.

“A good man or a bad man in such a business has embarked for hell. He will violate the most sacred obligation one man owes to the peace, happiness, the health and the future of another. That business will soon end the career of a bad man, and in the end make a dishonest, skulking, law-breaking liar and thief of a good man. While all this is true the fact remains that such an institution exerts a sort of magical influence over some people. Those who curse it in secret support in the open. Those most grievously plundered and robbed rush to its defense in the day of attack.

"Parents whose hopes have been blasted, whose homes have been impoverished, and whose children have been worse than ruined by the saloon will support it as against all that they hold dear in the day of testing. Almost as much can be said of the strangeness of human conduct in relation to gambling.”

Clinton N. Howard

“Without one dollar of revenue from the saloon Maine has a larger percentage of the total population in the public school than any other state of the New England states, or than New York with its twenty million dollars of revenue from the saloon and more teachers employed in proportion to her school population than any other state in the Union.”

The South Dakota Issue

"A man first resorts to wine to stimulate his wits; later, he has to resort to his wits to get his wine. When his wits at last forsake him, he cleans out spittoons in the saloon to get his drinks."

Governor Hoch, of Kansas

“The Devil never invented a bigger lie than that revenue from illegitimate sources is necessary to the financial success of any town or city.”

Abraham Lincoln

“If it is a crime to make a counterfeit dollar, it is ten thousand times a worse crime to make a counterfeit man.”

John Ruskin

“God has lent us the earth for our life; it is a great entail. It belongs as much to them who are to come after us; and whose names are already written in the book of creation, as to us; and we have no right to anything that we do or neglect to do to involve them in unnecessary penalties, or deprive them of benefits which it was in our power to bequeath."

Martin Luther

“ 'Whoever first brewed beer has prepared a pest for Germany. I have prayed to God that he would destroy the whole brewing industry. I have often pronounced a curse on the brewer. All Germany could live on the barley that is spoiled and turned into a curse by the brewer.'

Robert G. Ingersoll"I am aware that there is a prejudice against any man engaged in the manufacture of alcohol. I believe from the time it issues from the coiled and poisoned worm in the distillery until it enters into the hell of death, dishonor and crime, that it dishonors everybody who touches it--from its source to where it ends. I do not believe anybody can contemplate the subject without becoming prejudiced against the liquor crime. All we have to do, gentlemen, is to think of the wrecks on either side of the stream, of the suicides, of the insanity, of the poverty, of the ignorance, of the destitution, of the little children tugging at the faded and withered breasts, of weeping and despairing wives asking for bread, of the man of genius it has wreckedthe men struggling with imaginary serpents produced by the devilish thing!

“And when you think of the jails, of the almshouses, of the asylums, of the prisons, of the scaffolds upon either bank, I do not wonder that every thoughtful man is prejudiced against the damned stuff called alcohol! Intemperance cuts down youth in its vigor, manhood in its strength, age in its weakness! It breaks the father's heart, it bereaves the doting mother, extinguishes natural affection, erases conjugal love, blots out filial attachments, blights paternal hope, and brings down weary age in sorrow to the grave. It produces weakness, not health; death, not life. It makes wives widows, children orphans, fathers fiends, and all of them paupers and beggars! It feeds rheumatism, nurses gout, welcomes epidemics, invites cholorea, imports pestilences, and embraces consumption! It covers the land with idleness, misery and crime! It fills your jails, supplies your almshouses and demands your asylums! It crowds your penitentiaries and furnishes victims to your scaffolds! It engenders controversies, fosters quarrels, and cherishes riots! It is the lifeblood of the gambler, the prop of the highwayman, and the support of the midnight incendiary! It countenances the liar, respects the thief, esteems the blasphemer! It violates obligations, reverences fraud, and honors infamy! It deforms benevolence, hates love, scorns virtue and slanders innocence. It incites the father to butcher his helpless offspring, helps the husband to massacre his wife, and the child to grind the patricidal ax.

"It burns up man, consumes woman, desolates and devastates life; curses God, despises heaven! It suborns witnesses, nurses perjury, defies the jury box and stains the judicial ermine! It bribes votes, disqualifies voters, corrupts elections, pollutes our institutions and endangers governments ! It degrades the citizen, debases the legislator, dishonors the statesman and disarms the patriot! It brings shame, not honor; terror, not safety; despair, not hope; misery, not happiness; and with the malevolence of a fiend it calmly surveys its frightful desolation and, unsatisfied with havoc, it poisons felicity, kills peace, ruins morals, blights confidence, slays reputation and wipes out national honor; then curses the world and laughs at its ruin. It does all that and more. It murders the soul! It is the sum of all villianies, the father of all crimes, the mother of all abominations, the devil's best friend and man's worst enemy."

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